Every Dinosaur In ‘Jurassic Park’ Series Explained | WIRED

Every Dinosaur In ‘Jurassic Park’ Series Explained | WIRED

Randy Schultz

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33 thoughts on “Every Dinosaur In ‘Jurassic Park’ Series Explained | WIRED

  1. Ryanhydrake says:

    Why did i think parasauralophus was paralophasaurus

  2. cody allsup says:

    if they make dinosaurs PLEASE do not put feathers on them

  3. syvhne says:

    His kinda cute 😉

  4. Jerome FitzRoy says:

    But he didn't say if he's a palaeontologist!

  5. Carimbo575 says:

    The best thing these films have done was to instigate so many children to study Biology, Science and Paleontology. The mistakes made were not such a big deal compared to the amount of researchers that they helped to create.

  6. raven roth says:

    Ankylosaurus and spinosaurus are my favourites

  7. Sir Owigo says:

    Did anybody got all those names?

  8. Roxanne Fitzwilliam says:

    i wish this video was about three times as long so i could listen to this guy talk about dinosaurs more

  9. Eric Jay says:

    AWESOME! ?

  10. ashjade says:


  11. Mab Starsurge says:

    Please do a video series of each dinosaur in depth. Paaaahhhleeeease.

  12. Kinda Gamer Mom says:

    Ross. ?

  13. Diego Moreno says:

    Report of the week?

  14. Kronikman07 says:

    dang, his bottom jaw goin wild at 4:56

  15. Fresh Beginnings says:

    I do not for the life of me understand why he did not classify the Mososaurus correctly, it was a marine reptile. He classified the Pteranodons as reptiles correctly.

  16. Unded Meowth says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t talk about how Spinosaurus is now widely thought to be quadrupedal

  17. Phillip Honeysett says:

    Loved the 1 st orig movie n top 1 and if bought back extinction or breath wats left

  18. intergalacdab says:

    u think his kids watch dinosaur train

  19. Zakir Anderson says:

    Just imagine mixing this guys genomes with Dr Wu, the ultimate dino guy.

  20. Tommy Hallum says:

    I've got a fever and the only perscription is more RAPTOR!

  21. Michael Downing says:

    Can’t stop looking at the jaw

  22. MortalKAkatsuki96 says:

    I have a Bachelor's in Paleontology going towards a Ph.D and I can confirm I am one of those kids that loved dinosaurs ever since I popped out of the womb lmao
    I'm also going to volunteer at the Dino Institute at the Natural History Museum, so perhaps I'll see him there?? This video is really inspiring though, I can't wait until I actually get my dream job in this stuff!! <3

  23. GG Gaming says:

    I'm pretty sure he missed dimorphodon in jurrastic world

  24. HiroXV GAMING says:

    His jaw is moving side ways while speaking. ?

  25. Douglas Bossler says:

    Isn’t this the guy that would talk after the show dinosaur train was over

  26. One True Morty says:

    I can't unsee how his jaw moves side ways as he talks.

  27. Elliott Sardo Infirri says:

    I cant believe you put those 2 monsters on a DINOSAUR list

  28. ᔕEᖇEᑎᗪIᑭITY says:


  29. bleachiniac says:

    He rarely blinked his eyes..That's amazing!?

  30. Sammy Rebbo says:

    What? How do you have a 14 minute video about the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies and then have both the Velociraptor and T-Rex in the first two minutes? Those two should have been the last two talked about!

  31. spitfire4sergi says:

    Jurassic Park is to Paleontology as Top Gun is to the Navy.. recruitment through the roof!

  32. Manav Jethva says:

    He has a lisp

  33. Jozee Moss says:

    I don't think I have ever seen anybody pronounce they're S's like that.

  34. Chuka Amur says:

    Did he just said Ross Geller

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