– [Man] Brian just picked
some of these up, ow! Ow, they’re a little feisty, ow! – We are off to the Vatican. I think we’re gonna go
meet the Pope, right? – Yeah. (mellow upbeat music) Hey, good morning, everybody and welcome the the
vlog and welcome to Rome and that’s right, this is
the view from our balcony, the Pantheon right there. We are gonna have some adventures today and just see as much of
Rome as we possibly can. We’ll also be checking
back in with the crew and see how things are going over there. I hope the start of your
day is absolutely amazing, I know ours is gonna be breathtaking. If I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I really don’t know that
much about Roman history, but I just think it’s absolutely amazing, this is the Pantheon, wow, incredible. Of course, we’re staying right there, on that balcony up there,
that’s where our room is. How awesome is that? It’s ridiculous, let’s go
inside and check this out. (mellow upbeat music) Do you have any idea
what this was used for? – Well, it obviously looks religious. – Yeah. Yeah, I should probably read something, it’s absolutely gorgeous though. Look at this. I don’t know about you,
Lori, but we’ve been in Rome for like an hour and I
already love this place, I mean, look at the streets,
isn’t it freaking awesome? – It is. It is. – Man, things sure are different without Lori and Brian here, but you know, I’m still gonna show you
guys some cool snakes. We’re just cleaning up, kind of just keeping the ship running, you know, while the captains are gone. But check this one out here, what have we got here? I just don’t feel like
I show these off enough, this is a gray-band,
look at that thing, man, these are sweet and they come in a lot of different kind of variations, I don’t know if they’re
related to the Mex, Mexers or what their deal is, but
these guys are really cool. You see that little red
pattern on the front. Man, look at that corn right there, I don’t even know what kind this is, but it looks pretty sweet. We’ve got a lot of these
corns we’re raising up, that we don’t have adults now, it’s gonna be an awesome
breeding season here pretty soon. I can’t wait to show you guys. Brian just picked some of these up, ow! Ow, they’re a little feisty, ow! But they are super cool,
bamboo rats I think and there’s a lot of different patterns, we also have one with
a black stripe pattern going down the back and then
almost looks like a copperhead or something out of the
wild, you know what I mean? They’re pretty sweet, but
these guys are a little feisty, can’t wait to breed ’em,
let me tell you why. Cannot forget the hognose,
I’m really excited, we have a lot of really cool
hognose coming up right now, I just absolutely love these
little shovel-faced guys, look at that, this one,
it says it’s a normal, but it’s a lot redder than
the other ones we have, so we’ll see what happens. – So the idea is we’re trying to make it to the Trevi Fountain and supposedly, if you throw a coin
into the Trevi Fountain, that means you’ll return to Rome, so we’ve gotta throw a coin in. – Well, I’m returning regardless, so. – It’s so crazy, ’cause
there’s like stuff like this, I don’t even know what it is,
but it’s freaking awesome, I mean, this is like Roman, I mean, this is thousands of years old, this is crazy. (laughing) (background chattering) Here it is, Lori, are you
gonna throw your coin in? – I don’t have a coin. – [Brian] That means you’re coming back. – Oh yeah, I’m coming back. (mellow upbeat music) – And I realize that
this isn’t an animal vlog and the truth is I could
either have skipped today or I could bring you guys
along on the journey. Again, I think that we’re
just having a good time kind of enjoying Rome and just
seeing all the cool things like the Coliseum, which
is one of the things, that I’m really, really excited about, so let me know in the
comments if you guys are okay with this vlog or not.
– Look at that. – Oh, take a look at that. – So we are finishing up
our first official week of the 2019 breeding season here at BHB. I’m really excited about a lot
of our pairings this season. I’m already seeing a lot of copulations, the males are wasting no time and they’re locking up like crazy. Right now, I’m just pairing
and once Brian gets back, we are going to start ultra sounding and tracking our females follicle growth, so in the meantime,
I’m just rotating males and making sure that they’ve
got their tags on their togs, I’m gonna be marking any locks that I see on their breeding cards and then that’s where I’m
gonna be keeping track of their follicle growth
throughout the season. Oh, look, we’ve got a lock right there. This guy’s a really great breeder, he does excellent work for
me, I’m very proud of him. – I tell you what, this has been a place that I’ve dreamt about
visiting for all my life, this is amazing. (mellow upbeat music) So we’re actually in the Coliseum, I mean, this is crazy to me, I mean, there’s been a
few things in my life that have kind of awed me, when we went to the Great
Wall in China, it was amazing. – Yeah.
– Now the Coliseum, I mean, wow, this is absolutely insane, I mean, just to think all of
that kind of legend and lore that we’ve heard about our whole life and now here it is right behind me, I mean, how awesome is that? – This is really one of those times, where literally film doesn’t
equate to the experience, I mean, I am in awe and I just can’t believe how
absolutely amazing this is, I mean, just could you
imagine back in the day, when there were 77,000 people in here and the gladiators were
right here on this level, oh, my gosh, it’s so cool. If you see down there, the tunnel, this was actually the main level here and then the tunnels
were actually underneath and that’s where they kept
the animals and gladiators and then there were
all these lift systems, they’d come on to that
main level right here, where the actual fights were, I mean, this is freaking awesome. The weather has cooled off a little bit, so you’ll get the rare chance
to see me in a big coat. It’s not too bad, it’s supposed to rain a little bit later too, but
we are off to the Vatican. This should be interesting, I think we’re gonna go
meet the Pope, right? – Yeah. – No, maybe, maybe, maybe. (mellow upbeat music) So we’ve made it to the Vatican now, we’re in one of the courtyards right now. This place is absolutely massive, I think we’re gonna be
able to see everything, the only thing we can’t film
is the Sistine Chapel, right, which by the way, I used to think it was called the Sixteenth Chapel, but it’s actually the Sistine Chapel, you know Americans, we
don’t know how it goes, but I guess we can’t video there, but maybe we can sneak
a couple of pictures? – We’ll see. – We’ll probably get kicked out though, the Pope will come kick us out. But this place is crazy. (mellow upbeat music) This is like the original snakebites crew like way back in the day. See, he’s getting bit, he’d be on YouTube. – You know what, I think
it’s a younger Chewy. – It’s a younger Chewy. (mellow upbeat music) Just leaving the Vatican, we’re actually in St.
Peter’s Square right now. That was absolutely incredible, and I know some of you are thinking, Brian, I watch you for animal stuff, tomorrow we’re traveling to Milan, we’re gonna visit my buddy,
Gabe’s reptile collection and then the next day’s the Reptile Show, so just hang tight with us here, we’re doing some good times, but that Vatican was awesome, wasn’t it? – Oh, my God, it was amazing. – And what do you think about the fact that I filmed a little
bit in Sistine Chapel? – Who’s surprised? – The camera accidentally,
accidentally filmed, it wasn’t even me, it wasn’t me. (mellow upbeat music) I always try to inspire you guys to follow your dreams
and do amazing things, but I also wanna inspire
you guys to travel, if at all possible. I know sometimes you can’t afford it and I totally get it, if you can’t, but rather than buying something material, definitely spend the money on travel, because it grows you so much as a person and seeing things like this,
that’s a lifelong thing, I’m gonna remember this trip forever. We just barely got here and still, it’s been one of the most
amazing experiences of my life. This is something I was
definitely waiting for, pizza in Italy, this is
where you wanna get pizza. I am excited, are you excited? – Oh, I’m so excited. (laughing) – One of the things that Lori
and I do every time we travel is end up just like walking around to the real neighborhoods
and stuff like that. Here we are down this like crazy street, we don’t know what’s going on, most of the shops are closed right now, but again, this is the way
you kind of see things, you know, try to get off the beaten track and just see what you can adventure, this is where the true
experiences are in my opinion. (mellow upbeat music) We’ve been on a mission for the last hour or so walking around, Lori’s family is Italian
and they make cannolis, homemade cannolis and you wanted to see what they’re like actually here. – Of course, why wouldn’t you
go to Italy to try cannolis? – And guess what, we found ’em! Oh, my gosh, look at these big things, oh, my gosh, they’re so huge. Alright, let’s go try ’em. And we are back to our
hotel on our balcony about ready to try the cannolis. Go ahead,
– Alright. – let me know what you think. Oh, they’re very lemony.
– Mm. – Oh, you got the Nutella. How’s that one? – It’s Nutella, it’s not gonna be bad. – Well, I like the lemon too,
well, we’re gonna try ’em all and I think we just–
– We got all of ’em. – Now we’re just gonna
eat all the cannolis, when you’re in Italy, you eat cannolis. And with the Pantheon
in the background, guys, I am gonna wrap this vlog up with Rome. Thank you for those of you
that stuck through the vlog, even though it didn’t have
anything to do with animals, we had an absolute blast in Rome and are gonna be heading to Milan to go check out some reptiles
and do the Reptile Show, so it’s gonna be an absolute banger and as for now, I am gonna
wish you guys an amazing day, evening, whenever you
happen to be watching. Your support means the world to me and I love you guys so much. Do me a couple of favors
before we get out of here, can you smash that like button, turn those post notifications on, so you know when I upload a video. Make a comment down below, let me know what you think about our adventure so far, we still have more to come. Be kind to someone and I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (mellow upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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