Elmo Plays with Reptiles! (Elmo at the Zoo #8)

Elmo Plays with Reptiles! (Elmo at the Zoo #8)

ELMO: It’s Elmo at the Zoo. [LAUGHS] Oh, boy. Today at the zoo, we’re
learning all about reptiles. They sure do love to sit,
oh, and look around a lot. Reptiles come in
all different sizes. Some are big, like
this Komodo dragon. And some are small,
like this iguana. Oh, hi there, little guy. Instead of skin or fur,
reptiles have scales. Oh, wow. Look at that. They can live on land or in
the water, like this crocodile. That’s one long
nose, Mr. Crocodile. They get around in
lots of different ways. Some walk on tiny legs. Some swim. Or some slither
on their bellies. Some even hang out in trees. Elmo likes it up here. Wow. Look at those teeth
and those tongues. Boy, Elmo loves seeing all the
reptiles at the San Diego zoo. See you next time. Click the links to learn more
about Elmo’s new animal friend or take another trip
with Elmo to the zoo.

Randy Schultz

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18 thoughts on “Elmo Plays with Reptiles! (Elmo at the Zoo #8)

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  3. Andrew Hager says:

    Elmo sure sound different from when Kevin Clash still did his puppeteering.

  4. Pocket Miner says:


  5. Barbie Chêtif says:

    bisou bébé

  6. antsamthompson9 says:

    I wonder how long this series is gonna go before it's done.

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  8. Jr Williams says:

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  9. Sun Lizard says:

    1:02 It's a ghariel. and the iguana will reach over 6ft when fully grown….if your going to educate kids about animals please do it right

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  13. Joshua Ortiz says:

    I look at this and wonder "how much did I miss when i was younger" (im 15 )

  14. piradee rhoongsitthichai says:

    Banana in pajamas

  15. Mary Eledio says:

    Hjjjjjj Jhjjjhhjjhjjjhjj jhhjjhhhhhjhjjjjjjh hj

  16. Travis Goodman says:

    Iguana Komodo dragon

  17. Brett Shuster says:

    Elmo that is not a crocodile that is a different guy it’s probably a caiman

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