Every Rolex Tells A Story – Tiger Woods

Every Rolex Tells A Story – Tiger Woods

My ultimate achievement
in the sport is I think winning four
majors in a row. No one in the world has ownership of all four trophies and so I’d be the first person ever
to do that in the modern era, is very special and probably
my greatest accomplishment. I think my definition of success certainly has changed
and evolved over the years. A successful life is just being happy. I grew up in southern California so I grew up in the Pacific surfing. If I’m not playing golf I want to be in the ocean. I dive all the time. It’s just a natural fit to have a watch that says Deepsea, when I’m always in the ocean. My watch is not just a timepiece,
it goes everywhere with me. It’s been part of wins, losses, adventures, with my kids,
individual adventures and so for this to be
all encompassing and to fit so many
different roles, it’s just perfect. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

Randy Schultz

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