Embarrassing My Sister On Her Big Day! 😂👰

Embarrassing My Sister On Her Big Day! 😂👰

– Momma?
– What is happening to me? – The living room is getting transformed. – Bridal shower day. – Bridal shower! – What’s up, dude? (horse neighs) (hooves clopping) – He’s going to boarding school. – He’s actually in need of a home – Get out, you’re done, get out. – Good Morning! And welcome back to our channel,
what should they do next? – [Little Boy] Subscribe to our channel. – Subscribe to our channel! That’s right, click that
subscribe button down below, and turn on your bell notifications. We have a super fun day planned today. – We’re setting up a party for Auntie. – Yeah! It is her bridal shower
today, and it’s at my house, and I’m setting up. – And you know what’s
also happening to momma? – What is happening to me? – You’re turning into a snake. – That’s right, as you
guy know we went to Hawaii and we wore sunscreen I promise! But, I did get a little burnt, just on my right shoulder, that’s it. So anyways we are just setting up, I’m so excited for today. I’ve got lots to do
though, like lots to do. – I slept in my bed last
time, and know I’ve slept in my bed again. – Yes, he has been working on
sleeping in his bed all night he’s been doing a great job. So is Finn who is over there
playing in the fountain. He got himself dressed today by the way. First things first, I’ve
got to clean up my house. The party is in like three hours, there is bird poop, all
over my front porch. This is terrible, look at this! And its all because they
must hang out right up in, in those little rafters, and just pooping all over my front porch. And this is where people
are suppose to walk in, so Ollie your in charge of
cleaning up the bird poop. – No. (giggles) – You’re in charge! – Alright, Alright! – Anyways give this video a thumbs up, if you’re excited for
Auntie’s bridal shower, we have lots of fun stuff planned today. We’re going to take you
along the whole time. You guys ready? – Yeah! – Time to help me clean up, lets go! – I brought a rock in. – Oh, no, we’re not making a mess. Did you clean your playroom up? – Yes. – Wow, I’m so proud of you, Ollie! That was really nice of you. It was a bit of a mess earlier. Did Papa help you? – No. – No, you did all of it? – Yeah – Wow, thank you, Ollie, that was really nice of you.
– You know how I did it? I turned into a lizard and when I turned into a lizard I clean up so fast. – Oh, you turned into a lizard, I turned into a snake. – Okay you ready? – Ah ha – Three, two, one. – Oh, wow Finn! – Alright the living room
is getting transformed. Its so close, and we are
really close to the party. And check out this, you
guys have helped me out so much today, huh? But you like you have
to pay me in cookies. I will help you in a second. (ahhh) – I am working on this little area and we’ve got cupcakes out. Bridal shower day. – Bridal shower, this is
it, its actually happening! – I know. – [Papa] She got a shower – I know, (mumbles) – I’ve never had a shower
before, you know that? – Blahh she stinks really bad guys. Alright, guys it is the
big day at the farm today. I am moving my horse. If you didn’t know I actually moved, Salty a few weeks ago to a barn further away so he’s
being trained and stuff, then I’m going to end up selling him. – We are headed up to the barn right now, and what is going on at
the barn today, babe? – It is actually time to officially send Salty to his new barn. – Salty is going to be loaded up and it’s time to say good bye. – We’re not selling him yet, we are just going to
send him to a new barn with a friend, who is
going to work with him. – He’s going to boarding school. – Haha, he is! – He’s going far away to boarding school, because he’s in trouble. (slow beat music) – Salty! – Hi, why are you standing in the rain? – [Bryan] Hi, Salty. What’s up, dude? – Alright just packed up all his stuff. – So we are getting all
your gear cleaned up today, boy, because we are taking
you to boarding school. – I think he’s going enjoy it for sure, and I bet he’s going to meet a girl, who’s just going to fall in love with him, and he’s going to love her too. (slow beat music) – Good boy, Salty! (clicking) – Good boy! – I introduced him a few vlogs ago, and I also got bucked off from that vlog it was very, scary and traumatic. So if you want to see it, that will be linked up in the icart. My horse, Nacho, who you
guys know really well, I am moving him, he’s going to be a little further away from me, but its going to be a good thing I think. At least for a little while. But I mean it’s kinda sad,
I’m going to miss this barn. Nacho, are you moving? Is it moving day for you? (Neighs) She doesn’t want to
move she’s not too happy about this whole situation. Nacho, doesn’t mind though,
he’s like, meh, whatever. Stella, what’s wrong? Alright since Stella is so
stressed out about leaving, we actually had to give
her a little medicine, to calm her down, hopefully she gets in. Then hopefully my horse gets
in because a few months ago I trailered out with him, and
he would not load back in. It was the worst. But guys this is the last of the barn, you guys remember when I redid this barn? Actually I’m going to link it up there. Because it is such a cool video,
I first started coming here and I loved it here and so me and my dad, came in here while my
boarding lady was gone, and we totally did the floors, we painted, we got all this furniture,
and now its all coming down. But this was such a cool little room, and this is Winston he lives here, he’s actually in need of
a home, though right now. Because he can’t stay here. Put down in the comments
if you think we should adopt Winston. He’s a sweet, sweet, boy. But I’m going to miss this barn room. – [Papa] Let’s see if
Nacho can calmly get in. – Starting over. Poor Stella, she does not like get in. – Take two on horse loading. – [Papa] Get in the trailer, you too. Get in the trailer, get in the trailer. (upbeat music) (cheering) – Okay, Nacho. – Oh my goodness. Yeah you’re gonna have to stay in there. He did it, I’m so proud of him. And just like that my horse is loaded, I will say this has been
such an amazing experience. Being able to board so close
to my house, and like I said I am going to be boarding
now a little bit further but it’s pretty close to
things I’m always around. So I will still be riding
as much as possible. Oh wow, I just locked myself in. I’ll still be riding as much as possible, but it’s going to be different
because he’s not going to be five minutes from me,
which is kinda weird. But its going to be fun ’cause we’re going to be riding in some
new areas, some new trails. Its going to be awesome. Alright, party is just about
started, and check it out! I actually got dressed, yay! Hair is done, Cassie is
just getting ready right now so I’ll check in on her, in just a second. But I wanted to show you guys this really cute little set up. Check this out, so this
is where they sign in, and we got this little
box with “do you, Boo” with these little hearts that they can use to write advice on. So they can have that for years to come, which is such like a cool thing, I think that’s something
that she can have forever as like decor basically in her house, but if she is ever like feeling sad or anything she can pull out a little advice. And then I got this pot,
which I think is really cool, it says “Let love grow”
and then we got dirt, and I’m going to put some
spoons in it so people can help their love grow
by putting dirt in it, and then bridal showers can
be a little crazy sometimes so everyone is bring some
panties, she’s gotta figure out who’s underwear matches their personality. It’s kinda just a silly
game, that does remind me I did get my sister something special so I thought I would go give it to her right now, its just a cute little box, and it says ” Something special just for you to Cassie from Sissy” Ahh she’s getting ready! – Hey! – You guys basically match now. – I know right! – I like your makeup – Thank you, Hannah did it! – Oh yeah and those lashes look great. – Thank you. – Cassie you’re going to
have to do that more often. It actually really pretty. – Actually no, this is
not an everyday thing. (Laughs) – This dress is so cute I just got it, and I was like Cassie
you should try it on, and I think it looks great on you. And we are going your hair, you’re going to look good. But I did get you something special, I wanted you to open. – What did you get me? Something special just for you? What did you do? You’re not suppose to get gift. (quirky music) (laughing) – We’re not showing that. Get
out, you’re done! Get out. I’m telling mom! – No, don’t tell mom. This reminds though, she
actually went to the worst reviewed hotel the other
day, and you will never guess what she found in her hotel room. I will have the video
link up in the icart. It is the craziest thing ever. – I will tell you this right now, it’s not what’s in this box. But it’s something similar. – Alright, alright, on
to the party lets go. (upbeat music) (party noise) – Does any one know who,
that is? My Aunt Kristi. Groom, groom – [Party Goer] Happy,
wedding day, marriage. – Body, oh maid of honor that’s me! – [Party Goer] Ten seconds! – Eyebrows! Eyebrows, forehead the groom, we said groom – You said it! – Oh, officiant, officiant! – No you said best man. – Oh, Best man. – I’m so excited for their surprise! You guys think a leprechaun came. – Coins! – I’m hiding in the boys room. – We may have a little leprechaun
bringing something to us. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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