Farm Animals, Dinosaurs and Safari Animals Toys – Learn Animal Names For Kids

Farm Animals, Dinosaurs and Safari Animals Toys – Learn Animal Names For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I’m going to show you some Papo mini farm animal figures, dinosaurs, and some wild animals Okay, let’s check them out. First let’s start with the farm animals We have a sheep A goat, We have a horse Here’s another horse Here’s a pig Here’s a rooster A donkey A cow Here’s another horse Here’s a stallion A calf, A hen, Now, let’s check out the dinosaurs Here’s a Stegosaurus A T-Rex A Brachiosaurus A Spinosaurus Triceratops And, Velociraptor Now, let’s check out the wild animals Here’s a tiger A giraffe, A jaguar Rhinoceros African Buffalo And a grizzly bear Okay, that’s it! Well I hope you guys enjoy this video, And if you do, please subscribe to Racetoytime channel, And also click that bell icon to get notified every time we upload a video And, by the way, click on those videos on the screen to watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime channel Thank you for watching! Stay tuned! Bye, bye!

Randy Schultz

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    The last horse was positioned wrong. It's supposed to be rearing, which is when they stand on their back legs.

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    Were did u get them from. Great video ima like it

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