ELDERS REACT TO REDDIT 50/50 CHALLENGE (Spider Nightmare and Eye Surgery!)

ELDERS REACT TO REDDIT 50/50 CHALLENGE (Spider Nightmare and Eye Surgery!)

(lizard farting)
– Ah! That’s cute. (giggling) Oh my god. That’s gross. ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we are going to have you take on one of the internet’s
favorite challenges that the elders have done
before on this show. – Huh. Like what? – Is it the laugh one? – (FBE) This is called
the Reddit 50/50 Challenge. – “Reddit 50/50.” I’ve heard of the term “Reddit,”
but I’m not really sure what it means. – It’s something online,
some kind of website? – I’ve heard of the website
and I haven’t even been to the website. – (FBE) So the Reddit Challenge
is one of the subsections on the site Reddit,
but it’s called “50/50” because when you click,
it will take you to one of the two descriptions
provided, but you won’t know which one until you click on it. One link is usually something awesome, and one is something
you’d never want to click on, so you don’t know
if it’ll be good or bad. – Oh, okay. – I’d rather see the good ones. – (FBE) Now, sometimes,
it could go either way, and sometimes it’s
always one way or the other, but we’ve made sure
to keep them all the same so everyone in this episode
can have the same experience. – Oh, okay. – (FBE) Are you ready
to take on this challenge? – Well, what if I say no? (laughing) – “Gecko making Yoshi noises
or bearded dragon taking a poop.” – Well, I would like to see the gecko. – I don’t want to see
a dragon taking a poop. (silence) – And, of course.
(lizard farting) I get the bearded dragon
making a poop. (lizard farting)
– Yeah… he just farted. Oh, or is he pooping? (lizard farting)
– Ah! That’s cute. (giggling) Oh my god. That’s gross. – I got the poop. – Ew! – Oh, isn’t that lovely? – That’s a big poop, though. Not too gross. – Started cute, but gross. – That’s not as bad
as I know it can get. – “50/50: Man
sees snowfall for the first time…” – “…or frosted skin flakes,
peeling skin makes it snow.” – I’d like to see a man
seeing snow for the first time. – I don’t need
to see peeling skin flakes. – Oh dear god. Oh dear god. Oh god. – (in disgust) Oh. – I don’t think I can watch. – No! It’s the skin coming off. That is really gross. – Ugh. Ick. – It hurts. (laughing) Just looking at it hurts me. – Why? Why? Why? Why?! – That was more skin flakes
than I was expecting. I didn’t realize you
could slice that off with a knife. – I need a good one here, a nice one. – “Cute peacock spider
playing bongos…” – “…or spider
crawling out of ear canal.” – God, I hope it’s the bongos. – I think you’re gonna show me
the spider crawling out of ear canal. I’m sure. (pleasantly) Oh no! That’s so cute. – Oh my gosh,
that is the cutest thing! – Aww, it’s a spider playing bongos. – (laughing) I love that. – It’s like a little doll
playing bongos. It’s cute. – He’s the king of the rumba beat. – Sometimes you get the good ones. It’s like life, right? – “Mitsubishi mascot
struggles to keep his balance…” – “…or body blasted
into tree branches by artillery during the Battle of Verdun. – I think I’ll go with
the Mitsubishi mascot because body blasting
is a little bit too gross. – (in relief) Oh! (chuckling) – (man) I wore the wrong socks.
– Oh, got it. – (director) Take four.
– I like it. – (man) I wore the wrong socks.
(mascot skidding on ice) – (chuckling) – I’ve seen this.
This is fun. – (man) Have you
tried the hot dogs here? (mascot skidding on ice)
– (chuckling) It’s good stuff. – That’s cute. (laughing) – So far, it’s been interesting. There’s been some so-so,
and some that are really good. – “Adorable kittens
playing with baby elephant…” That’s cute.
I love animals. – “…or gum cancer.” That doesn’t sound too nice. – Hmmm, which would I like to see? Let me think. – I want to see the adorable kittens
playing with baby elephant, but it’s probably my turn
to get the gum cancer. I got two good ones. Oy! That’s awful! – Oh, no thank you. That– yeah, that– oh gosh. – Ugh! (chuckling) No. – Oh my god! It is gross. I don’t want to look at it even. – I don’t like that. It’s very gross. – Terrible.
Don’t chew tobacco. – I’m speechless. That makes me feel like crying. – I wanted to see the baby elephant. Oh well. (brightly) Okay, next! – “Yuliya Levchenko,
high jump 1.96 meters…” – “…or gymnast
breaks leg on landing.” Oh god! – I want the first one. I want to see a nice high jump. – I hope it’s the high jump. Yes, good. – Whoa. She’s amazing. – Ooh, ooh, ooh. Wow! – Yay! She did a good job. – Now where’s she going
to break her leg? – Very nice. Thank you. Thank you for not showing me
the other one. – I’m glad it wasn’t the other one.
It’s a bit gross. – That’s a good one.
I liked it. I’m being lucky. – “Dog confused by how
cat can fit through cat door…” – “…or arachnophobic’s nightmare.” Well, I am arachnophobic. – Those are my grandkids,
super-scared. When there’s a spider
at home, they call me, “Grandma, kill it!” – Those are all spiders?! – (giggling) Oh, I’d have to burn the house down! – Oh– yeah, that is gross. – It looks like ants. – I’d rather see the other one. Yuck! – Oh, that’s disgusting. – God, tiny spiders. – Now that one, I would
have to get my spray gun. – Makes me have goosebumps. – Is this someone’s real house? – Oh, that’s gross. That’s gross. Yeah, that was– that was–
yeah, not a fan. – Those particular spiders
don’t look so bad because they’ve
just got that little body and those big legs
and they’re kind of like, “Bleh.” They’re not like those big, hairy ones
with the thick legs. – “Cute doggo sneezing
or sunburnt pocket of puss.” – Sunburnt pocket of puss? – Ooh, let me think–
what would I rather see? – Of course, I don’t want
to see the pocket of puss. I want to see– I’ll probably see
cute doggo sneezing. – AAAAH! AAAH! – Oh, gross. Oh god, another one
I don’t want to look at. – Oh, that is a lot of puss. (laughing) Oh, that poor person. – No! It’s the puss. (laughing) – That’s not nice. – Eyes closed. Sorry, can’t look. – That’s just ready to pop. (imitates popping) – Not too gross. I just feel sorry for him. He’s gonna be sleeping
on his stomach for a month. – I hope he was at the doctor’s office
to get that thing lanced. – Where do they find these things? What a horrible way to spend your day. – “Pro gun spinning…” – “…man shoots himself
in the cheek.” It’s getting grosser
and grosser every time. – I’ll go for the guns spinning. I am probably gonna see
a cheek get shot. – Yeah. That’s good. – Of course, if they were loaded,
it could be both. – He looks like he’s skilled enough
not to shoot himself in the cheek. – He’s good. – Boy, he’s good at it. Wow. – Ride ’em, cowboy. Wow. – It’s like Maverick. (holstering guns) – Better than Wyatt Earp. – Man, beats Roy Rogers, I’ll tell ya. That’s the best thing
I’ve seen so far. – I was a little concerned
that he was going to be shooting himself as well,
but they don’t usually do spinning like that
with loaded weapons. – “Cute kitten doesn’t want anyone
to touch her food…” – “…or evisceration
eye surgery close-up.” No, the cute kitten, please! – I worked for an eye doctor before, so probably it won’t be that bad. – (groaning squeamishly) – Oy! (laughing) I don’t think I want to see–
oh my god. – Ugh! – I’ve seen this. – Oh my god. AH! Ohhhh! – Glad it’s him or her and not me. – (groaning) – Slicing the eyeball! Aaaaah! – There’s a reason why
I didn’t go into the medical field, and that is it all makes me
a little squeamish. – Anything surgical is gross to me. Even if it’s on me
and I’m half out of it, you know, it’s gross. – It was fun. Interesting things. – I found it interesting,
but I’m not really sure if it’s my cup of tea. – I can see a lot of younger people
loving to do this. They like gross stuff. – (FBE) So if we were to do
the Reddit 50/50 Challenge again, do you think you’d be up for it?
– Oh, definitely. – Why not? There’s a certain amount of joy
in trying to figure out what’s going to come up. – I’d be up for the challenge. It wasn’t anything
to make me want to throw up. – I guess I’d do it,
but some of those things are pretty disgusting. I can’t imagine
going home and doing this, and it’s very popular? A lot of sick puppies
out there. (laughing) – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
if you want to see more. – Let us know in the comments
what other challenges we should try. – Bye, guys! – Hey, guys, it’s Kyle from FBE here. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of Elders React. Did you guys like it? I’d say there’s about
a 50/50 chance you did, a 50/50 chance you didn’t. Bye, guys.

Randy Schultz

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