EYE OF THE TIGER – Survivor – Guitar Lesson

EYE OF THE TIGER – Survivor – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my catalysis series So today I’ll show how to play I of the tiger by Survivor Okay, so first of all beginning or mostly throughout the song anyway if you hear a lot of this And that’s the fifth string third fret In groups of four one two three four one two [three] four And your palm mute string Like so okay so third fret of the fifth string Wait many many times right? [now] Expert is this so that’s a C power-chord the fifth string third fret and [once] again C down two frets to [B] flat back up again C Now do that again? And once again played again the [see] output Back up to the G power chord the top string third fret We’ve run [fred] up to a flat once again [silly] The next part is this Okay, so that’s fifth string third fret power chord see Then at the eighth fret on the fourth third second strings and the second string 6 fret third string seventh fret fourth string 8th fret And back to [Brian] with three strings at you friend You do that twice Same as before the power chord see festering through it fret top string Third fret Power Chord C One fret up to a flat once again, [swilly] Right before you get into the rhythm you display So you [knew] the strength couple times? by the power Cord festering third fret see slide ounces Now the [burst] [cords] that make up the verse C minor a flat b. Flat C. Minor four beats each so let’s You run through that four times? Now the way, I play it way. I’ve arranged it for guitar. You mix the guitar part From before with the chords, so it sounds like this Okay, so if you play C, minor that’s third fret position for the chord And play the fifth string third fret with it and play an a-flat which is the second string fourth fret third string fifth fret fourth string six threat and [the] fifth string third fret Middle four strings at the third fret while playing the fifth string [third] fret Then go back to C minor Opening fifth fistrick, so we’re skin slowly You do all that for time. There’s a little turn around before you get into the chorus those two chords are be flat at the sub-District fret Then be flat at the six, right? We’re saying it’s the eye of the tiger Okay, so the course I’ll play it first ah Okay, that’s an f minor the first preposition backward then at the 2nd 3rd and 4th strings a fret And the second string 6 fret 3rd string 7th fret 4th string a threat same as before What’s good f minor? this f minor our board see third string fourth fret – fresh down to B-Flat The same as before exactly the same as before You just play it again that’s Which is the fourth string third fret? second third Third string open fourth string Third fret Third string open first first trip Right and that’s the song okay. I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching

Randy Schultz

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36 thoughts on “EYE OF THE TIGER – Survivor – Guitar Lesson

  1. Youyou A. says:

    Cool 🙂

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    So badass haha Nice one Bobby

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    Thanks, I liked the version and it's easy to learn and play.

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    Thanks Bob 🙂

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  6. john lasky says:

    Awesome ! seeing the tab made is much easier ! Some of my favorites I got really lost on strumming and had to quit learning the song !

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    Der gibt sich echt viel Mühe…
    Danke fürs machen besser gehts wohl nicht.

    The real draw up a lot of trouble …
    Thanks for making better not go well.

  9. Greg House says:

    Hi Bobby! The best video channel! + 10 000 Like for you. Can you made video Bon Jovi – Wanted dead or alive?

  10. Larry Thompson says:

    On "Eye of the Tiger" what type of distortion are you using?
    Thank you

  11. Ortic Sébastien says:

    10x a lot for this video, it really helps 🙂

  12. Nikos Gianno says:

    Hi Bobby! Thank you for the lessons! You also look to be a very nice guy. I wish the best for you and thanx again, mate! God Bless Ya!

  13. Eugene Pabst says:

    Hey bobby crispy. I like burritos. Do you?

  14. Ouro Têxtil Tecidos Finos says:

    Congratulations Bobby. Your video lessons greatly facilitate my learning.
    Thank you.

  15. ATTOS#Gaming says:

    how to set my amp?

  16. kestufais says:

    nice tuto !

  17. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy says:

    New guitar lesson video: 100 POPULAR ROCK RIFFS https://youtu.be/EJSz2QxB5oo

  18. Kristian Kumanov says:

    pff Perfect! Thanks a lot.Great lesson and easy to understand

  19. Salty Satan says:

    ummmmmmm i need hlp…. i dont understand

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  24. Nabisco Snacks says:

    U playing a Les Paul?!

  25. Leonidas Nearchou says:

    I love you

  26. John Hunt says:

    I know a easier way to play it. Its all on the top E string
    It is 8, 8, 6, 8, 8, 6, 8, 8, 3, 4,
    Try it, it is really easy.

  27. djenvino says:

    i learned an much easier way to play

  28. Metalchug says:

    Thank you for this lesson.

  29. Vinamin says:

    Üstad sen krallar kralısın. Good job ????????❤️❤️

  30. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy says:

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  31. Banjo says:

    if people have trouble memorizing the strings, it goes

  32. Rasmus Wellejus says:

    I like the way you use a sheet ??

  33. S says:

    Great tutorial buddy well done

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    Well done

  35. Ivan Fortnite PS4 says:

    Hes teaching me like if i dont know how to play the guitar

  36. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy says:

    TABS FOR THIS LESSON AVAILABLE ON MY NEW GUITAR LESSON WEBSITE: https://guitarlessonvideoswithtabs.yolasite.com/EYE-OF-THE-TIGER—Survivor.php

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