Elimination Tattoo: New School Dinosaurs – Ink Master, Season 7

Elimination Tattoo: New School Dinosaurs – Ink Master, Season 7

– Let me see yours. – That’s my chickie. – Mm-hmm.
It’s cute. – Thank you.– Megan’s just not
the same person
that she was when she started.– Yeah,
I’m starting to see Megan as more of a liability
than an asset. – Yeah. – As far as a competitor
at this point, I think
she’s our weak link, dude. – Yeah.– And she’s letting
personal [bleep]
cloud her view
of the competition. – I think so too. – It is time to make the move,
you know, [bleep] team bull[bleep]. This is you and me to the end, and we’ll do what we got
to do to get there. – All right, guys,
Jime Litwalk challenged you
to show color theory by tattooing his specialty,
new school. And your time starts now. – All right, let’s do this. – Let’s kick some ass
and take names. – This week we’re testing
the artists on color theory. – Hell, yeah.– Without using
the right colors
to make the tattoo dynamic,
it can just fall flat.
In this competition,
there’s no room for mistakes.
Somebody else is gonna shine.
You’re gonna go home. – All right, you ready?[intense music]♪ – You’re doing great, man. – Today we’re doing color theory
and new school.That’s what I’m known for.I’m like a pig in [bleep]
right now. I wonder if they’re
gonna judge us on an apples to apples comparison
to mine and Jime’s? – All right.– This is the royal rumble
of new-school challenges
right now,
me and Jime Litwalk–
Boom! Head-to-head. – Nothing like jumping
right into it. – You got to me on your toes,
man, right out the gate. – Who was gunning for you
since you been here? – Everybody.
– Oh, really? – As soon as I walked
in the door. – Instant target on you, huh? – Yeah, oh, yeah. – That’s got to be
a kick in the nuts.– Coming back
into this competition,
the caliber of artists
have definitely raised.We can call them newbies
or whatever you want,
but they’re not new
to tattooing.
They’re just new
to this competition.You have a lot
of great artists competing,
so you have to be great
every single time. – [groans] – I’m not your favorite person
at the moment, am I?Right from the get-go,
my canvas is in pain.
– Whoo.– And I just hope
she doesn’t stop
in the middle of this and just
[bleep] me over. – Five hours to go.♪ – I like that you caught that.
– [laughs] – I’m really bummed that there
are more veterans than us right now. The plan was to knock them off
as quick as we could,and it’s just not working.Now it’s just time
for a strategy change. This is still just a chess game,
and everybody is a pawn. – What’s happening over here? – I have an auntie triceratops
with her three nephews, and one of her nephews
is special to her, so he’s the one
hatching out of the egg. – Megan Jean is doing
a very strange tattoo.It’s hard to read.So far, the way this is looking,
I am not a fan. – I think Cleen
deserves to go to the finale. This competition is really
mentally exhausting.I am trying not to make
enemies with strong artists.
I’m gonna play both sides. How’s the meteor shower? – I haven’t got to that yet. – I have my alliance, and yet I sort of have
my friend, Cleen. Heh-heh, he’s so cute. – What are [bleep] you doing?If Megan doesn’t pull her head
out of Cleen’s ass,
she’s definitely not going
to the finale. – We’re supposed to hate
the veteran artists coming in, but it’s really awesome
to have you here. – Three hours, guys,
three more hours.♪ – Whoo. [groans] – Hold on tight. I’m trying to make
a winner here. I have to tattoo a new-school
Triceratops playing video games on Jack Skellington. He only has, like, this much fat
between his skin and bone. – [groans] – And it really hurts
to get tattooed when you’re that skinny. Let’s keep
getting it over with. This guy will not sit through
what I have to give him, and this is bull[bleep]
yet again. – For me,
I just wanted to have a fun day. That’s why I chose
this particular piece. – [bleep] Sausage.
Little slippery assed wienergets the best canvas pick,and I really hope he biffs it
like he usually does. – Brakes on there, huh? The chain doesn’t have any
links, but you got some brake lines. That’s more ammo
to just pick on you. – Right.
– [laughs]– I know I’m not known
for new school,
but he can’t underestimate me. – You kicking ass
and taking names, or what? – Trying go.
– I’m here to get you $100,000. – Matti’s got a vendetta,so I’m gonna
have my sights on you,
and I’m gonna be firing
so that you can get a taste
of what it was like to be me. – How you doing
over here, buddy? – Pretty good; I’m gonna
be racing to the finish. – Dude, what, are you
getting slower in your old age? Holy [bleep].
– Right. New school is definitely not
an area that I live in. – I don’t want you to rush
through it, man. – No.
– I want you to take your time. – I’m trying to think
of what eye color to go with.At this point
in the competition,
I have yet to really be able
to plant my feetand pull off a St. Marq tattoo.It’s very frustrating.Oh, yeah, red. All I know is, I can’t go home
on this stupid dinosaur tattoo. – Uh-oh,
this kid’s getting close. Nice, dude.
Nice fades.– It’s kind
of what I do, this style.
– That’s what I’m talking about.
That looks clean.– I know I’m gonna do
a better tattoo than St. Marq.
I’m known for
full-color tattoos,new-school designs.St. Marq is a black-and-gray
It’s time for St. Marq
to go home.
Pack your bags, buddy. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Time’s up.
Machine’s down. No more ink. – Let’s have a look
in the mirror. – Wow. Dude, I’m actually in love
with this tattoo right now. – As usual,
I’m completely unimpressed with St. Marq’s work.This thing has
no color theory at all.
The background is busted.He’s gonna be the first veteran
out the door. – Yeah, dude, you really
are a tattoo God. [laughs]

Randy Schultz

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  1. Andrew Roll says:


  2. Sara says:

    Heyy! Soooo, I don't know if the spike people read the comments but I'm just going to put this question out there in case somebody knows:
    Because I live in Spain, is there any way I could watch the full episodes on the app without having to change app stores? And also, do you know why the app is not available in my Apple Store? Thanks for your attention, Sara ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿผ

  3. you-are-the-pelican-man says:

    veteran artist? he didn't even know what surrealism was.

  4. Dexter Morgan says:

    Megan looks like Jenna Marbles

  5. Eva Burkhart says:

    who won this season?

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    I have never seen sausage smile.

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    fuck those tribals are so ugly especially on a face

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    Wtf is up with Megan and Cleen? LMAO

  9. Jovianne Tabraham says:

    Sausage seems like the school shooter type

  10. Amethyst Maries says:

    Alex should have went home on this episode. His tattoo was horrifically terrible!!! St. Marq's tattoo was not even that bad. I thought the colors were cool. Alex was a joke!!!

  11. snorelaxx Red says:

    The beginning was soooooo scripted…Or like exaggerated xD almost cute

  12. Leo McG says:

    0:09 Omg that look though CRINGE๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he is not even looking at her thats the worst part ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Addy Burnham says:

    That disgusting, fat, tree trunk of a leg. Ergh.

  14. absolutetuber says:

    other artists: that tattoo is lame, it sucks, he's going home.ย  person that received it: I love this tattoo!! this is awesome!!ย  only one judge matters

  15. Proud Plantmom says:

    First I didn't like Cleen, but the more I binge watched, the more he grew on my heart. Megan and him would make a great couple.

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    The first time i watched a video with sausage on it,i thought he was a principle

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  18. PeachyRush says:

    sausage is so cute tho like a tiny angry man idk

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    Anthony wins sorry for spoilers

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    Clean looks like a such a dick

  30. Maximus The Champion says:

    I just take a tyllenol 30 minutes before I get tattoed. Gotta let the artists do his thing and forget I am there

  31. Penelope Views says:

    St. Marq, the tattoo god, isn't perfect at new school like he is at the rest of his life!?!? gasp (please note the severe sarcasm)

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    Sausage seems like such a nice dude

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    Fuck saint mark wouldnt wanna tat off him an arrogant cuntt

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    OMG 2:52 I know the artist that has done her back! He is one of the best!!! Nikko Hurtado ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  35. A Distressed Catbug says:

    Who went home?

  36. Clfx _303 says:

    This people need to grow up. Too much drama

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    Megan was looking at Cleen with fuck me eyes. She is done for.

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    That St.MARQ looks
    Like the chicken guy from toy story 2

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    megan wants cleens cock

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    When all the canvas say that the tattoos were great bc they know nothing about tattoos. Meanwhile all the artists are being critiqued based on professionalism

  43. DBossMan117 says:

    she's fucking cute

  44. Peewee Simpson says:

    These people make tattoo artists look like douche bags! I hate the directing of reality tv. All of their stupid drama. God their all so lame… I felt like the chick with red hair and dude named clean was alright as far as being kinda like decent

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    Im like a pig in shit right now๐Ÿ˜‚

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    I bet Jime Litwalk can Beat Cleen Rock (3) one on new School

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    0:09 Okay but the look they give each other

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    Saint marks colors are nasty wtf

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    The beggining was so awkward ๐Ÿ˜‚


    I want someone to look at me the way Megan looks at Cleen

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    Cleen rock needs to grow up

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    โ€œ that little slippery ass wienerโ€

  71. Croy Robertson says:

    This program is really interesting and nice to take tattoos into mainstream. Just wish they'd focus on the art instead of all the fake reality show bitching and politics, no one is interested.

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    quiera areglarme uno

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