Falsely Charged Oviraptor, dinosaur with English Sub ★Genikids Dinosaur

Falsely Charged Oviraptor, dinosaur with English Sub ★Genikids Dinosaur

Falsely Charged OVIRAPTOR It was around 80 million years ago It’s hot Why don’t you
take a rest over here? I am okay Before my babies are born
I need to make a comfortable nest Sweet heart, are you okay? I think I am giving birth to babies Oh my god! I will bring your husband She laid around 20 oblong eggs Sweetheart!
You’re having the pang of childbirth I’ve already given birth to babies It’s amazing That must have been
so hard on your own I am doing okay, sweetheart
Rather, dad Dad? Right, I finally became a dad What am I doing here? I should go get nice food
to help her restore health – Enjoy this meal
– It tastes good What a great couple you are!
I used to be like you Why don’t you take some? How can I enjoy it? I would have said yes
if it was grass That’s right Oviraptor was omnivorous But as Protoceratops was a herbivore
they enjoyed grass and leaves Are you also going to…? I feel like my baby will come out soon Help me! Sure Take care of our babies, darling! Don’t worry
Go to help her I think I am old
It’s hard Then, just do as I do Breathe in and then out Okay!
Push! Good!
Let’s go again How are my babies? Yeah
They look good You did a great job What is wrong with the weather? I need to go home Who the hell are you? The eggs look so delicious Never ever!
Bring it on You must be crazy I would lose my strength
as you fight for your life Ahh!
My babies! Darling!
No way! What happened to him? The fossil was found in the Gobi desert
in1923 for the first time This dinosaur is quite new By the way what did they do
next to the eggs of Proceratops? They tried to eat the eggs
by making a hole with their canine teeth They are the Oviraptor’s eggs You’re right
Don’t get us wrong He was totally misunderstood They were given a name
meaning ‘egg taker’ They were falsely charged Fortunately as the fossil was found to show Oviraptor was killed while taking care of their eggs
they could clear themselves of a false charge What a relief! You can say that again Right! I am no longer treated unfairly
as I am with my babies

Randy Schultz

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  2. MuttDugg says:

    furry porn

  3. Shayne O'Neill says:

    Well that escalated fast

  4. maxime grigri says:

    Je me suis encore perdu sur youtube

  5. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Oviraptor was maybe both an egg stealer and a good mom

  6. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Well, I think Protoceratops was her mom after stealing the Protoceratops’s eggs

  7. rafy Resto says:

    use she having a baby
    the female oviraptor is fat beca

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  9. Super hybrid Indoraptor says:

    Wait wait wait! If oviraptor is a predator of dino eggs, Then why are they living together, I mean like, The protoceratops was pregnant and a oviraptor was with it! Or maybe they are Friends and kids video

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