Fad? Dragons divided over jewellery candle craze! | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Fad? Dragons divided over jewellery candle craze! | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Hello, Dragons, my name is Claudia
and this is my partner Alex. Hiya. We are the founders
of Imperial Candles. We are here today asking for
£100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in our business. Imperial Candles –
we hand-make soy scented candles and other products with
a hidden jewel inside as the element of surprise. We started the company five years
ago, at the age of 22, from a one-bedroom apartment while studying computer science
at university. Since our humble beginnings
a lot has changed. We are currently operating
from a 6,000 square foot facility. We have a large
social media following with almost 400,000 fans
on our Facebook page and we have generated £7 million
in turnover to date. OK, so how does it work? Simply light up the candle and after
a couple of hours of burning you should be able to spot
in the wax a little colour package. Simply remove it and discover
a new dazzling piece of jewellery. All of our jewellery are made with
95-sterling silver or gold and can be worth anything
between £10 and £2,000, so you never know
what you’ll get inside. Thank you for listening
to our pitch. We would love to give you
some samples. Scented candles and bath bombs with
jewellery concealed inside… TOUKER: What’s the value of
a ring like this? ..are the offering
from Romanian entrepreneurs Claudia Negoescu… It’s 45. £45? Yes. ..and Alex Ianas. PETER: What about this?
It’s about 65. That’s the most expensive. DEBORAH: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh, that’s very pretty. The couple are looking for £100,000 in return for a 10% share
of their business… 35. 35? Yaaay! Winner’s corner! CLAUDIA LAUGHS ..but will this investment
opportunity be another hidden gem for the Dragons to uncover? I’m Sara. Hiya. Wow, impressive – seven million
of sales since you started. That’s good going, it really is. Thank you very much. How long have you been going
and will you just break me that seven million down? We’ve been running five years now. So, first year we did 750,000, gross profit of 309 and a net of 54. The next year we did 1.9 million… ..with 750 gross and 32 net. And last year we did 1.5 with a gross of 510 and a loss of 34,000. Mm… Why has your gross profit, year by year, been decreasing? Basically, advertising worked
quite well when we started. We created a Facebook page and we started doing
Facebook advertising… Right. ..but over the next couple of years, let’s say, all the social media
platforms changed a bit, and we didn’t get as much traction. And then our raw materials, we actually buy the majority
from America and Europe. Right. So, you can imagine when
they’re selling… The dollar? Yes. So, that affected our prices
by around 20%. Yep. Everything went up. And because we manufacture
everything in the UK, the labour got more expensive,
so all our overheads went up. So, at the moment, are you losing
money, month by month? Yes. This year we’re going
to make a loss. I think it’s going to be around
50,000. 50,000 loss. Yeah. How much money have you got in the
bank at the moment? Not too much. Not too much? Yeah. Around £5,000. So, you’ve come right to the brink. Yeah. Touker Suleyman is concerned
that Claudia and Alex could be teetering on the edge
of a financial abyss… ..and Peter Jones wants to find out
precisely how their precarious situation is affecting the pair. Alex and Claudia,
I think what the reality is, you’ve got a declining business
and a declining business model. Are you worried? CLAUDIA: I think I’m putting a lot
of pressure on myself because I do all the marketing for the company. How do you live? Er… Basically… We manage! Yeah. What we do, we use
the business card, so if we need to pay for something,
we pay with that card. We don’t even move money
to our own personal account. Well, you haven’t got it, have you? That’s a huge strain
on your family life because there’s no escape, and at the same time, you’re living
in the middle of a business that, at the moment, you’re running
out of money with only £5,000 left. You must be worried that
at some point, those candles, the lights are going to go out. To be honest,
even though it’s silly to say, we’re in a better position now
than we were two years ago when we had more turnover, because we learned so much
more and we’re confident that we can turn this around. What are you planning to do? Basically, last year,
we outsourced our distribution, so I think that helped
a bit with our cash flow. Moving forward we’re actually
looking at working with someone that can actually make
the candles for us so that we can get a fixed cost. One thing is the cost
of the product, which you can engineer
to make it cheaper, but what I’m concerned with is
the cost of acquisition to get the sales. If you spent £1 in marketing, what sales is that currently
generating to you on Facebook? Around £5. £5? Yeah. So, that’s OK. Things looked bleak
for the candle entrepreneurs, but the healthy ratio
between their marketing spend and subsequent return has offered
a faint glimmer of light. Deborah Meaden, however, is concerned that Claudia and Alex’s
product could be a flash in the pan. DEBORAH: So, looking at this, my worry is that there
could be an underlying issue there and that underlying issue could be,
it’s lovely, it’s a novelty, let’s do it, but, actually, that consumer moves on to the next novelty. Can I say something? You have an
answer for that? Yes. Because this product
is quite unique, I think we can do at least
ten million quite, quite easily, because, basically, we based our projection on actually what our competitor
does in France and Germany. They’re actually doing
around ten million in France. And is your product cheaper
than theirs? No. They sell for the same price, but the quality of the jewellery
is better, and when people start getting more
options and seeing our products, they prefer our product. SARA: But the bottom line is you’d be second to market going up against an already
established business, trying to knock them out
when you don’t have something that’s more unique. I’m going to tell you something that
we shouldn’t be telling you, but they’ve actually made an offer
for our business. They’ve offered to buy
your business? BOTH: Yes. For how much? Half a million. Take it. No, honestly, guys, that’s great. Well, we don’t have that offer
any more cos we didn’t go for it. I really think if you can go and try
and get that half a million offer back on the table, honestly, I… You should have snapped their hand
off when you had the chance. It’s probably a good time for me
to tell you where I am. You’ve shown that you are
successful entrepreneurs and part of being a successful
entrepreneur is knowing when this idea’s run its course and
it’s time to run onto the next one. My advice would be, go out and try and find the next
jewels in the candles. I’m sorry, guys. It’s definitely a no from me. I’m out. A blow for Claudia and Alex as Sara Davies neglects
to follow their example, getting out while the going is good. Can the potential popularity
of their product across the Channel convince Deborah Meaden
to part with her cash? Guys, um… I don’t see this
as this huge business that’s going to knock the main
player out of the market in France, but I do see it as an amazing thing
that you’ve done already, a huge learning circle, and then you just look around
and do the next thing. So, good luck for the next one,
which I know you’re going to find. I’m out. PETER: Alex and Claudia… I’m not going to invest today because I just don’t think
that this is something that A, can’t be replicated
very simply, and B, you’re kind of out of funds and you’re going to need a lot of
help to get it to grow again. So for that reason, sadly, I’m out. Thank you. Thank you. A second and third Dragon go out in rapid succession, and Claudia and Alex’s prospects
of a deal are melting away. Age before beauty… Can Touker Suleyman
reignite their hopes? What is the potential, if you had
sufficient working capital, of this business? I think it has a massive potential. Who’s the biggest candle
brand in the UK? BOTH: Yankee Candle. Give me four big stores
that they’re in. Basically, they’re everywhere, so, from Tesco’s…
Hallmark, Card Factory… In all the stores. You know, I can see what can be done
with this business… ..but you’ve made one mistake today. You’ve come here asking for £100,000. Far too much money. Look, the only thing I could do is
I’ll make you an offer. I would give you half the money, £50,000… ..for 20%. So, I’ve given you a lifeline. Thank you. Thank you. An unexpected glimmer of hope
from Touker Suleyman, but Alex and Claudia still need
a matching or better bid from Tej Lalvani
to make a full offer. So, I have a couple of questions
for you guys. Can I get a bit of water?
Yeah, yeah, please. Thank you. Have some water. Given the parlous state
of their business, the stakes are high. Are you OK? I’m OK, thank you. OK. And, for Alex, at least… Sorry about that. That’s all right. ..the pressure is beginning to tell. So, what’s your current
equity scenario? Do you both own 50% each, how
does it work? It’s 60-40. 60-40… And there’s no other
shareholders involved? BOTH: No. The concern I have is what Deborah touched on about it being a fad. Can I say something? Basically, if
we would only have one product, yes, you’re totally right, you can’t run a business
on only one product, but basically we started
to do the candles… We were the first in the world to do
them with the jewellery inside… We started a kids’ range
collection… You start from one product, but you can create a whole brand.
Like a gift company around it. Right… I like you guys. I think you’re determined. You’ve learnt from your mistakes. OK, so, look,
I’ll match Touker’s offer, which is half the money, £50,000, for 20%. BOTH: Thank you. Can we have a second?
You have a minute at the wall. BOTH: Thank you. The Dragons are driving
a hard bargain… All of the money,
and two investors, but in exchange
for four times the equity the pair were originally
looking to give away. Thank you for your offers. Basically, we know you take
a risk on us, so we do understand that… ..but we were wondering
if you were willing to drop to 25% after you recoup your investment. I believe there is something there, but we need to really grow it and hopefully we’ll grow it so much
that you’ll be putting in an offer to buy out those competitors
in France. TOUKER: I think there’s a lot of
work to be done here, guys, but it’d be worth more than half
a million to you, that’s for sure, in a year to 18 months. Yeah, we’d love to… Great!
Excellent. OK. Brilliant news. BOTH: Thank you. Looking forward
to it. We do appreciate it. Claudia and Alex have done it… TOUKER: Candle king and queen! Their business appeared
to be on borrowed time… SARA: Congratulations.
BOTH: Thank you. ..but they leave with £100,000 and the backing of two Dragons for whom manufacturing and selling
is second nature.

Randy Schultz

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