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100 thoughts on “EXTREME Food in Iran!! Whole DINOSAUR LAMB PLATTER!!! + NEVER SEEN Village COOKING of Iran!

  1. The Food Ranger says:

    Huge thanks to Mr. Taster for bringing us to eat this MASSIVE DINOSAUR LAMB PLATTER and the RARE VILLAGE MEAL!!! Follow him at https://www.instagram.com/mr.taster and also if you’re thinking of coming to Iran, check out http://www.cometopersia.com they helped arrange our whole trip, thanks so much! And please leave us a comment down below, we would love to hear from you!!! Are you enjoying the Iran series?

  2. Ahmed Touhid says:

    Mr.Tester is very funny and amazing person ?

  3. Scripner says:

    Mr. Taster has really grown on me. He has made this series something special.

  4. JOE Quezada says:

    This Mr. sheepshead is eating his own kind, straight cannibalism.

  5. ateeq ullah says:

    Will visit in the near future.Love from Pakistan❤

  6. A.R A says:

    Is that peach or plum?

  7. Mehdi Khairandisch says:

    Love from Afghanistan/Austria??????

  8. Nav Mann says:

    Amazing Food with great hospitality… I loved it ??

  9. Darrell P says:

    You really need a new rating system because every review is becoming super biased based on who is paying for the video I know for a fact not all that food is a 10 gonna stop watching if this dose not change

  10. Syed Tanvir Habib says:

    Hay Ting Ting & James !

  11. Sezoo Swüro says:

    For this video, The best part is…what an amazing family. ?

  12. KM JAHIR says:

    Mr taster is great

  13. mo af says:

    What a great host!

  14. Advanced Trucking says:

    Mr tester love you from Pakistan

  15. Karla Chavira de la Rosa says:

    Que hermosa tradición!

  16. Akash Tamse says:

    That fat man don't have another shirts

  17. Pepi Os says:

    You're host it's highhh on life

  18. Manhal Khan says:

    Congratulations for collaboration with Danny Devito

  19. Жамиль Давлятов says:

    Iran super in kultura in food ????????????thanks Sir. Iran salam .gashang hunari oshpazi mardomi.

  20. saman bahrehmand says:

    کاش یه مترجمم میووردن چی میگه این مستر تیستر بنده خدا

  21. Villa Dionis says:


  22. Edward Hochwand says:

    Ting was eating snack in back seat.

  23. Yummy & healthy says:

    Amazing food and amazing Iran series ?food looks sooo delicious ?

  24. Mohammed Alshihri says:

    الشعب الإيراني ودود ومحب للاخرين ومضياف أمنياتي لهم بحياة افضل وسعادة دائمه.

  25. Ismail Hossain says:

    love the muslim culture

  26. MSC RPM says:

    Mr. Taster … you are amazing. Where can I see your food show?

  27. ALOOHS22 says:

    I hope to visit Saudi Arabia to traing the food

  28. Cath O. says:

    Amazing Iran ♡♡♡

  29. joshuaaV__ ‘ says:

    Bring back the sea food !!

  30. ali adam says:

    Mr. taster looks like a nonce

  31. Kiarash Azari says:

    There is nothing from reality and Iranian tradition inside. Just show of as much as possible and eating the poor animals like animals and oooaahhh uuuhmmmm eee he hehe he. It is so kitschig and cheap…

  32. Persianbabak says:

    God bless Iran the oldest country in the world ❤️❤️❤️

    Down with Mullahs.

  33. DARKBEAST says:

    "OH WOOW"

  34. Brandon Britton says:

    What a great combo 2 cool guys eating awesome food around the world that is what we need!!! Love Mr. Taster lol

  35. Persianbabak says:

    یه کم زیاد از حد ارج و قرب به خارجی و توریست می ذاریم
    دلیلش سیستم بسته ی آخوندی ه که ارتباط ما با دنیا رو قطع کرده.
    تا کسی از بیرون وارد دنیای بسته ی ما میشه هیجان زده می شیم و ذوق می کنیم

  36. Viktor Cheng says:

    Amazing Iran series. Ting must be so tired being your cameraman, is that Ting conked out at 14:35?

  37. DarthSkywalker019 says:


  38. willbur 420 says:

    Sitting in darband mountains with snow everywhere inside a cafe shop drinking tea smoking hookuh eating food was one of my best memories ❤❤❤

  39. Fazal Syed says:

    Iran has so nice and friendly people
    Food looks so yummy
    Salaam from Pakistan

  40. G says:

    Everytime he takes a bite it’s like he’s convincing a kid to eat

  41. pankaj gandhi says:

    Extra ordinary hospitality with the incredible food, wow. Hats off to Irani people

  42. Alex says:

    I can't be the only one that think the Iran series looks kinda staged to me

  43. Bitoy Bicol says:

    Wonderful journey!

  44. Time Bomb says:

    Loved this video great people awesome food keep it up food ranger

  45. Fuad Tanvir says:

    * YouTube recommends Trevors latest video*

    * I click on it*

    Trevor : oooooooh so buttery…

  46. kenyerly says:


  47. Yugen Smartwatches says:

    Your best series thus far. Mr. Tasty is an awesome cohost/tour guide.

  48. Witty Scoop says:

    You should mention the price as well

  49. Vad Kozamastra says:

    It’s plum not peach.

  50. umer Rana says:

    Iran is amazing … love from ??

  51. SAMI says:

    Omg, the food, the people. Iran, your brothers are sending you all the love ??

  52. Protoje Hill says:

    Ting get ya manz caz food aint the only that dude wanna taste….

  53. exionem says:

    Persians eat pretty good damn well.

  54. Lita says:

    Tasty looking food Trevor and Ting and crew I liked this video yes!!!!??

  55. Sohaib Aslam Usmani says:

    I love the host. Mr taster..
    I love the verstality and hospitality of this family, love the Iranian culture and diversity of food.
    The super amazing country and cultural people.
    The hospitality of this family impressed me alot.

  56. masooma Ali says:

    Iranian people so hospitable so humble

  57. fahad latif says:

    Iran is so beautiful …. Love from Pakistan

  58. Haze says:

    iranian Danny DeVito, I love it!

  59. Papion says:

    The BEST lamb Trevor ever had!!

  60. زهراء Jasmine Zahraa says:

    I love iranian people I love iranian food . ?
    Macha Allah . ?

  61. Abdelfetah Abdelli says:

    This Iranian people's are amazing.
    Dreaming about visiting Iran 🙂

  62. Ehsan Khansalar says:

    Mr. Taster is very kind and lovely … Look what he said at the end. Be his host and you do not need to pay at all

  63. Rob Howell says:

    Mr Taster looks like the Principal from Billy Madison

  64. Zany Zara says:

    Wow. My daddy would so love to eat with you. I don't think you'll get any food though, daddy would eat all. He he he

  65. Freedom Iran says:

    I am Iranian I understand food is so yummy ? but pls love animal
    They need our love ?
    So don’t kill animal for food

  66. ajmal lucky says:


  67. paul evans says:


  68. زهراء Jasmine Zahraa says:

    I want some Iranian zaafaran , who can send me please with only 5 Euro/1gr (20 gr)
    I am going to use it like supplement for my health inchaa Allah .

  69. C T says:

    You two are like the Beavis and Butthead of Food Youtube. Proper bromance going.

  70. Waqar Latest HD Movies Pro says:

    Love you from Pakistan
    Visit Pakistan again visit Islamabad and Karachi WAITING…………
    ❤❤❤❤❤?? ?? ?? ?? ??❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Maken Alex says:

    Iranian food awesome loves from Pakistan

  72. SamIsOnline says:

    14:32 poor Ting just randomly laying there by the fireplace… like a sick puppy ?

  73. Xazan Mohoo says:

    Look how friendly they are i hate media!!

  74. زهراء Jasmine Zahraa says:

    I need and I want some Iranian zaafaran . ???

  75. زهراء Jasmine Zahraa says:

    What’s the name of this beautiful mountain region in Iran ?? ?

  76. Mayank Siwach says:

    Iran is beautiful and people are very friendly and amazing….
    Love from India ??

  77. Senthil Kumar Mohandass says:

    wow, I did not know that Iran people are so friendly and Iran is such a beautiful country. My love to Iran from India

  78. Lollipop video says:

    The US government must be mad the Iranian pupil not eating McDonald’s

  79. alipars pars says:

    زهر بخورین‌بیشرفا

  80. زهراء Jasmine Zahraa says:

    I wanna some Iranian pomegranate from this mountain plz . ???

  81. Marco 786 says:

    I don't care, our food is the best food hands down in the world! Zendabad Iran! ??♥️

  82. ron morisseau says:

    Was the lamb northern style?

  83. Kay Molkenthin says:

    Mr. Taster = nice guy = Oh my god, look at that, hahahaha x 1.000 times per minute 😉

  84. badass t-rex says:

    I absolutely love Irani foods & people❤

  85. PES LOVER says:

    Now from watching your videos I think Iran is the best country in the world to live.Thats why USA and Israeil and other superpowers are against this beautiful country

  86. W A S A Y says:


  87. love joy says:

    best show you have ever made.

  88. forgiving_spirit says:

    mr taster is a wonderful person,persian people too.
    medias are evil,they present Iran in a such demonic way.

  89. Dave Schofield says:

    Amazin food beautiful people!!

  90. Safzone123 says:

    Mr taster reminded me of my childhood show the three stooges and character name larry!! Anybody same feelings ???? ?????????

  91. Amrinder Bindra says:

    Mr taster is a weirdo ??

  92. Kyle says:

    The Iranian dude looks like a character from GTA V lol

  93. Nita&mat Lyons says:

    any one got a recipe for that thick soupy broth towards the end , looks fab ? thankyou

  94. Royal Angkang says:

    The co-host seems like a very fun loving guy ✌

  95. tanvir admed says:

    Not Iran, say south Azerbaijan

  96. Hue Ngo says:

    Love,love ,love this Iranians series, the hosts are too kind especially the women's. I wish I were there delicious food.

  97. Rickky Spannish says:

    ultimate extreme : ahahaahha : whaaaaaa woooooowwwww wwaaaawww ahahahahha

  98. Arash Aboui Mehrizi says:

    have to correct mr.taster, by peach he means plum

  99. Rickky Spannish says:

    extremly rare, unique , in the world in the same sentance, that must but world records

  100. Mister Belvidere says:

    And here I am eating a store brand frozen pizza.

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