Family Finds Biggest Snake Ever Recorded?  – real or fake?

Family Finds Biggest Snake Ever Recorded? – real or fake?

Hey is this kid really climbing up that tree with no hands? Or is this some kind of photographic Trick? I’ve got the answer to that crazy coconut mystery plus answers on five more real for fakes that are gonna test your sanity, but hey before we get started today I just gotta tell you billschannel has a brand new sponsor! Can you believe it? Their name is the Dollar Shave Club, and they are sponsoring today’s video. Okay quick real or fake quiz, when I come home from the Amazon. I’d look like this What do you think? Real or fake? Well if you said fake. First of all thank you very much and secondly, you know I would never look like that because no matter where I travel I keep my bathroom in a box from Dollar Shave Club right in my bag. It’s got everything I need to come out of the jungle looking like I never left civilization High-quality razor shave butter body wash and one wipe Charlie budweis and hey you know what the great thing is When I’m super busy, which is most of the time as I’m sure you are too I don’t have to go to the store and get involved in that whole mess Dollar Shave Club Delivers their products right to your door, no stress And you look good. Now for a limited time, the Dollar Shave Club Is going to be giving away their starter kit to new members for just $5 and that includes free shipping, so click on that link in the Description box and get your trial kit today. I mean, this is win-win folks life is good, and so is the Dollar Shave Club. Okay, so now you got the scoop on that what do you say we get back to our real or fakes and see what’s real? and what is fake. You know what the way technology is advancing especially in the content creation business. You know it’s just getting harder and harder to tell what’s real and what’s fake? Well today. I have five examples of that that are really kind of test your real or fake skills Number five, this cat picture claims to show a cat with vampire teeth. The picture was sent in by Irfan Jashari who wrote: “I found a picture of a strange Dracula looking cat is it real or fake?” Well Irfan, I know they have fish with teeth like that in the Amazon You know that one? They called the vampire fish yeah that one, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat with teeth like that I mean, I mean do can’t even have teeth like that. I mean you know I think they all are like well, what do I know. The important thing is what you know and what you voted so you’re ready to get on the scoreboard here? Alright, this could be the first one all right if you voted fake You are officially on the scoreboard with your first wrong. It’s real Thanks to Anil Kumar. We have a news article on it and according to this article his name is Rory And he was born with a deformed set of teeth that didn’t allow him to close his mouth. Doctors removed his rear teeth to alleviate the problem But then his mouth closed a little too far making his eye teeth appear like he had fangs. But don’t worry folks the cat is said to be healthy and leads a normal life. Number four, this is supposedly an aerial photo taken in Mexico. It claims the show a group of flamingos who are gathered in such a way as to make the outline of another rather rough looking flamingo ship. The picture was sent in by Mr. Panda who just asked bill can this be real Well Mr. Panda. I gotta tell you you know I’ve actually seen those flamingos in Mexico. I know exactly where they are, but can they get themselves organized to create like you know the shape of another bird or another flamingo for like passing airplanes like, you know “hey we got our own YouTube channel come on check out our videos!” It’s kind of a shot. Don’t you think? Let’s see what we got, had you vote? Cause I’ve got the answer. Photoshop? everybody agree? Well, guess what the official answer is real! Facebook researcher Arnaud Tyson was the first to post this news article from The Telegraph newspaper in London national wildlife photographer Bobby Haas captured this photo from a helicopter in the Yucatan region of Mexico. Number three, does this picture really show the world’s largest watermelon? Gannon TAE sitting in and asked, “hey Bill is this a real watermelon?” Well mr. Gannon You know there are a lot of people out there that are trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records so no doubt there are Armies of people trying to make it in the biggest watermelon category. But is this particular watermelon the biggest one there is out there? I don’t know. I mean you know seriously? I mean if there was a watermelon out there that base most people would probably call it a UFO, but you know. How did you vote? Did you vote fake or.. Big fat fake, I mean I I think that’s kind of the case here So I’ll give me a second to change your vote if you want Because, I mean, oh maybe we could do SFF (So Fake It’s Funny) We won’t do that, because we haven’t given you the answer yet, okay, all right? Hopefully got the right answer in place because the answer is fake. Thanks to super sleuth Isaak Sisson we now know the real biggest watermelon is this one it was grown by Chris Kent in Tennessee and holds the record at 350 pounds or about 158 kilos this photo according to Mariners Kramer and Shawn Allen was part of a Photoshop contest. Contestants were asked to get creative with this photo, and they’ve hit it. Number two, our next picture has Photoshop written all over it. But I’m gonna ignore that for now. It was sent in by Diamond Keeper Who just asked “bill is there such a thing as a spider-man frog?” Diamond I don’t even know how to break this to you man, but you know there isn’t even a real spider-man, If you know what I mean. But then again, on the other hand. Maybe the guys that drew that comic book got their inspiration from spider frog. Ooooooh. So what are you thinking? How’d you vote? you vote real? Did you vote fake? Well, I hope you voted Correctly because the correct answer is, real. Butrint Selmani was the first one with the answer on this one. It’s called a Mwansa flat-headed agama, which is actually a lizard and found in many parts of Africa. Thanks to Meredith Kramer. We now know the picture was taken by husband-and-wife photography team, Alessandra Santos and Cassio Lopez. these guys have some amazing wildlife photography and if you’re interested in checking out one of their books they’re available on Number one, our final picture today comes from us from YouTube channel subscriber One Eyed Jack According to old One Eye, the picture comes from the Amazon and shows a local family who came across the biggest anaconda snake ever found. Well wanna, you know they are building those Hydroelectric dams in the Amazon region and a lot of really big snakes are getting dislodged from their hideouts. Remember that snake that was posted on YouTube and Facebook and everywhere else like I don’t know maybe a couple of months ago? That thing was huge. But is it possible. There’s one that’s even bigger that came out of there? I mean, it’s possible. Now common sense would tell me that you’re voting fake, because you are using your common sense, but here’s the deal, we could go against our common sense today and just say nature you scary. So it’s up to you cause I don’t know I just tell you what the results are so did you say nature are you scary? because nature you are scary, but not desperate that snake is fake You don’t know the source of this picture But the very biggest anaconda at all times was officially measured at 28 feet now there may be something out there That’s a bit bigger, but not something this big because this thing would be hundreds of feet. Okay, well that’s all the time I have for this video I’m gonna be giving you the answer to that crazy spider boy climbing up the coconut tree in just a second. But first I want to send out a big Thanks to all you guys who sit in all those crazy photos and videos every week special thanks goes to all my great researchers on Facebook and Chewy Piranhas everybody else And hey don’t forget if you’ve got a picture or video and you’re not quite sure whether it’s real or not. Send it in to me at bill’s channel at, and I’ll take a look. Please don’t leave links or suggestions in the comment section because truthfully, the only thing that’s going to do is force me to jump into the Amazon River and wrestle an anaconda with my own bare hands screaming “You’re driving me crazy!” See you next time. Now in terms of that video showing the kid climbing up the coconut tree without any hands, it was sent in by Dylan Binu, but solved by Serra Malabanan Jr, Who offered proof that it’s fake. Sarah took a screenshot and circled another tree in the background, if you then take the picture and get that tree vertical, it shows you this was recorded with the camera tilted, to make the sideways growing palm tree Look more vertical.

Randy Schultz

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