Duncan Stewart: “Climate Change – Causes, Consequences and Mitigation Solutions” | Talks at Google

Duncan Stewart: “Climate Change – Causes, Consequences and Mitigation Solutions” | Talks at Google

Randy Schultz

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26 thoughts on “Duncan Stewart: “Climate Change – Causes, Consequences and Mitigation Solutions” | Talks at Google

  1. Lear King of Albion says:

    If God Almighty were to move the Earths orbit closer to the sun so as to coddle lovers of global warming hysteria, would climate scientists or even astronomers notice? If they were to notice the change in earths orbit, would they report it? Would the change result in changes to input into climate models or recognition that God Almighty exists? Pffffffttttt…. I laugh…..

  2. Meme Mine says:

    Climate change is real and happening and so it is now up to us to stop Earth's weather from changing by sacrificing our lifestyle and if we succeed we can then stop the Corona Virus from spreading and even stop volcanoes, tides and hopefully the seemingly unstoppable powers of the all mighty Donald Trump himself.

  3. Zoe Phin says:

    I don't see a problem.

  4. MOJUKIN LOVER says:

    Nah we moved on from climate change. No one fell for the Greta bs. Now its the flu and financial and world dominance. Get with the times man. I mean it's all sponsored by the same mad men so it ain't difficult. It will be back to the Russians next no doubt. See ya

  5. intolead says:

    award winning architect me arse
    clueless fool morelike

  6. tim smith says:

    As someone who is also in Duncan's generation, he is 100% correct that we need our youth to solve this problem. I learned about climate change 20 years ago and tried to inform others, but no real interest usually.

  7. Stephen Strickland says:

    Oy vey…another tool…..we are heading for an ice age because of the sun…..this "science" has been marketed and politicized out of common sense.

  8. Vika Alefaio says:

    What a crock of shit… Capitalising on the fear of many for the profit of the elite few. The Religion of climatology is big business and a few people stand to make alot of $$$. It's a huge tax scam, that's all it is.

    Climate scientists have been CLEARLY wrong for the past 4decades to such an extent that they had to change their terminology. First they told us we're entering "a new and scary ice-age"..when that didn't pan out they then told us "Global warming" was going kill us and that the polar bears were dying. Then they changed global warming to "Climate change" because it's safe. Now, no matter what happens they can't be wrong. "See the climate just changed, we told ya.. we're the scientists.
    Funny how scientists never admit the worlds climate changes naturally when that's obviously what history shows and it's what we've been observing behind all the changing terminologies.

    Imagine that, begging the people on this earth with the biggest carbon footprint then hundreds of us combined to steal more of our wealth and the wealth of our unborn children so they can waste it as they pretend to do all of us a favour by cleaning up the earth.

    If these Governments actually cared about the atmosphere, they'd stop dropping bombs all over the earth, Politicians would stop jet setting all over the country side tryna doop people into voting, they'd end all the wars, they'd sease prohibition on oxygen omitting Canibus plants, and insure Governments would shut down the biggest gross polluters on the planet.. THEMSELVES!

    Can you even think of a bigger waste of resources then government? Can you think of a entity that pollutes the world on a grander scale then Government? And we're guna listen to the talking head Greta tunburgs of the world lecture us on how we need to be taking care of the planet? When they don't lift a finger to do their part?

    Unless and until the Government eliminate Government, activists need to keep their mouths shut about how badly they want us to save the planet as they try to coax us into begging those atmospheric destroying Governments to save us.

  9. WASSWA DAVIS says:

    Great talk programs. It's do sub to sub subscribing!!!!!!
    Check out in the link description below https://youtu.be/7uTIDToD-4I

  10. Joe White says:

    What a rube… clueless

  11. DouglasUrantia says:

    The Sun is causing climate change…there is NOTHING we can do about it. ALL of the planets are warming. Get a clue Duncan.

  12. HighCard! 1 says:

    CHEMTRAILS are the CAUSE. Google NEVER Brings that up. That in itself "Speaks Volumes". A No Brainer !!! C'mon Wake ,,,Wake,,, UP !!!

  13. HighCard! 1 says:

    Of course,,,no Fake News from the left. WHO'S Delusional???

  14. HighCard! 1 says:

    Harvard = Chinese Infiltrated,,,,Yale = Chinese Infiltrated. Nothing to see here. No FAKE INFO From these Left Wing Propaganda Institutions. The U.S. YOUTH Is The Target. Parents are TOO Trusting of our Education (Govt. Conditioning) institutions. Teach your child Facts, Truth. Not New Green Deal Lies. Not Nuclear Futures BEFORE WE ARE READY. We Are Not. We DO HAVE The Technology to use fossil fuels CLEANER. FACT. THEY'RE CALLED SCRUBBERS. Tobacco business is alive and well. We just let Other countries make the profits. American Farms went bankrupt. GREAT Solution. Farms bought by foreign conglomerates. Great.

  15. Rick Harold says:


  16. Stanley Goddard says:

    Deniers are so boring. They have nothing but gut feelings, ignore the experts, and scream a lot.

    Calm down, deniers. Read some science, feel better.

  17. John Quest says:

    Climate crusaders need to stop using fossil fuels every day – WTF – what
    HYPOCRITES! stop driving stop flying and no more phones…

  18. John Quest says:

    Climate crusaders need to stop using fossil fuels every day – WTF – what
    HYPOCRITES! stop driving stop flying and no more phones…

  19. John Quest says:

    Climate crusaders need to stop using fossil fuels every day – WTF – what
    HYPOCRITES! stop driving stop flying and no more phones…

  20. M del Mazo says:

    Sister Mary Grace or whatever his name is, is right, but Climate modelers are stealing my future too!
    Now it’s CO2 but big Oxygen will be pushing their poison soon.

    want to spread their pollution

  21. Caroline Roche says:

    "If you go back 8000 years Ireland was mostly forest. But we cleared the forests"… but now he wants farmers to grow grass to make biofuel? That won't help the forests. Getting rid of animals, a food source that sustained us for over 2 million years.. Really? A product that can be grown and purchased locally. Instead he wants us to ship rice, beans, avacadoes and all manner of tropical stuff that our bodies aren't designed to eat, from all over the globe (also leaving us vulnerable to big corporations that will quickly buy up these food chains). What are they going to fertilise the grass with.. Artificial fertilisers. Also a complete loss of biodiversity. I mean honestly I'm astounded. Duncan wants us all eating fake meat. And what about regenerative farming.. A proven way of making animal rearing sustainable. Chronic disease will hit a new high, consumerism will not deminish as you can get just aboutevery product 'vegan friendly' now. I always admired Duncan, not any more. He should have stuck to the Architecture.

  22. Meme Mine says:

    Science has NEVER said their SAVE THE PLANET crisis was 100% proven, NEVER!

    Prove me wrong.

    Are they also only 99% sure the planet isn't flat?

    If they said your mother was dying you would demand 100% PROOF but when they say the planet is dying you don't want proof?

    You will all be seen as silly fear mongering prophets of doom & laughably failed fortune tellers in your kid's history books. Stopping the weather with awareness events and taxes? This virus should be easy to fix then.

  23. Health and Wellbeing TV says:

    Duncan is getting auld

  24. Watcher505 says:

    Duncan has some serious abuse allegations against him.

  25. Meme Mine says:

    A History Lesson in the Future: "The Late Omen Worshiping Years" Circa 1985-2021
    There was a time when Humans thought they had the powers to stop the weather from changing by taxing the air & performing ritualistic "awareness events" as they called them to please the angry weather gods who they believed were punishing Humans for their selfishness & non conformity. Gradually climate blame was recognized as being one of the last vestiges of the herd mentality gene still existing in the Human DNA called; "liberalism", "globalism", "progressivism", "socialism" or "left-wing".

  26. Patrick LaBelle says:

    he says that the third world are the most victimized by green house gases.
    What hypocrisy (or stupidity). If the third world was deprived of fossil fuels,mortality rates and poverty would increase and they would be the most affected.

    Alarmist are really clueless.

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