Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Everything that you have been taught about
dinosaurs is completely wrong! Well, that’s not entirely true, but there
are quite a few things that our palaeontologist friends have been getting wrong. Let’s take a closer look at what the dinosaurs
were really like. Just don’t get too close to the T-Rex, I heard
he hasn’t eaten in awhile. Calm down, Rexy. Awww, who’s a good boy! Speaking of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, take a
second and picture the big, scary carnivore in your mind. Those large, sharp teeth. Those snake-like scales. Pretty scary right? Well, it turns out that Rexy here and most
of the other dinosaurs probably had feathers. Scientists have recently found a new species
of dinosaur, known as Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus, which has led them to theorize that feathers
were most likely a characteristic of not just birds, but all dinosaurs. This is because our new dino friend was an
“ornithischian” beaked dinosaur, which is distinct from past feathered dinosaurs
that were of the theropod group. See, Rexy-boy isn’t so scary when he looks
just looks like a big chicken! Not only did the T-Rex probably have feathers,
but his ams weren’t as puny as you might think. T-Rex arms may seem small in comparison to
how big their bodies are, but their arms were still theorized as being over twice the strength
of the strongest human arm based off of a study in the 90s. I’d love for scientists to look into this
even more! Until then, I’d still be more worried about
Rexy wanting to treat you like a piece of homo sapien bacon, but I wouldn’t challenge
one to an arm wrestling match. That goes for you too, Lou Ferrigno! Not even the Hulk could beat a T-Rex. But there’s another animal that the Jurassic
Park films made quite a bit more intimidating than they actually had been; the Velociraptor. Not only did they most likely also have feathers,
but modern movies have led you to believe that these speedy little predators were as
tall as humans. In reality, they were only about as tall as
a medium sized dog, or about half a meter. You probably still wouldn’t want to keep
one as a pet, but I think Chris Pratt would have seemed far less impressive up against
these smaller raptors. Speaking of things that the Jurassic Park
movies got wrong, it’s now believed that dinosaurs didn’t have that terrifying roar
that you hear in the movies. While that may have been a great way for Steven
Spielberg to make the dinosaurs even scarier, they most likely cooed or quacked like a duck. Some believe that they may have also grumbled
like a crocodile, but not the immense roar that sounds like an over-exaggerated lion. Many scientists also believe that the dinosaurs
probably didn’t die out because of the impact of a giant asteroid. It most likely played a large role, but it
was just part of what led us to not seeing dinosaurs on our morning jogs. The impact of an asteroid surely would have
killed the dinosaurs in the immediate vicinity. However, for the rest of the dinosaurs, their
decline was far more gradual due to other effects of the asteroid like lack of food
as vegetation withered away because of the layer of ash that blackened the sky. It’s also thought that because of things
like changing climates, sea level fluctuations, and volcanic activity, the populations of
dinosaurs were already on the decline before the asteroid even hit. All of this together makes it pretty probable
that it all wasn’t over super quickly. So did any of this surprise you? Do you think we’ll learn even more about
our dino friends in the future? And what’s your favorite dinosaur? Let me know in the comments below! If bringing dinosaurs back from the dead sounds
interesting to you, think again! Let’s explore the pros and cons of bringing
back extinct animals in this video. Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is WRONG!

  1. EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT the touhou nightmare says:

    Trey the explainer dinosaurs are fake
    Rex is not featherhead after all

  2. daw hlathein says:

    I did no learn any thing new from this vedio.

  3. Heather Morris says:


  4. Abdul Badar says:

    Your right their still dinosaurs chicken are dinosaurs birds and lizards.

  5. QuickSwaggyBonnie 8183 says:

    I knew all this before so no. I didn’t learn anything but you think a T. rex is a pet.

  6. QuickSwaggyBonnie 8183 says:

    Still great video though

  7. Barry says:

    Knew all of that lmao

  8. Landon Darling says:

    The raptors in the Jurassic movies are based off of deinonychuses

  9. My singing monsters Fan says:

    The earth is round!!!!!!!!!

  10. My singing monsters Fan says:

    …..i subscribed

  11. Undomesticated says:

    Wait…..don’t they say birds evolved from certain dinosaurs?

  12. Chris P says:

    Sofromone speculation to another

  13. Ender Acrocanthosaurus says:

    When I picture a T. rex, I picture a birdlike lizard with 6 inch teeth, man-sized arms, great eyesight, black coloring, short and hairlike feathers on parts of its back, bright, orange ridges above its eyes, and finally, whatever that chicken waddle is called. And it makes low frequency sounds that shake up your backbone. And its teeth get covered up by lizard/mammal lips so that they don't dry out.

    Something about Velociraptors: Due to being small, you wouldn't be able to see one sneaking up on you before it is too late! It would pounce on your head facehugger style, then rip your neck open.

  14. George Zhao says:


  15. Mariela Martinez says:

    Further research shows that T.rex did not have feathers because they looked more closely to the bones, and it showed signs that it had scales.

  16. Nelis van Wieren says:

    Just answer me this :- Were you there 65 million years ago? How can you be sure they didn't growl or had feathers? Theories are not proof or fact. So I ask again were you there 65 million years ago?……

  17. Mike Diamond says:

    I think I would know….
    I lived in the jurassic era

  18. yoboi rr888 says:

    The t rex looked more like a long tailed, feathered, demonic…


  19. XZTrek X says:

    In the background how your sitting i the couch im like:draw me luke one of your french blocks😂😂😂

  20. ꧁ CiLo TheRapter꧂ says:

    Birds are dinosaurs not just because they evolved from dinosaurs, but because they are more closely related to some of the extinct dinosaurs than those dinosaurs are to each other
    Example: Scientists think that Velociraptors may of had feathers on their arms that may be one sign of why dinosaurs are closely related to birds the world may have a lie into us but its worth a try not only are velociraptors known to have feathered arms but some other dinosaurs had feathered body's like the Microraptor or the Archaeopteryx they both had feathered looking like body's search it up if you think it's a lie it's obvious that dinosaurs have a chance of being a bird one day we may even see the most strangest bird that may of have been a dinosaur but just because I said that we may see a strange bird it doesn't mean you should go outside to bird watch or anything like that:)

  21. alfred hitchcock h says:

    So just cause one had feathers, they all do. So that means that all reptilians have feathers, why did no one tell the crocodiles or snakes. Bastards

  22. jinxt _ says:

    rex did not have feathers

  23. Nathan 1234 says:

    People stop saying that Chickens evolved from the T-rex. The first bird evolved in the Jurassic period which is wayyy before T-rex

    Here’s an article on Archaeopteryx! https://www.britannica.com/animal/Archaeopteryx

    Stop saying that Dromaeosaurs evolved into birds!! They were VERY CLOSELY RELATED and likely share a common ancestor but Dromaeosaurs LITERALLY evolved WAYYYY after birds already existed. Birds literally existed alongside dinosaurs!!! Watch “Walking with Dinosaurs” (the BBC docuseries). There’s literally a bird species in it living right alongside the dinosaurs.

  24. Nathan 1234 says:

    I’ve yet to find an accurate YouTube video about dinosaurs and it’s annoying

  25. Captain Rex says:

    This is dumb by

  26. golam faruq says:


  27. Ana Higuera says:

    Not all. Probably just ones that lived in cold areas or just had few fethers like a t rex in a colder area would have feathers while a t rex in a warmer area would have mabey feathers along it's spine

  28. ADM_CHARGE says:

    No a velciraptor is the same size as a human

  29. Huw chardon says:

    All a a masonic lie. Wake up people.

  30. Xan3119 says:

    All of your feathery dinosaur finds are hoaxes and they've all been disputed by several scientific papers I stopped watching this at 50 seconds in

  31. Springscrap 8593 says:

    WOW Blocko: you still probably shouldn’t keep these raptors as pets blocko who’s a good boy

  32. Springscrap 8593 says:

    Blocko scientist have found NOT FOSSILIZED TREX MEAT!!!! VERY AWSOME DNA 🧬 AND MORE

  33. JTV says:

    I don't believe this not real

  34. Aashi Maurya says:


  35. Grady Godzilla says:

    Oh really they quack HA HA nice lie

  36. Tyrannic Productions says:

    And yes they did roar!

  37. Hour Earth says:

    Yeah it was a sad time

  38. Hour Earth says:

    It hurt really bad the astroid hurt really bad and left me a Crater which is my version of a scar

  39. flashnite gaming says:

    ¬_¬ no really dinos thay have huge roar

  40. MrMinhYeet says:

    r e x y
    i s
    f e m a l e

  41. CarnoWild dino says:

    Do you think that a dinosaur would quak like a duck really a creature with rows on of sharp teeth a really big would quak like a duck well that is tottaly wrong and all dinosaurus dident have feathers like carnotaurus allosaurus and ceratosaurus dident have feathers and they are not the only dinosaurus that dont have feathers get some information before making some dinosauru videos

  42. Cartoon Master says:

    Wow…..so my childhood (and actually my life watching TV and videos until this moment) was a TOTAL lie….😢

  43. Velkaan Dajruch says:

    I all ready know all this, but still is a nice vid, thnks blocko!

  44. Samuel David Sarmiento says:

    LOL a big chicken

  45. B e h e m o t h says:

    The earth is not round

  46. charizard gamer says:

    only some dinosaurs had feathers and the t.rex was not one of them

  47. IamOmegaplay says:

    The reason why velociraptors had no feathers and it was bigger is because a genetical mess up occurred

  48. Mashed Potatoes says:

    wHo’S a gOoD BiG cHicKen sCarY BoY

  49. Valarie Fandel says:

    The starting hey dAir 😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂

  50. The Noobs Dudes :D says:

    Me: OMG A DINO!
    Trex: q u a k

  51. SUPRIzE! says:

    People are really dumb. You can't get a ton of information just because of a stupid skeleton!

  52. Tamerk7 noob says:

    That feather T. rex looks like a sheep

  53. XaeeD says:

    There's no real evidence to support the idea that Dinosaurs were already on the decline. That's just a dated theory, based on misinterpreting the fossil record. The lack of fossils in certain strata could be because of a wide range of reasons. And there are many (sometimes very long) intervals during the Mesozoic, in which fossils are very rare. Here's a link to a YT channel that uploads great lectures on everything from dinosaurs to mammals, insects, and sharks, extinct and extant: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaraga_Hn9iXkE79K2qDXxg/videos – they have a lecture on the topic that I just discussed, but I'm not sure which one it is, as there are quite a lot on there. Anyway, if you want some real information on dinosaurs, then go there, as these are all experts in their fields, discussing actual findings and evidences. Highly recommended.

    Recently, fossils of aquatic organisms have been discovered in North America that show direct evidence of the meteor impact. Fish with meteoric ashes in their gills, dinosaur footprints in those same ashes. It's quite a unique find. Also, interestingly enough, there seems to be some evidence of dinosaurs actually surviving the major extinction event, in places like New Zealand. There, fossils are known from strata after the KT event. They didn't survive for very long, however, and would eventually join the rest of the dinosaurs.

    For as far as I know, there's no empirical evidence that Tyrannosaurus rex was feathered. It's a logical assumption, but there isn't actually any evidence for it. On the other hand, we do know of Tyrannosaurus skin impressions, and they lacked feathers. They had tiny scales, but the skin appeared to be relatively smooth. Other Tyrannosaurids did have feathers (Yutyrannus for example), and sure, you can argue that T. rex babies probably hatched with feathers, but again; as of yet, there's no "ground truth" for that.

    Concerning Jurassic Park, I always just shake my head when people criticize the movie and point out 'inaccuracies'. Go read the novels, the 'inaccuracies' are part of the story. In the books, it is mentioned that Tyrannosaurus rex had excellent vision, but the Rex they manufactured had these weird issues, and there were other dinosaurs in the park that could only see moving objects. JP is not supposed to be accurate. In the first book, Wu, that scientist who created the dinosaurs, argues with Hammond about how fast or slow the animals should be. Hammond wants realistic animals; moving as they did while alive, but Wu wants to genetically alter them and turn them into slow, sluggish moving behemoths, because Wu thinks that's what the public expects to see, and so he wants to shape and mold these creatures according to popular belief and expectations. They are manufactured in giant factories. In the first book, and this is also shown in the first movie; Wu takes the visitors on a tour, showing them how the dinosaurs hatch from their eggs, and it's all super nice and neat, but then in the second book, when they go to the other island; they find that this is where they used to test these creatures. They made hundreds of deformed dinosaurs before ever getting a properly functioning one, and even then; the ones that did survive had all sorts of problems. They're not 100% dinosaurs; they are genetic abominations. So accuracy in JP movies… is kinda missing the entire point of the movie. Read the novels if you're a fan of the films, they're excellent.

  54. Valarie Fandel says:

    Watch out a 🦖 qwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack that’s not scary

  55. Justwantahover says:

    JP could have used deinosuchus, it was nearly human size, and utahraptor wasn't discovered when they made JP. Utahraptor was just a bit bigger than a human (about the size of the JP raptors).

  56. Gregory Ritchey says:


  57. EpicPro1 says:

    My favs are the velociraptor utahraptor and Rexy boy

  58. Oofer Gaming says:

    I new more then half of this but not all

  59. Brody Wegner says:

    Raptors are 3 feet tall

  60. Pokeanopolis Pokémon says:

    This is stupid

  61. Icy Fox says:

    I knew everything about dinosaurs already

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  63. ross for life says:

    They could have the cutest patterns

  64. Austin Krausman says:

    Those are called copies rappers are not tall as humans but raptors told us they’re not puppies their separate him

  65. jaylee young says:

    clever girl

  66. Kalan Saunders says:

    There is 1 more featured dinosaurs.it is still alive.it lives in Australia 🇦🇺.my country

  67. trookle says:

    What’s up both of the dinosaurs a lot actually locks or dirt something that wil

  68. Sarek Simpson says:

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  69. Martijn Dingenouts says:

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  70. Deanie Oneal says:

    are you even chistrin

  71. GoodGachaGamer37 says:

    I KNEW IT!
    Always in Elementary School they said how an asteroid wiped out the asteroid but how some thought it was a volcano
    Even in elementary I was skeptical about that and came to the conclusion of both, my theory has been PROVEN!!!!

  72. Kailey_ OpalCat says:

    throws a treat for the T-Rex
    Who’s a good boy!!!

  73. Reina Gonzalez says:

    Hey in jurassic park the dinosaurs are clones and have frog dna.

  74. The Master Of Glitches says:

    When I pictured rexy in my mind he died :c

  75. Facts and theories With George says:

    Someone understands me

  76. Peggy Owen says:


  77. · mystical · says:

    Do u think dinosaurs lived in Antarctica

  78. Mason Pyne says:

    At 1:03 it looks like a sheep with sharp teeth… nothing suspicious about that

  79. Whanos says:

    How do we even know if there was dinosaurs? I need a proof

  80. Khan Bhai says:


  81. The coolest Doctor says:

    2017: uhhh no
    2018: nope

  82. J Y says:

    Not all dinosaurs have feathers!

  83. Curtis Lin says:

    What if the all T.rex survived and evolved into ugly chickens?

  84. Walking With The Lads says:

    We be giving hate to Jurassic Park for being inaccurate, but it’s one of the first movies to show dinosaurs in their correct positions

  85. Andrew J. Williams says:

    Gallisaurotyrannus Americanis?? Chicken Lizard Tyrant of America That What it Means..

  86. J Y says:

    I don't like your facts!!!!!!!!!RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Kevin The Sheep says:

    i actually did imagine trex with feathers lmao

  88. The gaming dog says:

    Utahraptors are 6 feet

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    They did not die because of the meteor ice age or floods they were thanos snapped

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    I knew most of these the raptor i kinda new

  93. m4rlo says:

    I thought that dinosaurs was dinosaurs that was the only thing i knew i guess im wrong

    Life lesson: dinosaurs arent dinosaurs

    (Its a joke)

  94. Jan Gabriel Suzon says:

    Im surprised he did not name this 'everything jurassic park has gotten wrong'

  95. zeynep arslan says:


  96. Rosa Davila says:

    Dinosaurs evolved into my lil birdie friends.

  97. Ferina Rindhi K says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He tried to pet the t-recc

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    Good title everything you know about dinosaurs is wrong especially 3they never existed mot real no such thing

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