Easy DIY Valentine Gift for kids to make – Dinosaur necklace

Easy DIY Valentine Gift for kids to make – Dinosaur necklace

Hi Guys, it’s Pierce from Pierce’sWorld. Are you looking for the right gift for Valentine’s Day? I have this really cool DIY pendant that you can make with any plastic toy. Like this golden dinosaur. And it’s really easy to make! So, stay tuned, everybody. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram page, my Pinterest page, and also check out and like my Facebook page. If you’re new to this channel, go ahead and click this subscribe button to not miss any of my videos! Let’s get started with the tutorial. What you are going to need is a painter’s palette, some paint brushes, gold paint, a toy dinosaur, a tack… An eye-hook screw And a gold necklace. Definitely, get your mommy and daddy to help you with this. You’re going to need to take the tack and punch a hole into the dinosaur. And then you’re going to take your eye-hook screw and stick it in the hole that you made. Now it’s going to look like this. Ta-Dah! If the screw doesn’t fit well into the hole, Go ahead and use some super strong glue Like this E6000. Your parents need to take extra precaution using this glue. Now, you take some gold paint and put it in the painter’s palette. Let’s cover the whole dinosaur with golden paint. These are some optional items that speed up the drying process. You need a stand and a ribbon. Now, this is an easy way to hang it on a stand. You just paint it and then, you just let it dry. You may have to paint it a few times to make it even. Once you are done painting it all gold, You can use this gloss as a protective layer. Voilà It’s all done. It’s pretty easy, too! Now, just wrap it up and add a cute little Valentine’s card. And then you’re all done! This gift is perfect for all special occasions… like birthdays,
Mother’s Days,
And any other special days. If you liked this video, please give me a big, big, big thumbs up! You can click the thumbs up button right here! Right here! Right there! Right there! Yeah, right there. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Pierce’sWorld. I’ll see you next time, Guys! Bye-bye! Bye! I’m melting. I’m melting like a snowman. I’m melting… I’m melting! Some people are worth melting for. I’m just water now.

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