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  1. Chio Hernandez Baca says:

    Cannot believe it's that close to Mexico City! AMAZING

  2. tico1983 says:

    La vieja ya la cagó, los huicholes are not from Oaxaca. The ladie screwed up huicholes are not from Oaxaca.

  3. pedro luevano says:

    The girl on the video screw this keep she out of the vídeos.

  4. Cynthia Arely says:

    Your channel is amazing congrats! Really nice to get to know parts of México. Thanks a lot ☺️

  5. Imperatore Gor says:

    I used to go to a music school which was located in an organic architecture house built by Juan O'Gorman (CU central library guy). Not quite like this but a predecessor I would say. It was so cool with all the stone mosaics, no corners and boulders inside the rooms.

  6. Nestor Fuentes says:

    Huicholes are from Michoacan, Nayarit, Colima… not Oaxaca. Just to get it right.

  7. Sanchez Andrea says:

    huicholes from Oaxaca!!!!! no mames guey!! mejor cierra la boca.

  8. tony yanez says:

    Mike this is such a cool video of an amazing spot so close to CDMX and yet I didn't know about! GRACIAS!

  9. Niyu Luna says:

    Wooo! I didn't know about this place, I live in Mexico State and I've never heard about it. :O

  10. Spiritual Awakening Ascencion is Coming soon says:

    I didn't knew anything about it wow?!!!

  11. Spiritual Awakening Ascencion is Coming soon says:

    Fucking COOL 😭😭😭

  12. Spiritual Awakening Ascencion is Coming soon says:


  13. Ale Esp Lop says:

    What an amazing… amazing place!!!

  14. nLSativa says:

    This reminds me of that episode from Dragon Ball Z were goku travels to king Yammas house in the "other world" by traveling on a road in the shape of a giant snake lol.

  15. Sonny Molinari says:

    Los Huicholes are from El alto de Jalisco and Zacatecas

  16. LEGIONARIO1970 says:

    AMAZING architecture, so well integrated to the environment, It looks so futuristic or should I say so ancient???? I don't know hahaha, but certainly out of this era!!!

  17. Science of Self says:

    Every time Mariela do something, anything, I think, she is not crazy, she is mexican.

  18. keko M. says:

    marinela is beautiful. you are lucky mike! 🙂

  19. keko M. says:

    why was there no one else?

  20. parrish6696 says:

    Visit Jardines de Mexico in Morelos state is just stunning as this park is

  21. eileen garduno says:

    Stop filming bro.

  22. Ana Silveyra says:

    Huicholes are not from Oaxaca tho 🤭

  23. Jesus Dirzo says:

    Wow amazing place…..this is a beautiful place that invite me to visit Mexico in my next vacations ……Mexico is an incredible , colorfull and beautiful country .

  24. Hector yañez says:

    Epale que interesante lugar,se sacaron un diez

  25. Antonio Garcia says:

    Thats how cities sholud be built.

  26. ReyAjoLoTE says:

    Huicholes de oaxaca? Jaja vieja pendeja

  27. MARORTCOR says:

    Mike, con la calidad de vídeos que haces, debes hacer uno de Tolantongo. Pero ve entre semana (lunes a jueves) y NO en temporada alta porque siempre está hasta la madre (bien lleno de gente). Saludos.

  28. Jorge Palafox says:

    Wow amazing and magic place!

  29. Maria Mar says:

    Hermoso no sabia que existiera ese parte en Mexico..por chapultepec.

  30. Iyari Huerta says:

    Huicholes (Wixaricas) are not from Oaxaca, they are from Jalisco, Zacatecas, Nayarit and Durango.

  31. c c says:

    Huicholes are not from Oaxaca,they are from the north of Mexico.

  32. Esteban Almaraz says:

    Dude, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of Javier, I love everything he does and I've been looking for videos of Quetzalcoatl's Nest and your video is the frikin' best by far! I truly want to see the inside of the nest and feel what you felt in there, kudos to you mate!

  33. ClauuC says:

    You should try peyote and then go here: that would be unbelieveble.

  34. Scorpius says:

    Can someone tell me why Mexico has so many abandoned places?

  35. Diana Escobar says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful. I know where I’m going to visit next!

  36. Hanna Córdova says:

    Los huicholes no pertenecen al estado de oaxaca son del estado de nayarit!

  37. 4weediQuette rojo says:

    Beautiful greenhouse.. Great videos that you bring us! Keep up the good work

  38. Angelica Zavala says:

    You are very interesting and I like the way you narrate but the girl who accompanies you has some kind of brain damage? or why does she behave as if she had some kind of delay in development? I can not stand it but I'm interested in what you say. So mute and subtitle… :v

  39. Bao Seih says:

    Super nice place with by nature 👌🏼♥️😍

  40. CraftCrü Dude1203 says:

    Holy shit man! That place is amazing! What’s the cost of staying there for the day/weekend ? 🙌🏼😱🤯

  41. Darber Khadka says:

    That girl should be your girlfriend

  42. nagwagi2000 says:

    Brilliant architecture and design, brilliant narration, and brilliant filming especially that segment towards the end!!! TOTALLY AWESOME, Mike!

  43. Alex Hrock says:

    You are in the top 2 favorite you tubers! I love you and your videos so much. So thank you so much for being so awesome.

  44. Norma Wasigan says:

    Wow thats inzane, incredible

  45. Shristy Blair says:

    I wanna trip in that cave 👽
    Take that back. In the green house ♡ this whole place is amazing.

  46. Mogwai Jizm says:

    its like a nature version of willy wonkas chocolate factory !!!

  47. Macario Anaya says:

    That place remember me game of thrones.

  48. oz818valley _ says:

    I wnna take shrooms or lsd an go tripp balls there thats my plans when i go to mexico city

  49. Teresa Barajas says:

    So beautiful!!

  50. John Arvee Achanzar says:

    So inspiring. ❤❤❤

  51. Cesar Muñoz says:


  52. LuxorGaming ghjk says:

    I went to that house couple months ago and it is very interesting

  53. TabateAndo says:

    Hi there! Hope you see my message…I just want to see if by any chance you have the number or place where I can book for this amazing place, I already look through Air b&b but it doesn’t appear 🙁 Thanks in advance, have a great weekend!

  54. ad urpina says:

    Wow amazing work great vlog & view friend

  55. miranda villa says:

    the mineral.kingdom is amazing

  56. miranda villa says:


  57. Lobo Feroz says:

    los guicholes son de nayarit y el norte de jalisco y no de oaxaca

  58. Abichapis Marín says:

    Wow No sabia q en México existiera esta obra de arte tan bella y soy mexicana. Ire a conocer….. Buen video amigo.

  59. Maik Sánchez says:

    es lo mas putamente jodido que es visto en la vida😍💯

  60. Aquí y Ahora Psicologia says:

    bueno creo que este lugar si esta bonito para conocer, por que no hablas en español?

  61. Aquí y Ahora Psicologia says:

    que canción es la del invernadero


    Los huicholes son de Jalisco,nayarit,Durango y Zacatecas! No de Oaxaca pequeñita !

  63. Cedric Martin says:

    nice one

  64. Matt Knowles says:

    Do you use premier for your Mac to edit? Also would you ever consider anything else to edit with?

  65. Diecock Edits says:

    Cool I live by there

  66. keko M. says:

    back in april 2018 I planned to go there with a friend…the plan was to go around july, however , we both lost the job and the plan died. 🙁

  67. Amy Llanes says:


  68. Beat says:

    I didn't understand at first where all the people are until' it was explained in the last part. Still, what a magnificent place. All the more is the artist's vision of building the place. As always, great content Mike.

  69. Miles4 Days says:

    Absolutely lovely 😊 thanks for sharing

  70. Rëne Hirsh says:

    Este parque está relativamente cerca de mi casa….

  71. Jai Diamondz says:

    i absolutely love watching your videos. ive been been binge watching all of them. you remind me of "globe trekker" i remember staying up to 11 o clock at night on a school week at 8 or 9 years old just to watch it. was always amazed with the beauty around the world. also i love the diversity of all your friends. i love Mariannela! keep up the good work! oooo two things lol. keep the piercing. and dont shave you your chest lol you give a good caleb blanchard vibe!

  72. Jai Diamondz says:

    lol o and my fav vid so far is el partenon.

  73. Leigh Peterson says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you're aware that Quetzalcoatl Nest is no longer open to the public? From the sounds of it the only way to view it is by booking a minimum of 2 nights through Airbnb @ $285 CAD a night. Pretty disappointing 🙁 it looks beautiful!

  74. Jarrell Tat says:

    My country is soo beautiful…. its not all cartels, crime, and murder…. like the media portrays and many believe 🙁 .. just like any other place, there is crime.. but Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries there is.. Many ppl leave US to leave there. Thank you so much for showing the world how incredibly beautiful places are in my gorgeous Mexico. 🙂

  75. Misaka Mikoto says:

    nice Hollywood can film a Morrowind movie in some of the houses.

  76. Briana Santana says:

    i love how the girl shows off the views, so cute and funny!

  77. Ome Teolt says:

    House of Quetzalcoalt is very Special !! ✨.. I love it !❤😘

  78. C A says:

    A ritual sacrifice site… Spider and snake? Creepy!

  79. Escorpión guerrero says:

    there is Mexico Woow

  80. Hellyou You says:

    Fearless & far i really like your video. Unique not scary.

  81. Doris Colon—Hakim says:

    What a beautiful stain glass place amazing

  82. Chin Borlaza says:

    Wow amazing !!!

  83. Rob Garcia says:

    Im a born American , but so proud of the wonders Mexico City has, love it . Theres always a positive to everything no matter how ugly it can be. This brings back memories of my youth when I explored Mex City in the 80s.

  84. Brenda Sanchez says:


  85. Chile Rumaguera says:

    Wow so amazing, and so beautiful place.

  86. Adrian Abe says:

    Awesome place,.Huicholes are from Nayarit, not Oaxaca 🙂

  87. la parrilita de chalco says:

    Ahora imaginen la belleza de la gran Tenochtitlán antes de la llegada de los españoles.

  88. Jhon Gruezo says:

    Those laugh with echo sounds creepy af! Good one mike 🙂

  89. Brett Singer says:


  90. Jill Smith says:

    I want to see more of this place I love it y’all all look like it’s fun👍🏻🐍

  91. isra peñaloza says:

    Nunca había visto eso aqui en México!! Expelente video…muy interesante….and you aré soooo handsome!!

  92. annacoribioanna says:

    omg…. surreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geesh what a place!

  93. ginger casciato says:

    Omg that greenhouse was EPIC one of my ABSOULUTE fav places so beatiful

  94. Kurami Rocket says:

    This place is absolutlet beautiful. From all other videos of different places I have seen, this is truly the most beautiful, harmounous, and in tune with nature place I have ever seen. Feels like a person is stepping into a different dimension. Absolutley stunning.

    Makes me love and appreciate the country of my parents birth even more ❤ I am so proud to have indigeanous blood in my veins ❤

  95. Gabriella Gabby says:

    I came here from Pinterest

  96. El Mexinaco says:

    How did you film inside the park?
    Hoy aks permissions whit Patricia castillot what you do ?

  97. Lynda Jo Martinez Marines says:

    Huichol originated in San Luos Potosi… nowhere near Oaxaca

  98. Marisa Herrero says:

    I love this video.. Is the most complete and beatiful spot than I ever seen. Appreciate and catch the essense of the place….

  99. Jose Colon says:

    13:06 I heard " pastilla chiquitolina" to go in that little whole

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