Dünyanın En Küçük Yılanı – Spagetti Yılanı

Dünyanın En Küçük Yılanı – Spagetti Yılanı

Thousands of snakes live on earth. Some of these species are poisonous, others are nonpoisonous. They are also very different from each other in terms of color and features. There are tiny snakes in the world that are like giant snakes that are millions of feet long and swallow big animals. In this video, I will briefly talk about the smallest type of snake among the thousands of snake species. The world’s smallest snake species is the name spaghetti snake. The real name is Leptotyphlops Carlae, a snake, known as Spaghetti because it is similar to spaghetti and light as spaghetti. The length of the snake is only 10 cm. So you will understand that it is a very small, thin and short year. Even if you see this snake in its natural environment, you can even think of it as a worm type at first glance. This tiny snake lives only in Barbados on the Caribbean’s famous holiday paradise. This tiny snake, usually found under the rocks of the island, is nourished by eating eelgrass. This snake will hold the feature of being the world’s smallest snake until one day a smaller snake is discovered on the earth. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀

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