Eastern Water Dragon – Australian Reptile | Short Documentary

Eastern Water Dragon – Australian Reptile | Short Documentary

The eastern water dragon grows around 80-90cm in length, much of it which is tail. Their colour consists of shades of greys or brown with a series of black bands on its back and tail and a black strip that runs across its head behind its eye. On the underside is a creamy-white, although the males have a vivid red on some or on most of its belly and chest. There are enlarge scales that form a crest down the middle of its head, back and tail. The legs are relatively long and powerful, and its tail is flatten on the sides to assist with swimming. The eastern water dragon inhabits coastal waters of eastern Australia, from northern Queensland to eastern Victoria. Being good tree climbers they like to laze in branches that over hang over water. But when disturbed they will drop into the water and swim to the bottom and wait until the danger has passed, staying under the water up to 30 minutes if necessary. They are active during the day and night, and hunt for worms, frogs, insects, vegetation, fruit, small mammals, small reptiles and molluscs. During breeding seasons males can be very territorial, and females will lay their eggs away from water they can lay up to 10 – 20 eggs per clutch.

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