– Whoa, there we go Sunrise. Good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. Of course my girl Sunrise
is eating and you know we have done a lot of
feeding videos in the past, but I thought that I would not only do a feeding video, but maybe
take you guys through our process because when
we’re feeding snakes like Sunrise here, we wanted
to do some kind of cool shots, from different angles,
different things like that. I figured I would just share
what we’re thinking behind it show you some of our
crazy kinda camera angles and stuff like that. In
the meantime we’re going to feed some amazing snakes
here at the Repterium. I hope the start of your day
is absolutely incredible. Of course we love to do time lapses and actually Jay has a G7X Mark II right here its a Canon camera, we
like to shoot one frame every three seconds for a
time-lapse for bigger snakes like this and one frame every two seconds with smaller snakes to get
that kind of really cool time lapsey feeling.
So we’re gonna go ahead now that she has started
we’re just gonna set the angle up here and were
gonna just let it roll and it might take anywhere
from 15 or 20 minutes. The downside to doing
this is a lot of times you have to sit and watch them eat because if they move out of frame,
you lose your time lapse right so the process of actually
feeding snakes like Sunrise here, although in
most cases I might feed and just go on to the next snake, this might take me 10
or 15 minutes just to watch her eat this to make sure
I’ve got a cool time lapse. [Funky Upbeat Music] Next up we’re gonna see
if Casper my boy eats over here, and you can
notice Jay is actually shooting with an EOSR Canon,
shooting with an 11 to 24 lense, nice wide angle
at 120 frames a second. Just to get a second angle on us here so I’m going to go ahead and just see if Casper wants to eat for us. C’mon bud, come on eat. There he goes, right like that. Now he didn’t take the rat really good the one thing you’re gonna have to notice is if they don’t hit it right on the head often times they’ll let go and they’ll have to start over again, so no sense in starting a time-lapse
when he’s gonna let go. So we’ll have to just kinda watch him when he finally lets go, gets the head then we’ll start the time-lapse. Its interesting, I never see the Children’s python down like this, ever. He’s always up in these rocks over here so it’s going to be interesting to see how it actually eats, it might just be looking for food, I’m not sure. C’mon buddy, sometimes you have to tease feed these just a little
bit to get them to take food. [Squeak Toy Noise] And then after all that
teasing it literally just takes it off the tongs like nothing. That’s the interesting about snakes is that, you have to be
patient figure out what they want, this Children’s
python was definitely a silly little monkey,
but I’m glad it finally took food, what a weird little animal. I definitely like a lot
of interesting angles so sometimes I’ll use a
GoPro or an action cam on the end of forceps
just so that I can get kind of that point of
view of what it’s like to go in and feed, so we’re gonna go ahead and feed Pickles, the Green tree python. Let’s see if she wants to eat. Just like that. So again, more angles more
interesting shots the better. [Upbeat Funky Music Continues] I’m gonna be honest with you, I am super excited to be back to
kind of building some things and by the way we have some
pretty big builds coming up, I’m not gonna lie to you.
But more on that later. I do actually have to
replace this cage here and that’s gonna require a bunch of things because the enclosure
is going to be more like this where it’s front loaded like this so I’m going to actually have to break a little bit of this out,
remove all of this to able to get in here and
then the Woma python, that’s an absolutely
gorgeous snake right there, can start coming out because right now it’s just hard, again
you have to go behind the scenes, you have to
reach down that thing to pull it out so it’s
absolutely impossible. I am super excited with the
way these guys are looking can’t wait to finish them off,
get the alligators out here full time, it’s going
to be so cool to have them kinda always right here and not tucked away in back so we
can mess with them even more than we do now, so regardless
let me know what you guys like do you like build outs?
Because trust me, we have some pretty massive things coming
up over the next few months. And you guys know that
I love feeding snakes. Next up is Peaches, the
Honduran milk snake. C’mon Peaches. There she is! (laughs) She is definitely a little monster too. And it’s a great snake, that’s
the thing that’s so amazing about the animals here at the
Repterium, is there is super aggressive feeders just like Peaches here, but they’re really tame
when they’re not being fed, that’s super important,
but I hope that you guys are learning a little bit
about how we do things here when we’re feeding,
let me know in the comments which angles you guys like best,
what else you’d like to see more of, maybe a little less
of, just let me know down in the comments what you’re thinking. Next up is Ivy, I love feeding
this girl she’s so energetic and sometimes again, I’ll
just put a GoPro or action cam on a Monopod. You know, this
thing is nice when you’re trying to get cool shots
is that a GoPro now or an action cam is relatively inexpensive and a Monopod is like 10 or 15 bucks. So you can get some really
cool shots by just going really close to it as you’re offering the foods. So let’s go ahead and give this a shot. Whoa! (exclaims) I’ll tell you what the
power of that animal is ridiculous! I don’t ever
wanna be at the biting end of that animal for sure. Did you see the power of her striking? (exclaims) That was insane. Lori, I have a little bit
of a bone to pick with you cause you click baited me yesterday. – [Lori] What? – [Brian] You click baited me yesterday! – I don’t even understand. – So the deal was,
yesterday before I left, I had a late night, I wasn’t
gonna get home til like 8:30 you left I don’t know 4:30
or something like that. You said you were picking
up steaks for dinner so you click baited me! (Lori Laughs) So the rest of the time I was like Oh I’m gonna go home and
I’m gonna eat some steaks for dinner tonight!
– There was not – I get home at 8:30
– There was not a click bait, I bought the steaks and I left them at work in the fridge (laughs) – You click baited me! I was
home, I was smiling ear to ear thinking I’m getting me
some steaks and I get home and I got tacos. – You’re not nearly as mad as I was when I realized that I forgot them. – Well, stop click baiting me.
– Shut up! (laughs) – Stop it. So we get steak tonight? – Listen, it made you come home, right? – Yeah, that’s it. That’s
true. (Lori laughs) The tacos were good too, but
she still click baited me. Next up is my girl Honey. Definitely looks like she’s ready to go. [Air Striking Sound] Whew! There she is. Here you go, sweetie. There it is, good job Hon. Way to go. Let me know down in the comments
if you guys keep snakes. What’s your favorite
snake to feed or is there a dream snake that you really want to feed and just tell me about
it I mean, what it is. For me, probably Anacondas
are like that dream animal when it comes to
non-venomous snakes feeding. Cause they are just different
next level type animals. [Funky Upbeat Music continues] [Squeak Noise] [Funky Upbeat Music Continues] I love the fact that Night
Fury has graduated to rabbits definitely starting to get
big. Where you at buddy? Where you at? C’mon,
c’mon. Oh! Here he comes. Oh look at him! Ah there you go, buddy! There we go! I’ll tell you
what, as he’s getting bigger just more and more beautiful.
What a gorgeous snake, huh? (laughs) Loves To Nip, I love this snake. And it’s really calming
down to be honest with you. It used to be absolutely crazy. Now, its actually relatively
good when it comes to biting to be totally honest with
ya. C’mon little girl. (Exclaims) Ah! There ya go! Look at you! Absolutely wonderful and
like I said this animal lived up to its name loved to nip before. Now its actually pretty
tame. It’ll strike sometimes when its in its cage, but
once you get up, dog-tame. Again, everything around the Repterium is just getting tamer and tamer. Lets see if Jeffrey wants to eat. Just starting to go into shed,
so he may or may not eat. You want to try, bud? You want to try? Oh gosh! Whew! I’ll tell you what I wasn’t prepared for
that. It kind of got me, I was holding it like
really close thinking it wasn’t gonna strike
and oh, oh yeah, he was, he was still ready to eat. Mr. Nubbins, the Dominican
Red Mountain Boa is always usually pretty good about eating. Here we go and I love the
way that these guys actually pose like that where they’ll get up there and they’ll just crush it. Definitely, you can see that
these guys will eat a lot of birds and bats in the wild
just by the way they perch on a rock like that and will
come out and just ready for it. These again are the ones
that sit in cave openings and just wait for bats
to come out at night and just start picking bats off. One of the coolest
little animals for sure. Like I mentioned before, this
is an exercise in patience you can see Honey has
just finished up her rat. We’re time lapsing over
here and kind of gotta keep an eye on the time lapse.
Over here, we have Ivy just getting ready to take
her rabbit right there with a time lapse ready to go. So, its kinda like hurry
up and wait, right? You feed, and then you sit around you wait for them to get
done before you can move on. So, even though this might
be a 15 minute feed video, the truth is we spend
hours and hours of time trying to get the coolest
shots. I hope that you enjoy it. This is my Hypo Brazilian Rainbow boa and I’ll be honest with you
guys, we had disaster here when it came to Rainbow
boas. He was supposed to be my stud male and he
didn’t do a very good job of breeding this year at
all. We had infertile slugs, we had dead babies, we
didn’t produce even one good Rainbow boa, Columbian
or Brazilian this year. And typically we have
a lot. I mean last year like 150 Columbian
Rainbow Boas and a bunch of Brazilians, we had a
disaster year this year. But that just goes to show
you, even with the fact that we had a great Colubridae year, a great Ball python year and other pythons and a bunch of other boas like Sand boas. It always seems to be that
way. It’s hard to put together a season where you have
everything going great. You know? So sure enough this year we
missed out on our Rainbows and I think what happened is
we bred about three weeks later than we usually do and that
window may just have closed I’m not gonna lie to you so
this year we’re gonna try to get back on track,
stay on our schedule, and make sure that mister stud,
Hypo Brazilian Rainbow boa has the best chance of hopefully producing and that’s just the way it
goes when you’re breeding reptiles you know? Sometimes
you have good years sometimes you don’t. This
year was a big disappointment for Brazilian Rainbows. [Upbeat Funky Music Continues] My girl Perdida actually
missed a meal last week cause she was in shed so I
think she’s gonna be pretty ready to eat and you can
see she smells that food. And that’s the thing
that’s amazing about snakes is that they know when its coming they can smell it in the air and
they just completely change their mannerism. Here
we go baby, here we go. There we go! Oh, there perfect hit! And that’s what you really
want. You know, when they can hit it right in the
nose, you know they’re gonna eat good, if not they let it go and they search around for it, but regardless she
definitely needed a meal after shedding last
week and skipping a meal so, I know she’s happy and
she is unbelievably gorgeous. Its a relatively small meal for Daisy, but I don’t have any real
big rabbits thawed out so I’m just gonna see if she
wants a little small rabbit and it would be a nice
little meal for her. C’mon little girl. Oh! There she goes! Whew, she took a second where she was like I’m not sure if she’s gonna eat, but then she definitely
crushed that rabbit. Again not a big rabbit for her, but we’ll give her a couple small ones which will suffice for the week. The thing I love about
Maize is this enclosure of his right here and the
fact that he just stays right in that little hole right there It’s so cool because
again when I made this, I literally attached this
to the back of the cork and when I saw this cork at Josh’s garage I was like I wanna make an
enclosure for a Corn snake and maybe he will stay
inside there like, kinda like who you would see in a tree
in the wild with a Corn snake and literally Maizey stays
in there 99% of the time. I think its absolutely
amazing that it was kinda the vision that it might work
and its worked out perfectly. Typically, it doesn’t work that way, but Maize is a super cool animal and his enclosure is so
dope. Definitely excited that this will be the last time
I have to feed the Woma this way. We’ll have front
opening cages next week that we’re gonna put in
so this way I can actually get to her and I can open
up the cage, take her out more often, but then I can
feed her from the front, but as for now I gotta go
back and kinda blindly feed this animal. Never a good thing when you have a snake to blindly feed em’. [Funky Upbeat Music] Crackle is always happy
to eat as a matter of fact if you’re not careful, you
get your fingers too close, it’ll eat your fingers. This
guy is just in food mode all of the time. C’mon,
buddy. C’mon over here. Right over here, don’t get my finger. Don’t get my finger. I
should be using forceps right now, but I’m not because I’m stupid. Oh! There he goes! (laughs)
There’s always that tingle even after tens of thousands,
maybe hundreds of thousands of snakes that I fed.
Still that just before they strike, you get that
little tingle in you like that’s just awesome. I’m
glad I have it after all these years because I still
enjoy feeding snakes so much. [Funky Upbeat Music] [Squeak Toy Noise] There we go, sweetheart. Aw! (Laughs) How cute was that? I love it when sometimes again that
first strike is vicious the second one just like,
they just open their mouth and take it. I love it
when reptiles do that. My theory behind that is that, you know, in their minds they might
think I’ve never seen food before, I may not
see it again because in the wild, they might
not come across food for a long time, but once
they eaten their first meal they kinda calm down they go
alright well I’ve already eaten and then they do it much
slower the second time. Same thing with crocodilians. And another one of those kind
of behind the scenes things you figure when I got a
time lapse, I have to then go in and get it after its done, right? And of course we got Ivy right here. This can be some of the
most dangerous moments to be honest with you is
when you’re going in there cause they’re in feed mode
and your hand is right there so a lot of times ill get bit
and you guys don’t even see it cause its when I’m pulling
a time lapse camera out. [Funky Upbeat Music] Last animal we’re feeding is
the D’Albertis python, Ace. C’mon little monkey. Oh man!
Ace was ready to go for sure. I hope that you guys
enjoyed all of the feeding. I wanna know in the comments
what shot did you like the most, what would you like
to see more of, what would you like to see that we
missed. You know, give me ideas. I wanna make our
feeding videos some of the most awesome YouTube videos
you could ever watch. So let me know down there
and if you did like today, here’s another feeding video right here and here’s an entire
playlist of feeding videos. Over here, can you hit
that subscribe button. While you’re at it can you turn
those post notifications on. Remember to have an
absolutely wonderful day and you better be kind to someone. I promise, Ill see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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    Brian, you said that we don't see you getting bit because your pulling time-lapse camera's out while they are in feeding mode. But, honestly, how often do you get bit removing the camera? And, other than messing with mothers and hatchlings or other breeders you have in the basement, how often do you get bit by the snakes?

  99. Paul North says:

    I have two adolescent male ball pythons that are roughly the same age but not out of the same clutch. I have a BEL that I named Casper and I have his "brother" a Banana Woma named Jasper. Casper is definitely the more exciting feeder whereas Jasper takes some convincing and often won't take the rat/mouse unless he hasn't eaten for some time. I have to leave it in the tank for him and I have to leave the room. Now, some people give me a lot of crap because they both live in the same tank and sleep together in the same cave. When it comes to feeding, Casper is the more aggressive of the two and comes out quickly to get his mouse/rat. Jasper will wait until Casper is eating before he comes out to get his. I don't separate them during feeding and am very careful that they don't fight over their food! Neither are "food" aggressive or "tank" aggressive and neither have ever tried to strike at me. I've been told that all of this is because they have been living together since hatchlings. Any comments are welcome as long as they are constructive and not hateful towards me. I very much want to get a retic python but I don't have the means to care for one at this time so I obviously won't get one as that would be extremely irresponsible!

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