Eastern Painted Turtle

Certainly one of the most
attractive turtles you might
find here in your yard if you live near water is
Eastern painted turtle. And this is a female
Eastern painted turtle. Painted turtles get their name because
of their very vivid coloration. The bottom of the turtle as we
know is called the plastron. In this case it’s a very bright yellow.
You have nice yellow and excuse me, red and black markets on the margin
of the shell or the carapace. Legs are striped red. And the
head is over the yellow striping. A few yellow spots and the backend
or to carapace here is very, very nicely a patterned as well. These are semi-aquatic turtles. They spend most of the time in water
and as you can see, she’s very, very streamlined, very well made for
swimming through water, very nice, big, a web feet, excellent for swimming. Painted turtles are completely
harmless. They rarely, rarely ever bite. So it is very safe if you see one on the
road to pick it up and just move it off the road and the
direction that it’s going. A lot of our sediment control ponds
that we have around the highways today I have found out to be good
homes for painted turtles
as well as snapping turtles. Painted turtles do come ashore
occasionally to wander from pond to pond, but mainly for the females such
as this one here to lay her eggs. Well, let me show you a
real cute little one here. This is the baby that hatched
last fall. Painted turtles, as I mentioned lay their eggs. The
eggs are usually laid in sunny lawns, sunny places, and this is a little baby that hatched
out last fall that someone found a new yard. This spring just shows you how tiny they
are and as cute as they are and as much as your attempted to keep
it as a pet, don’t do it. Just take it out of harm’s way and put
it in a pond or a stream someplace where it can live on it’s life
as a turtle in the wild. These turtles eat a lot of plant
material. When they’re small, they eat a lot of insects and, and, and dying fish and worms and
such. But as you get older, you become much more vegetarian.

Randy Schultz

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