Exploring Guatemala’s Jungle // Tiger Cave // Waterfalls & Hot Springs // Epic Jungle Adventure Tour

Exploring Guatemala’s Jungle // Tiger Cave // Waterfalls & Hot Springs // Epic Jungle Adventure Tour

Hello. We are on our way to… Where are we going? To jungle. This is a really interesting hotel
where we are staying, is called Hotel Backpackers. There are a bunch of bunk beds. And we are gonna
be sleeping in the same room on the Río Dulce. So, we’re actually on top
of the river right now. It’s actually a pretty neat hotel. Here’s a toilet. Here’s another toilet. there’s a shower in here. Is there anyone here on top? Yeah, Fabi and I are in this bed. And here, the second one? This is gonna be my bed. I chose red because you know,
it’s on brand. What’s so funny? Communist too soon. Siya and I are kind of walking around,
trying to figure out where the outlets are. Look what I found.
I found you. -Oh, really?
-Yeah, right here. Don’t feed the rats. We just sat down for some dinner. 100% of the profits go to support
Casa Guatemala foundation, a home, school and clinic
to 300 impoverished and vulnerable children without access
to education or health care. Good morning from the river. Today we are going to continue
on our trek through the jungle. We just got
to these beautiful waterfalls where we are going
to go for a swim. Siya, did you really
forget your bathing suit? I totally did. Wait. What? Underneath the thing? It’s hot. It’s boiling hot. Alright. OK. It’s so warm. But it feels great. This is amazing. It is really hot here. So, jumping into that River
and that waterfall is just so refreshing and nice and relaxing. I love it, I wish I could do that
like every day of my life. I just sat down
for some lunch with the group and then this happens. Hey, it’s Romina. We’re gonna get on this boat
and go out there. This is the longest bridge
in Central America. What you see right there in front of you, that’s castle of Saint Philip, it was built in the 1700
and it used to be a fortress to defend from the pirates
in the Caribbean. You can only get here by boat. This is ours. Oh, it’s got a fan. Oh, this is… Who’s gonna get this bed? Are we gonna do..?
Yeah, we’re gonna do rock It’s the first time
I have to fight for a bed. Wow, you’re like you’re like… This is serious. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Oh. Oh, look. Now that we dropped off
our bags at the hotel, we are gonna get onto another boat
and go to this cave. We;re now hiking
for about 20 to 30 minutes to get to this place called The Tiger Cave. -A termite mound.
-Yeah, they don’t even bite. I am drenched in sweat. Thank you for visiting the tiger cave we are responsible for showing you
how this Mayan ceremony is done. We ask you for permission and thanks We need your support so that we can succeed
with our missions. We’ve got helmets
and we’ve got lights. We’re ready to go into the cave. -Are you ready
-Yeah, I’m ready. By the way there are bats flying around, so that’s awesome. We made it. What is happening right now? We’re jumping out form the platform. ¿We’re jumping? We’re jumping… We are jumping in there. Jesus. What? What? What? We are jumping off of this platform. I mean, you guys are jumping
off of this platform. You are jumping off. So we are swimming into another cave
and it’s really dark, and these little headlamp things
are not waterproof. So, I guess
I’ll see you guys later. 3, 2, 1. Go. This is all we came to look at? Look at all the bats,
Look at all the bats. And we are out of the cave. The experience
is unforgettable. On the way out of the cave
they were selling some little things and I bought a necklace. It’s super cool -Looks like a little shark.
-Yeah. I guess they’re made out of coconut. This guy’s been doing it for years
I’ve been carving them. But they’re are Mayan totem. We are headed back to our hotel now which is located
deep in the jungle of Guatemala and we are going
to chill there and have some dinner. I am starving. And that concludes my jungle adventure. Hopefully you enjoyed this video
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just like this one. But for now I’m gonna go. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons
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Randy Schultz

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