[ENG SUB] K타이거즈 제로(K-TIGERS ZERO) 서열 정리 인터뷰 [아이돌 잠금해제]

[ENG SUB] K타이거즈 제로(K-TIGERS ZERO) 서열 정리 인터뷰 [아이돌 잠금해제]

Swipe to Unlock! We are a mixed group of 12 people The boss of performance Strong rookie! Hello, we are K-TIGERS ZERO! [100 seconds relay introduction] Hello, I am Jang Junhee, the leader of K-tigers Zero! Nice to meet you guys! Let me try 2 letter poetry making with my name Jun! Junhee is K-Tigers Zero’s Hee: Heemang~(hope) Wrap it up bro! Hello, I am Kang Kunwoo, maknae with charisma in the team [Charisma maknae seems shy :D] Hello, I am Park Yiseul, responsible for sexy in the team Hello, I am! Ha Sungjin I really don’t know how to do this, I was gunna do it for long time but there are people waiting back there so I dont know Thank you Hello, I am Yoonbboo, Yunji, responsible for main vocalist and rap! Hello, I am Na Taejoo, sexy guy of K-Tigers Zero Did you have lunch guys? Guys ya’ll had lunch? I haven’t had lunch today yet The reason why I am a sexy guy, before I show you my abs, I am thinking about it actually Should I show my abs or not Don’t~ No? But I feel like I have to Because I am Na Taejoo the sexy guy Let’s meet the next person Thank you~ Hello, I am Kangmin Lee from K-Tigers Zero I am responsible for vocal I am cute but sometimes sexy~ Bye~ [Everybody trying to rush now] Hello, I am Taemi! Please take care of your health well! Hello guys, I am Hyungkyun from K-Tigers Zero I am responsible for vocal and good looking in the team Please send lots of love~ Woooaa why is it so close to me Hello I am…. Yoojin lost~ Junhee did it for too long!! [100second interview finished!] Should I introduce myself now? [Only 100 seconds is given for introdcution] [Anger coming up all the way from her stomach] [Swearing by her eyes] [Go Go after getting the punishment?] Hello I am Mindy Junhee! I will talk to you later 🙂 My hair turns red when I get angry [Byun Hyunmin / Red hair: very angry] Firstly, I love Junhee And my name is Hyunmin! nice to see you guys1 [See you later bro^^] Ohhh I was the starter [100 second relay introduction finished!] [Taekwondol!] [Perfect idol of many people] [K-Tigers Zero Hierarchy arrangement interview] [How interview works] [Put your foot up to answer if you think you are the best of the given question] [Only one person of the team gets to have a chance for the interivew] [Unknown tension flowing between the members..] [The member who started taekwondo earlier than any others in the team] [Lee Kangmin] [Park Yiseul] [Byun Hyunmin] [I am the first taekwondo player since the birth] Hello, I am Kangmin Lee from K-Tigers Zero For me, I started Taekwondo when I was 4 When was it..hmmm. I think it was 1997.. 2 years before I was born My mom had a dream of having a child Having a child with red hair playing taekwondo That makes…-2 year old [Hyunmin started taekwondo when he was -2 year old] [Awkward laughter filling the hall…] Oldest uncle, second oldest uncle, third uncle, and my dad, fourth uncle, everybody did taekwondo So my dad sent me to taekwondo gym when I was 7 [Yiseul started taekwondo when she was 7] [The result is?!] [Started taekwondo when he was -2! Hyunmin wins] [K-Tigers Zero’s title song ‘Side Kick’ introduction] I will make it short but strong Like I am DJ Koo did producing for us With strong edm sound It is a song that has our strong hope for the future Killing part is my part [Charisma] [Great job Hyunmin~] [AWWW you did so good] [Let’s have a look!] [Sharp group dance with the synchronized angle] [Taekwondo and EDM? I support this combination] [Slight jump since the stage is too small] [Original. Ver] [We will prepare a bigger stage next time….lol] [Round 2: The symbol of K Tigers Zero! Tiger! I am the tiger!] [Foot up!] [Gunwoo Kang] [Na Taejoo] [Who is the real tiger?!] [The result is?!] [Kang Gunwoo] [Glance] [Hesitating] [Growling] [Tiger Gunwoo is withdrawn] You prepared this right? [Retry] [Focused on his role] [Baby tiger] [Bros and sisters love his cute acting] [Big punch from the baby tiger] [Na taejoo] [I…Na Taejoo…was born as a tiger…] [A tiger roaming around for prey] [roar of ferocious tiger] [Na Taejoo wins] We are really good at performances Powerful, even for women, and more powerful for guyts movements can be seen from our performances We are preparing for the music show and we are planning to have a tour within the country from November And the next tour will be Japan, southeast asia, and North America Let me show you the taekwondo’s strong shout [WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA] [Round 3: The best vocalist in K-Tigers Zero] [Hyunghyun] [Yoonji] [Yoojin] We will battle by the high quality high note] [Succeed if sings “Hi Fact iN Star, I am K Ti Zero the best in the world” using higher note than the person befo Hi Fact iN Star, I am K Ti Zero the best in the world [Started with low voice] [Let me raise the note higher] [A mosquito?] [Try it lol] [Sure] [Soprano swag] [A dolphin has come up] [ultrasound let’s go] [Completely broken voice] [Can you please stop the sound..] [Failed] [So happy to hear the news of her failed] [Speed up] [The game is being catastrophic] [Hyungkyun bye] [Failed] [Going back to the youth just by playing with bubbles] [Someone…..focus on Yoojin…] [Yoojin wins] Yoojin is picked for the opening voice] [Performance #1] [Junhee Jang] [Taemi] [Ha Sungjin] [Hold position of side kick] [Who do you think will win?] Sungjin! [Incheon Hell of blood!] [Is he going to satisfy the members’ expectation?] [This is side kick] [Crisis has come as soon as the game begins] [Shaking] [Like a vulnerable flower] [Shaking guys] [Out of the frame by himself] [Taemi has made the angle of the kick bigger] [That kicking seems not okay] [That face looks very determined] [Something is not okay here…] [But he looks cool at the same time,,,] [I did my best] [The winner feels just fine] [180 degree kick] [Taemi wins] K-Tigers Zero’s performancec is ‘Thumbs up’ our performances are always powerful and cool All the audiences can… Always give us a big thumb up and big supports Thats why our performance is a thumb up! [Training real hard] [It can be hard sometimes, it can be very tiring] [I will stand back up and continue] [When right leg is tired, left leg is there to help] [I always try hard] [This is the way to the best performancer] [Few words from Taemi to the members] What I wanna say is .. They are fighting too hard over here Let’s have a look turning kick! very good Jang Junhee used to be in the national team He was a rising star All of the members are very precious to me I hope we keep writing this story as we stay healthy and happy [writing a good story (?)] [Sweating real hard] flowers? I will scatter them You have to do the kicks… I have a request… [director: Taemi, Main charactor: Taemi, kick1: Junhee, Kick2: Sungjin] You all got it? [Strong shout] [We should appoint Taemi’s kick as a national treasure!] Thank you! When can we stop? [Junhee and Sungjin! I am sorry

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