Enrichment for Blue Tongue Skinks – Ep. 8

Enrichment for Blue Tongue Skinks – Ep. 8

You’re watching ReptileMountain.TC Hey guys welcome back to ReptileMountain I’m TC this is Zion one my T positive caramel bluetongue stinks isn’t he beautiful i hope you’re a she actually It hasn’t dropped sprem plugs all the other males have so I really hope this one is a girl I hope you’re a girl Zion does look like mom and dad so that was easy to decipher but anyway this is a Zion and we I want to talk to you he’s going to do nothing and i’m going to talk about the idea of intentional enrichment for your skinks so it is when I was a zookeeper holy moly was the term enrichment a buzz word in fact you could maybe you can even have a conversation with a mammal keeper without the term enrichment getting mentioned probably three times in fact that they didn’t I was worried to keep her except themselves with it because they will just love its enrichment and you’ll see if you go to do you’ll see like an ice cube with toys frozen and or something for the polar bear you’ll see a pumpkin or something floating in the pool for the Tigers you’ll see elephants doing a lot of little different things with their trunks and the keepers working with them to keep their brains going because enrichment and intentionally to the designed to stimulate psychologic psychologically stimulate the animal so that their lives in captivity mimic that of the wild because in awhile animals are constantly taken about survival really for the most part very little very rarely would you think that you go out to the wild and there’s a skink sitting on a rock pondering its own existence however they are going to be rooting around looking for food and that’s where their nature of inquisitiveness comes because of their little scavenger type behavior of rooting through things to discover things to eat and places to be safe and secure and also to avoid predation so enrichment is important now intentional enrichment it is cool and its kinda like icing on the cake for keeping reptiles it’s not necessarily necessary for all that time it may be for some reptiles that you might notice some animals seem to have that behavioral need for more of a psychological stimulation and enrichment and then it does become a need but for the most part they’re probably chill just as is but i like to do a little bit more than than the standard is doesn’t make me better or anything it just makes me do it what it makes me feel good because it’s kind of all about me which I’m just being honest it’s so anyway let’s talk about enrichment one way I enrich my stinks as I will take them out of the enclosure this is the simplest way take them out and let them smell the new smells let them see some new things another way just simply coming into the skink room and like I’m here in the skink room filming this video and there is a skink right now besides this one is getting very much enterteined nd it’s this little guy right here you see that little guy he’s been spying on us the whole time and so he’s actually getting entertained he’s watching a filming how about that and i’m going to later on sign an autograph for him but oh boy was the corny Oh anyway other ways that you can enrich them into with sents, scenting is one of the things we did in the reptile house to do enrichment of course cage rearrangement also enrichment but scenting toys you know there’s any skinks not going to go oh boy I’ve got a toy corn but I went to the dollar store about some toys to replace the old one and you put a little scent on this and this in their cage and then take it out to a different one in each day they’re going to check it out the well that’s me i have a new smell and the new sight another way to do it i got some of the little balls and you can you can take what i do they’ll take that cat food is like a little fatty gel stuff that they seem to love that kind around them and i’ll put that on the inside of this and they’ll sniff it takes his chase it around in their cage and that’s also very enriching cage decor is enriching to an extent but not unless you rearrange it often and I mean often otherwise issues there and it’s another part of their life case size does not equate to enrichment unless we’re talking incredibly large like 20 feet by 20 feet outdoors because a bigger box is just a bigger box it’s what you do inside that box because this little thing they can investigate and see a lot of honestly I see a lot of folks on facebook sake of your son Quinn and make me bigger changing your changing isn’t going to do it for them it’s what you do inside the cage what you put inside the cage and how you change things up how you interact with the animal and what’s new for the AL each day it’s about being you it’s not about sides and so that that’s just one thing I want to play out a large cage sure a huge cage can be new each day inside but these kind of 40 gallon breeder sighs and closures or even a CB 74a v70 tub it can also be new each day it’s what’s new inside the enclosure not necessary the side and let the enclosure so large that the animal can travel and things are new and literally travel because otherwise if this thing can do a lap around the cage in a day it’s got it figured out it’s not new anymore so anyway I wanted to put that out there but in Richmond it is it cool and one of the things about enrichment that i like is that it gives me an opportunity to interact with my speak other than for feeding and cleaning so it is a another fun in an interaction with my animal thanks for watching that mountain TV please like comment subscribe or share

Randy Schultz

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16 thoughts on “Enrichment for Blue Tongue Skinks – Ep. 8

  1. S. Michaels says:

    Great ideas!

  2. scott says:

    finally a blue tongue skink channel!! keep it up man!

  3. brittany holliday says:

    Hello! I just discovered your channel (and love everything about it) and I was wondering if you could explain how to "scent" a toy?

  4. Trevor says:

    I appreciate what you are promoting when it comes to the idea of challenging these animals and the idea of stimulus, however handling your skink is stressful not enriching. Cage furnishings are a great source of stimuli if used properly. I place snail meat in a hollowed out log in my skinks enclosure and in a few other places to allow him to search. I will also put live snails all over to allow him to work out how to get them. Something as simple as fresh bedding is stimulating and more often than not the animal will spend the day burrowing and poking his head up from different spots. Larger enclosures are more enriching. They allow you to create a more challenging environment. Doesn't have to be a huge out door enclosure. My Merauke is in a 6 x 3 x 2.5 enclosure and he will use every inch of the enclosure and furnishings. I found that the hands off approach is much better with these guys. I treat them as I would an iguana or monitor and let them come to me on their terms. My skink spends less time hiding and will often greet me when I enter the room by waiting by the glass doors. If I handle him he hides for a day or so. Creating natural light, and seasonal cycles is enrichment. The plastic toys I question. Chemicals leach into food and plastic breaks down. If your skink manages to ingest some plastic it could be game over. Keep up the good work. Opens to the doors to lots of discussion about keeping these animals at higher standards than what the hobby promotes.

  5. Steph S says:

    Thank you for this! I have been wondering what kinds of things I can do for Cerberus to keep him entertained. I use regular cat toys for my Rankins and these were some great ideas!

  6. Jakob christensen says:

    love this channel

  7. NoxieNation says:

    I have seen youtube channels like Taylor Nicole Dean take let their Blue Tongue Skinks walk around and explore their rooms or sometimes even fences in backyards. Her skink was chasing after a ball when she threw it and seemed to be enjoying itself. is this okay as long as you keep a close watch on the skink?

  8. Paradox Maelstrom says:

    Will you consider new food items to be enriching? Or giving them a shelled egg? However going to try the one with the cat food gel once my eastern wakes up.

  9. Bumblebee Sir says:

    I got my first blue tongued skink! It's birthday is June 15 (2017) and is a northern! Idk it's gender but it's adorable!

  10. Nicole London says:

    Thanks so much for all your detailed and informative videos! I'm planning on getting a blue tongue next breeding season (or hopefully earlier if I can find a good one) and have been doing a lot of research online, and this is definitely a really helpful channel. There's certainly some conflicting information out there, so I appreciate the advice from someone with professional experience.

  11. Julissa Vaca says:

    She is beautiful!!! With an equally beautiful name!!! I love your page. Keep it up

  12. Lance Kirkman says:

    Thank you TC!

  13. R Fatimah Jafri says:

    Your Animals seem to be very laid back. Is this a true feature for most BTS? Do they like to be handled? Currently have s bearded dragon and thinking about another reptile.

  14. OwenFinch says:

    My enclosure is about 60cm by 43cm long with a brick and a hollow log is that good

  15. Roxx Pardus says:

    You mentioned scenting objects, and that sounds like a really interesting idea.
    What kinds of scents could one use and what methods are there for getting the scent on to the object?

  16. Ruff the Golden Retriver says:

    Do your lizards react when you talk with your hands and move them around?

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