Elmer’s Aquarium Store Tour

Elmer’s Aquarium Store Tour

Welcome to Elmer’s Aquarium & Pet Center.
We are located at 4005 William Penn Highway in the
heart of the Monroeville business district. Let’s go
inside and take a look There’s plenty to choose from here in
our ornament and decoration section. What look do you want for you
underwater world? Our well-trained staff will assist you
in setting up and maintaining your aquarium. There’s plenty of supplies for all your needs. Our aquariums range in size from 2 gallon to 300 gallon. Our name suggests our specialty but we
also carry small animals and their supplies. Now let’s check out our 250 aquarium
showroom of freshwater and saltwater fish. Now that you’ve seen us online come
visit us in person.

Randy Schultz

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38 thoughts on “Elmer’s Aquarium Store Tour

  1. Makis Equinox says:

    this place and the enclosure(a reptile and exotic bird store not too far from elmers) is my home no joke XD i have bought leopard frogs, green tree frogs, and so many kinds of fish.

  2. Dark Angel says:

    Where are u located? Like in what city and province/state

  3. Elmer's Aquarium says:

    @MsSchool132 We're located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

  4. Squiggles says:

    man this puts the petshop i go to to shame lol wish there was a petshop like this where i live

  5. Peace & Love says:

    do you ship to canada? say yes please????

  6. Leon Yu says:

    @MakisOfEquinox lucky! the only nice store around my house is 40 min away, but they have red tail payara there so its worth it lol

  7. Makis Equinox says:

    @xODDMASTERx nice, well this store is about the same time away from me, but they have changed their store so now elmers's is pretty much all fish except turtles and rodents and stuff, no more frogs and lizards 🙁

  8. elmer smith says:

    I am going to go here one day that is now my life goal so i can say i have been in a store with the same name as me

  9. chortlesinthecorner says:

    Wow, great store

  10. Isabelle says:

    Uhuh wish I could visit a store like that 🙁

  11. Prashant Annamalai says:

    Yeah! U are Right!

  12. Milos Stevanovic says:

    This store is way to cool///////

  13. nl25c says:

    I get all my fish from them

  14. Fragtank says:

    very neat and clean i like it!

  15. RyukiXAsh says:

    can make an order on9??

  16. AquaMedicNA says:

    Great looking Aquarium shop!

  17. Arnold Ratkosky says:

    wow, so u have bearded dragons , but no betta in a cup?!

  18. b54241 says:

    do you by any chance have any electric blue jack dempseys? do you ship? thanks

  19. REGULLMOVIES says:

    Love how they keep bettas in good size aquariums

  20. BettaFishRUs says:

    Ah! I live 45 minutes away from there! 🙂 I got a beautiful Female Betta from there, and she lived with me for almost a year before she passed away from Columnaris. 🙁 I would definitely shop there again though. Elmer's is the best fish store in the Pittsburgh area!

  21. RBProductions815 says:

    Why is there no places this big in NY??? =(

  22. Aashish Karira says:

    It's my DREAM store!!

  23. Yadishb Gopaul says:

    it is very beautiful

  24. messyfuzzyhead says:

    Wow I live in …….shut the fuck up freaks !!!!

  25. darrel elmer says:

    As an Elmer from England (UK) your store looks fantastic and hopefully doing the family name proud

  26. Mateo Vater says:

    Nice shop

  27. Heroedecorazon Corazon says:

    Ohio ?

  28. Dennis Younger says:

    I cringe at those awful sponge bob crap.

  29. White Fang says:

    I want to come! but my owner and I live 4 hours away!

  30. VivaLaVida says:

    aww i live 4 hrs and 39 min away 🙁

  31. Jdhh Dhdej says:

    i in malta that her

  32. Jdhh Dhdej says:

    i in malta that here?

  33. Jdhh Dhdej says:

    gimme location

  34. Kashish sheikh says:

    Hathi Bagan machli

  35. Mochi Chim says:


  36. Prabha karan says:


  37. Awesome Amy G says:

    Love ELMERS in Monroeville,Pa. My mom and I always went for our fish here. We had a 100 gal tank. Now I'm almost 40 and live 20 minutes away and take our kids here. In fact next week we're going in to purchase about 12 new fish. Can't wait…truly the best around!!

  38. JAB says:

    I live about an hour away from this place but it sure is worth the trip. This video doesn't come close to doing it justice. It's a very impressive store.

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