Easy DIY Faux Crocodile Pattern Texture | Sea Lemon

Easy DIY Faux Crocodile Pattern Texture | Sea Lemon

Hello, it’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon. Today, I’ll show you how to make a faux crocodile pattern texture. which could also be considered alligator or reptile. I’ve been seeing this a lot in fashion lately, like on shoes and bags. and I thought I could totally DIY that on something. So, I’ll show you how I made this pattern on a purse and a phone case, but you can of course apply this to just about anything. Alright, let’s get to it. To make the texture, you’ll want to use a hard-coat glue or sealer that dries clear. I’m using Mod Podge. And a brush. I thought it would be fun to try this out on a purse, and break up the solid section with a diagonal line so that I just have a section of the croc pattern, just to make it more interesting. I blocked that off with a piece of painter’s tape and then got going on the pattern. Crocodile skin is kind of like rows and rows of imperfect scales or blocks. Start out with large blocky shapes, with round corners and some can be a little larger, slightly taller than the others. It doesn’t have to be perfect; and in fact, the more imperfect you make it look, the more natural it looks. You really want to saturate these blocks full of glue so that when it dries you have a texture. This pattern also has little areas of smaller blocks. so when you have some rows down, you just want to go in and make little dots. It’s kind of like cobblestones, it doesn’t have to be perfect like little rocks. And you’ll find that it ends up looking a lot like crocodile skin. If you tape a section down, wait for the glue to dry for about an hour or so until the glue gets a little tacky, but not completely dry. And then remove the tape, so it doesn’t get glued to your project. And you can clean up any edges with a wet Q-tip. Then let to glue completely dry. And don’t forget to wash your brush, because it will get ruined if you let the glue dry on it. After some drying time ,the glue dries clear and it gives a really interesting reptilian-type texture. And now, I have a faux crocodile purse. If you have a project that needs dinosaur skin, I think this could pass for that, too. Depending on the glue you use, make sure you read the label, so that you know how long it takes to completely cure. I also though this would be cool way to upgrade a phone case. So, I did the same technique I did with the glue and brush, making two columns of rounded blocks, and then around those making smaller scales. If you want to try an alternative to glue, I think this technique could also work with puffy paint. I then let the phone case completely dry and now it has this really interesting faux crocodile texture, which I think makes the phone case look a little more expensive, at the same time. I think this makes a cool subtle texture that you can add to any blank canvas. I think it would look great on bright colors And I kind of want to add it to a sketchbook cover, now. Let me know what you would add this pattern to, in the comments below. And if you try this out yourself, I would love to see your project pictures so share those on any of my social links and hit that ‘like’ button, if you liked this tutorial. Be sure to subscribe for more DIY projects And if you want to check out more pattern tutorials, you can check out one of these right here. Links will be in the description below. I will see you guys next time.

Randy Schultz

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    please DIY Papercut art

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    Random question that I know has nothing to do with this video but I am desperate here. Can you use wax for braces to wax tread for book binding? I know it is odd but none of the craft stores near me have Bee's wax. None!

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    How about on the heels of plain shoes? May have to try it.

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    Gonna try this on a sketchbook cover.

  6. Love Happy Ali says:

    Awesome Jennifer! I had to google what Faux meant, I keep seeing it all over YouTube.

  7. Joseph Esguerra says:

    THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I think i'm gonna try this with my case too! Keep Up the Good Work! 🙂 always here to support and watch you 😀

  8. Francesca Canlas says:

    That is so cool! ❤?

  9. Clare Kim says:

    Hi if I Use matt or glossy one will it have the same effect? ?

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    I love all your DIYs! I've done at least 10 of them and I need to add this to my list. And I also have that shirt too! From H&M!


    Bello me encantan tus ideas…


    Dime en español cual es el material q usas x fis.

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    This was brilliant!!


    Gracias encanto te sigo, habla español x FA. Bendiciones

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  18. iheb bvb says:

    omg this soooooooooo awesome waaaaw

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    How much time does it take to completely dry

  20. Sea Lemon says:

    THANK YOU to the viewers who contributed subtitles or closed captions on this video! ?

  21. Maiia Chavez says:

    amazing! 😀

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    Sea Lemon. can you make mandala art. Please??

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    I like you videos I would use that padron for my back and my book for school

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    WOW this is so cool!!!

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    Your channel always inspires me and keeps me going. Thanks

  28. Martha Diaz says:

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    your voice is relaxing

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    can you do a tutorial for animal bodies

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    Does the purse or phone case seem to stick to things you might lay on them? I wonder if mod podge outdoor would be better? I am new to the mod podge world, but have noticed that mod podge seems to stay tacky even after it is dried at least on the projects I have tried.

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    I'm actually really excited I could find this ! I was going to do the Woodburner kinda method on the faux leather I pick up from a fabric store for a project i'm doing. I am a cosplayer and i'm going to be doing the new Jared Leto Joker from Suicide Squad when he is wearing his purple overcoat which is made from croc skin ! so I have been searching like crazy for a better method then the wood burning technique ? THIS is the PERFECT method because not only does it do the job but it also gives a cool shiny effect in which I ALSO NEED hahaha thanks for the tutorial and when i'm done I can totally send it your way for results !

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    I would use it on my phone case because it's dull, just black. I think it would spruce it up

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    Now that is a cool idea!

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    I really want to meet you in person. Like… your my greatest art hero… ever! I love your works and you inspire me a lot. 🙂 I WANT YOU TO BE MY SISTER! Haha! Lots of love from my country, The Philippines. <3

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  51. Autumn Reed says:

    My reptilian brother, Leafy.

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    This is the easyiest dıy I Have Ever seen and which looks Really Cool
    ❤️? ( My engilish can be wrong)

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    Very interesting application. I wonder how it would look if you put lettering under the Mod Podge. Lettering like from a newspaper or a page from a book. Thank you for the video. Hugs!

  61. Connie Krueger says:

    Everyone seems to ask the same question that she already has answered So I copy/paste this to answer because I wanted to know too. Hugs!
    "Sarai Ben Shlomo5 months ago
    Does it not peel off? Or if it comes in contact with water, does it not get ruined?
    Sea Lemon
    Sea Lemon5 months ago
    +Sarai Ben Shlomo After 4 weeks of curing, the hard coat Mod Podge is water resistant and pretty durable. Link in description if you want to see the specific glue I used!
    Reply 1 "

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    -The Minecraft Piner

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