Falcon.io // Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Customer Success Story

Hi, I’m Linda. I’m the social media manager here at Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Basically I’m the point of contact between HQ and all our local markets. I look after all things social. So Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a rebrand of the previous known Tiger Stores. We sell everything from things you might need for play to outdoor, kitchen, party office items, but also snacks, gadgets, even fashion accessories. We open three new stores every week and we are in 29 countries. Right now we have over 600 stores worldwide. We were founded in Copenhagen back in 1995. Well basically I started last year and I saw the need for a main platform. As I have previously mentioned we’re in 29 countries so each of these markets have their own Facebook, their own Twitter and their own Instagram, so it’s a lot of channels to keep track of. I’ve previously worked with Falcon before, in another job I had and I thought that it would be the perfect fit for our businesses needs at the time. Yeah I would say the Falcon platform is useful in spreading the word, scheduling ahead and also monitoring the feedback we get on our products. So if we can see that some of the products are very well displayed then we monitor those conversations and we actually have a policy of replying to all these inquiries in 24 hours. So again it goes back to how we use social as customer service in a way. We use the Engage feature quite a lot. In the beginning we used it around on the platform, but now that there’s an app as well I highly recommended it to our social media managers and we can track all the conversations on the spot. So for example when I manage the official Instagram channel for Flying Tiger Copenhagen and we have a lot of our customers engaging with us. They just want to say hi or they love our products or sometimes they even show what they bought from the store, so it’s very useful for us to kind of monitor and track these conversations. So sometimes I can see if there’s been a lot of customers asking about a specific product or asking about specific color of a product, so that I can get that feedback to our commercial team. So we had a good 360 overview of our main campaign with Misaki Kawai and we used Build, which is another module of the tool, to kind of raise awareness of the campaign and to see how many people would be interested in this artist collaboration. Then we used Audience to target specific personas. We had a competition linking offline and online, we promoted it in stores, on our posters and flyers. Basically it was an Instagram competition. People had to find a product from this collaboration, take a selfie with it and then upload it on their instagram using a specific hashtag – and then Falcon help us track that hashtag, so at the end of the month we could see a specific report on how the campaign was received and also how many people engaged in the competition. So the audience feature and Falcon helps us target our most engaged followers so we can actually see that if they follow us on Instagram, if they also subscribe to our newsletter, if they follow us on Facebook, and we can actually target even more specifically. So we can see what kind of things they like to share, what kind of interests they have other than our campaign. I would say the Content Pool has helped us a lot because now all of our social media managers can quickly access the content that is there and just share right away. Then again the Engage module would be top three. Now that you have the app as well it’s even easier to reply to our fans wherever they are, whatever time they are and since all of our social media manager have their mobile phones on hand we can make sure that we reply to all these inquiries in less than 24 hours. And one of the last things would be the Audience. Once we grow our audience there I think you can really benefit more and target our campaigns better. So one example was the main camping but I think we can do way more there. So for future campaigns next year hopefully we can integrate it with other digital touch points, so we have it at the core of our social strategy.

Randy Schultz

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