[Music playing] Hi guys, it’s been raining like mad for the past week and it’s really cold! It’s so cold We can’t go anywhere and Sam can’t stand staying inside anymore. He absolutely can’t! Owww! What do you think that is? I guess the roof wasn’t fixed properly. You know what? I’ve had enough. I’ll stop this natural outrage! Errr, but how Sam? One Tibidabo monk secretly told me about an ancient magical ritual for good weather. But I’m going to need your help! Whoo. I’m intrigued! A phoenix feather from its tail. Where did you get a phoenix feather? It…Me…Hey what happens in Arizona, stays in Arizona! Sounds serious. What’s next? An earth worm? I’m from under the porch. Another one to keep the first one company. What should I do Sam? You should clean the space for the ritual! Guys, do you think it’s possible to control the weather? Comment below. Sam do you really think this can help? I jus tknow it! You, the slime of the 21st century, believes in superstitions? What’s that? It’s our neighbor’s wrench. Annnd, part of his lawn mower. What?! Ooooh, where’s the dragon’s egg? In fairy tales, as far as I know. We don’t have a dragon egg?! How is that even possible?! Well, I guess I’ll have to lay one, if it’s for the ritual. Of course, you’ll have to. Go on Did you hear it, guys? It’s almost like she’s not happy to do me favor! What, Sue? What did you say? Oh Wait! What do you mean lay one? It’s a metaphor. Of course, I’m not actually laying it, silly! Oh I thought that you’d really lay an egg. No, I’ll make it. Ooooh, cool! I promise, the egg will be jst like the real thing. I’ll need… a styrofoam egg… drawing pins… Some styrofoam… And also some nail polish! I can see that nail polish. It’s pink again. What’s wrong with that? People think you don’t have any other color but pink! Oh, I thought you liked pink. [Singing] I don’t like it, I love, love, love it, oh, oh! Ooooo! Which color then? Blue! One of your favorites. Oh that’s really better because scales are blue. Duh! Amateur! Let’s start with the scales for the egg. First I’ll stick the pins into the styrofoam block… to make them easier to paint. I almost forgot Mr. Brownies’ toy taken by force. Sam! Out with it! What is this ritual Tibidabo natives carried it out thousands years ago, when cucumbers didn’t grow well. They made sacrifices…[gasp] Whoa, is that a chocolate?! Yes, my chocolate! Sharing is caring! [Music playing] Hmm, I wonder if there’s a baby dragon inside? Roar! I need to rescue it! And these pins will complete the composition. Do, do, do… Sam, where are you going? Me? Humph, um, nowhere. And what’s that? Uh, sometimes the best way to answer a question… is to ruuuuuuuunnnnn! Baby dragon, I’m coming! Aiming….! Oh, this side’s better. No, this one! Argh! Oh well. Raaaaawww! Let’s move to painting pins with the base color. This is a real exercise in patience. [Music playing] Oh what happened there Sam! You broke the egg?! Yeah Why? I thought there was a dragon in there. I wanted to rescue it. Some rescuer. Yes, I’m very mecirful Where will I get the egg now, oh mecirful Sam? Just a moment! I’m scared to even imagine what he’s up to. Oh well, I’ll cover the pins with another layer. It’ll be glitter Guys, do you think a real dragon egg would look like this or differently? Comment below. Still painting? No need to hurry. Actually, I’m done. I just need to allow them to dry for a bit. For a bit is how long exactly? About 30 minutes, I guess? Okay! The pins are dry and it’s time to assemble the egg. Wait, wait! Here’s an egg. Oh, it’s a chicken egg. Uh, oopsy. I have to clean up after you again. Show some care. More care than I already show? Can’t you do more? What a silly question Sam. Fine, I found another styrofoam egg Oh, why so angry then?! No reason! First, we’ll push this pin into the base of the egg like this. Sam’s reporting…Pudding no dragons found in a chicken egg. What a surprise! if there is nobody else to rescue, I’m off to rehearse my ritual dance. Go on. [Singing] Perfect. Are you done yet? Are you? When? Sam, wait! Slow down! Oh, come on, I’m starting to forget the words. And these clothes tickle when I dance! And done, Sammy! Oh….my….feta! What’s the matter? I got scared. It’s like the real thing. Give it here, Sue. You’re a real magician. Guys, if you like this dragon egg, give a thumbs up and send us videos if you make something similar. Bye Bye, see you soon! Oh, and look out of the window in an hour, there won’t be any rain! [Singing]

Randy Schultz

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