Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Official Trailer

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Official Trailer

Pegi 18 Sausage Pancakes. Cream! Lots of it! Robo Pattet. We’re waiting for you! It is the near future. The apocalypse has had an apocalypse. A rouge Cyborg army is reshaping the world into Cyber-Hell. And only one thing can stop them… “Let’s show them how Cyber-Commandos get it done.” “Mark IV style, mother fucker!” “I want them alive!” From the toxic ashes of Vietnam War II, a new breed of Renegade soldier is born. Part man, part machine. All Cyber-Commando! “Fuck you.” Sergeant Rex Colt is leading the battle between Good and Evil, as it’s never been fought before! He’s on a desperate mission to bring down a battalion of ruthless, killer Cyborgs! And save the world. “Lights out, Rex.” Michael Biehn is Sergeant Rex” Power” Colt. In this year’s most thrilling, action-packed, Cyber adventure! Farcry 3: Blood Dragon *Paladin Children sold separately.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Official Trailer

  1. KonradGaming says:

    fack u

  2. Chief Demic says:


  3. Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson says:

    More Like Terminator The Game.

  4. not Memequod says:

    I used the ar shit was op

  5. Ryan Singer says:

    For those who weren't around in the 80s, they tried a little too hard with the VHS effects. LP wouldn't be that low quality; SLP might be, though.

  6. 10k subs with one vid. says:

    Best Far Cry ever imo.

  7. thegamingkid360 ! says:

    I love Far Cry 3 blood Dragon.but the only problem I have with it is that the story is so short. To me it feels like there's only 6 missions and that's it. I wish the story was just longer

  8. Olagfigh says:

    Best trailer I have ever seen 🙂

  9. Алгыс Васильев says:

    its f*cking awesome=)))

  10. VLADOS show says:


  11. jesport 88 says:

    does that mean the first apocalypse was tne nukes in far cry 5?

  12. Kinkavi says:

    Hotline Rook Island

  13. TheSasGaming says:

    my favorite game so far

  14. Gabriel Velez says:


  15. Pardo says:

    i only played the demo and this game is fucking awesome

  16. suleiman The magnificent says:


  17. discoder says:

    This is what Duke Nukem Forever should have been.

  18. 3_side Entertainment says:

    Still the best far cry game


    and instead of just having a cool name they actually have blood dragons!

  20. GIVE US MOTHER 3 says:

    I have never played a far cry game. I think im just gonna play this and end my far cry expierience there

  21. Phrog Chief says:

    The apocalypse has had an apocalypse… 🙂

  22. Sherbet_Bomb says:

    What the whole Farcry franchise should have been from day 01

  23. BrunoGuy v0.7 says:

    2018 and it’s still fun to this day

  24. Łukasz Wiśniewski says:


  25. RoseBudpony1 says:

    sry 80s, its a crack of bull about the future..

  26. Frince Francis says:


  27. lordbiffington says:

    Can't wait until this comes out!

  28. waaagh ! says:

    Good times this was, too bad Ubisoft will never come back to this level of quality,

  29. Mouritogaia says:

    The best Trailer of the Universe

  30. Jose Echevarria says:

    Remember when DLC use to be something amazing instead of chopped pieces from the main game? I sure do

  31. MrHulsi says:

    I want them aliiiiivvvvv

  32. Raef Gotti says:

    What pussies gave this a thumbs down? It’s wicked AWESOME!!!!

  33. The Faceless Gamer says:

    I only just recently after replaying this game realized the pistol in this game is its' own reference. Not only is it Robocops pistol but its even named after who Robocop is Alex J. Murphy (A.J.M) and the data console in-game even mentions it's named after a fallen DPD cop. It's like all the best 80's action films were blended together for premium reference material.

  34. MercBaal says:

    Probably the best product Ubisoft has ever made, I honestly thought this was just a complete joke but oh no they brought the heat with this one.

  35. Look at My Sw4g says:

    best dlc in the fucking history

  36. Kirishima says:

    …fuuuck youu…

  37. LA Punk says:

    What artist did the cartoon style drawing in this trailer?

  38. Sablo Studio says:

    Dragon Combat 3D

    Amazing Dragon simulator of fire shooting game

    Get it from Android Play store by Given Link:


  39. GPU_Turks says:

    Best game ever, including Far Cry 3.
    I require a Blood Dragon 2 as an independent project!

  40. Ox McGinnes says:

    Bold move, but the best farcry so far. So true to the genre. A shame it was only a DLC. The regular Far cry games all feel the same. (except 1) I hope they do something like that for a Full Game. Another genre maybe?

  41. Kol Blár says:

    My favorite Far Cry experience by a long shot. If you were a fan of the over the top action of the 80s action heroes, this is for you.

  42. Upper decker : says:

    This is the best fucking thing

  43. Ginja Man says:

    2019 and still waiting for Blood Dragon 2

  44. gaibriel wilson says:

    Pancake & sausage and cream

  45. Christof Combo says:

    Alright real funny Ubisoft now where our sequel?

  46. MrHulsi says:

    The apocalypse had an apocalypse XDXDXDXD :S:S:S:S :P:P:P

  47. Dammit Bobbeh says:

    Still my favourite Far Cry. This game was amazing.

  48. Essex 37 says:


  49. Bear Grilling says:

    They need to release this with the next one because I never got to play it and it looks fun as fuck

  50. Niko Silvis says:

    They need to make a blood dragon 2 pls Ubisoft please!

  51. Compuguy123 - Ghetto Mods/Gameplay says:

    Vietnam war 3 when

  52. PlanetRift says:

    This so needs a sequel….

  53. Random Name says:

    when your spin off game is better than the original

  54. Mr1087shotwell says:

    Remember Blood Dragon

  55. P1K3L says:

    I love this game!

  56. Levent Laçin says:

    Best FUCKING GAME ever made

  57. clit crusader says:

    Vietnam war 2 was a nice touch.

  58. Now QuestGames says:

    I want this for ps4

  59. The Endleader says:


  60. booker dewitt says:

    i love that synthwave/retrowave music at the background.

  61. Gavin Miguel says:


  62. Gavin Miguel says:


  63. The zombot ghost Atli valur says:

    April fools!!!… wait

  64. Swiss Dewd says:

    A trailer so fucking good that 6 years later i still can't get it out of my memory.

  65. Guanglai Kangyi Age 15 says:

    I want farcry blood dragon 3

  66. Wasteland Gypsy says:


  67. Ivan Kulola says:

    When the dlc has had a dlc…..

  68. ParmShellwood says:

    I installed it yesterday to try it with Gamepad, and for the trailer I'm going to have to reinstall it to play it again XD … Too much 80s nostalgia to not play it

  69. Linus Newman says:

    I absolutely loved that they got Michael Biehn to do the voice

  70. Quang Đồng Anh says:

    Việt Nam?

  71. menelgond says:

    the best far cry after the first XD

  72. TheSasGaming says:

    the only killing left in me, is killing you!

  73. Maverick D. says:

    The best Far Cry ever made.

  74. Hitler's lost testicle says:

    The nostalgia is painfully real

  75. Herman Herman says:

    "It is the near future. The apocalypse has had an apocalypse."

  76. Robert Bergl says:

    This was by far the best far cry. There needs to be more of this .

  77. Harry Huang says:

    Perhaps the best dlc ever made. The definition of an dlc, a game built on the basis of the vanilla game except a whole new spinoff.

  78. Komal Bhagudas says:

    Can anyone else see Dr. Disrespect play this!?!?

  79. Music and Game says:

    April Fool was true , it never joke

  80. Ricky Ray says:

    This should be a full game.. god it was so great. My favorite FC.

  81. MisterSpooks says:

    we need a game about the second vietnam war

  82. Android 27 says:

    Real champions beat it in a NIGHT in their UNCLE'S ROOM at 9 YEARS OLD.

    True story though. It was damn fun for sure! too bad i lost the game disk, But those damn memories, Hits the spot. Godspeed.

  83. OddTJ says:

    Oh your God, all of the YES, shut up and take my money!!!

  84. In2sanity says:

    This is he best game ever made

  85. Percy Rogers says:

    Need farcry return of the blood dragons . Needs a much bigger game world, more weapons, more carnage, more power colt Rex??

  86. aeon lincoln says:

    Here to download some testosterone.

  87. shloomy shlom says:

    0:34 that's a predator reference

  88. Wolfgang Von Zubaz says:

    If they ever get around to making part II Rex will be replaced with his annoying twin daughters

  89. The Ghost says:

    im still playing this in 2019

  90. Gaghiel says:

    Only good Farcry game I ever played!

  91. Mr1087shotwell says:

    Craziest Far Cry game I have ever played

  92. Thomas B. Munchausen says:

    Can Blood Dragon come to PS4, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  93. retrowave says:

    This is the best game I have ever played in my life. I love everything about it the music the graphics and the lighting….. it's just truly beautiful. It gives me the urge to build mods and content for it.am building some modes for it at the moment.

  94. turbo tubby naman le dacoit says:

    The far cry equivalent of fallout new vegas

  95. Isur Cantu says:

    The apocalypse has had an apocalypse, just a little time in the trailer and I am already laughing and ordering it online

  96. brando ovalle says:

    uno de los far cry mas emocionantes que jugando far cry dragon y en español jajajaja

  97. Etienne BERNIER-OUELLET says:

    Best Far cry ever

  98. Mr1087shotwell says:

    Blood Dragon and beyond

  99. Scrambled Gaming says:

    I might have 2 theories of this game

    Theroy 1: The game is based years later after Far Cry: New Dawn

    Theroy 2: The whole game is actual based inside of a child's imagination and he/she created Rex

  100. Fettster says:

    May 1st 2007 lol

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