Dragon’s Lair (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Dragon’s Lair (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dragon’s Lair (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

  1. Josh play ang 2 says:

    2019 anyone

  2. sandakureva says:

    Rewatching AVGN episodes just make me remember the old days.
    Back when Youtube was actually fun.

  3. Zeta0001 says:


  4. ThatGeek 806 says:

    And yet there exists a gameboy color version of the game which is a complete port of the original game, even using some bit-crushed voices for the princess, in magnificent pixelly glory. Seriously. It exists. Look it up, its insanr

  5. Spit Dragon says:


  6. Skeletty1710 says:

    Dirk looks like the one guy in the Disney The sword in the stone movie

  7. Jibzy Luigi says:

    "You dare to bring light to my lair? You must die!"
    Sorry, wrong video

  8. Wade Bawden says:

    THE DOOR! HAHA That made me laugh so hard.

  9. djemischief1 says:

    I fucking love this guy. You should be a fucking comedian! 😂😂

  10. one eyed chef says:

    how come you havent done dragon warrior?

  11. Nelson Muntz says:

    "Do you duck under the piss…or just stay up and take on the shit?" Rotflmfao… epic anthology!

  12. chrisll21 says:

    The analogy of piss and shitts make me laugh jajajaajaja

  13. Cod4 Wii says:

    this game is like a puzzle, a puzzle full of piss and poop

  14. FQuest says:

    AVGN was really ahead of his time

  15. Alexander Kim says:

    Stranger Things brought me here

  16. Shawn says:

    These old episodes are the best. There's an elegant simplicity to them.

  17. J. C. says:

    Dragon’s Lair Trilogy is coming out in a few days.

  18. Francis Marla says:


  19. Miguel Sanchez says:

    6:22 why 11? … Nostalgia Critic had his finger in this one!

  20. kokopingas98 says:


  21. WeedFur says:

    OwO <3 OwO OwO <3 OwO OwO <3 OwO

  22. Like Clockwork64 says:

    that old screw attack metroid theme brings me back

  23. Casper van Doorn says:

    Now do the Game Boy Colour version. Believe me, it's mutch better then the NES version.

  24. bootyshocka butt says:

    Lol 7:35 finally passed the bridge……love u nerd

  25. TeZoKi says:

    6:21 Subtle Spinal Tap reference. Nice!

  26. TheCasshole says:

    So I watch these while I get ready for work and the end when the Nerd hits the door made me spit toothpaste on the mirror.

  27. TruSandwich says:

    “Ya fuckers.”

  28. 심심물통 says:

    that ending made me lmfao

  29. alucardfu2 says:

    The beginning of Bullshit Souls, Dark Souls parody…

  30. Katrina O'Connor says:

    and avgn did you know death shity dragon's lair had a TV show

  31. Theroux says:

    5:53 the DOOOOOOOOR

  32. MBOZ _ says:

    The ending was so fucking perfect, approved by Nazbol Gang

  33. Johnny TYRRELL says:

    I'm looking at this again in 2019

  34. Lt. Fox Vixen says:

    This bitch was the Dark Souls of the 90's , you forget that an enemy waits you behind Door no.263? well too bad start all over again….

  35. ね子の動画 says:


  36. treat trick says:

    time gal is pretty

  37. Kris Shaw says:

    This game is butt cheese !!!!

  38. Zeta0001 says:


  39. Bunkernuts says:

    Question. How is the NES version of this game so terrible when the gameboy color version is animated like the arcade original and is so much better to play? And isn't the gameboy color hardware similar in power to that of the NES?

  40. chainmengaming _ says:

    8:52 HE DID IT GUYS! HE DID A 69 JOKE!

  41. supermariofan03 says:

    I'm able to go through so many obstacles in the original Dragon's Lair game (ported on the PS3), but I really hate the teatherball segment, because you never know if you're supposed to hit up right when you're on the screen or wait two seconds before pushing up.

  42. Alex Parr says:

    Off topic, but does anybody know that version of Pac-Man in the intro?

  43. Casper van Doorn says:

    Well… How about the Gameboy Colour version?

  44. God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 says:

    i'd rather 69 a grizzly bear while shoving KING KONG UP MY ASS

  45. En Japonés Con Rafy says:

    I actually finished this game. Not proud of all the time I wasted.

  46. attilathehun0 says:

    I rented Dragons liar for the Snes. The controls are so God Damn awful it's a MidEvil Itchy&Scratchy.

  47. Shylok says:

    Dragon's Lair 3D is actually a really good one, and it's not just a port of the arcade game.

  48. SuperSonicXD says:

    I'm surprised that you didn't play space ace

  49. Robert Downey Jr. says:

    I laughed when he pretend shot his fingers except for the middle one.

    Then I fucking lost it when he tried to storm out and the door killed him.

  50. caleb chavez says:

    The speedrun is 7 mins lol

  51. Melchie Oronos says:

    Should you’d duck

  52. Laben_ Venci says:

    Back when AVGN was just game reviews rather then having a weird story and a attempt to expand his acting career.

  53. cmallory7511 says:

    I remember Dragon's Lair for the SNES. 20 years later and I still don't think that I will ever beat that thing.

  54. zomgbab says:

    The original dark souls…

  55. Scott Crabtree says:

    Now…., tell me how you really feel…? Lol……

  56. Captain327 says:

    4:10 – why is the door deadly to the touch?

    A wizard did it.

  57. Airek Riggibs says:

    These videos are timeless

  58. V_A_N _C_E_ says:

    9:09 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  59. Lucky y Long says:

    imagine this dragon as a tutorial boss in dark souls

  60. fatjec says:

    I fucking hated this game at the arcade. I couldnt do shit . I beat every role playing game and this one was ass. Another was Faria for NES. I dont know if my cartridge had a glitch because I couldnt go to the next island. Fairly early in the game. I had the manual and some cheat magazine that showed you where to go and it woupdnt let me go past.

  61. Lee Lee Tan says:

    Too bad… AVGNerd. Let's try too hard play Dragon Lair by Nes.

  62. Patrick Quiroz says:

    Does anyone else notice that he does at one point throw the daggers while crouched?

  63. Y Zachary Zachary says:

    What time is it is angry building the time

  64. sliat1981 says:

    I had the PAL version. It’s not easier, trust me

  65. Josiah Hockenberry says:

    69 a bear? Ok, that's one vivid imagination…

  66. CharroArgentino says:

    His insults used to be pretty creative, nowadays all he talks about is shit. "I'd rather 69 a grizzly bear" is a pretty funny line.

  67. yuki nagato says:

    He also drinks "corona" beer, 2:24 behind the Nerd.

  68. Leandro Azevedo Vlogs says:

    2019 im here!!!

  69. Leo D. says:


  70. Lamboguy633 says:

    For some reason, Dirk in the NES version of Dragons Lair sorta reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  71. Czaroslaw says:

    I love it how for the majority of the video he's still stuck at the beginning.

  72. bruggetje says:

    what, he says everything kills you in 1 blow, and then @7:28 happens, he got hit by the bat… explain

  73. powergod988765 32 says:

    I can't believe I found only one person in the comments on this video that said they came from stranger things

  74. Lucas Hope says:

    Don’t get the g it closes the gate

  75. Apostolos Bulgarakis says:


  76. Nuulcoolpro says:


  77. Borsalino Kizaru says:

    I think Don Bluth is underrated

  78. TheGoldenNuggetYT says:

    Didn’t swear AT ALL until 2:58.

  79. Sub Zero says:

    Dragon's Lair for the NES isn't necessarily a terrible game, it's a decent challenge, but it's not much fun to play. The slow and delayed controls are frustrating. I just never could get into this game. I made it to about the 3rd or 4th area and never attempted to try to make it any farther. I lost interest in this game real fast.

  80. Ryan Cook says:

    What's bad is dragons lair on commodore 64 was better than this game

  81. jode boyd says:

    3:44 yes, called tiger games 😀

  82. milking cow suprise says:

    This game foreshadowed dark souls and blood Bourne ..

  83. Majora de Mayhem says:

    (just reads Hamlet)

  84. Liam McAllister says:

    Am I the only one who wants the angry video game nerd to review peppa pig for ds

  85. Youssef Dirani says:

    I love how the shirts underneath are all huge

  86. Freaky Leek says:

    The early days of pay to win.

  87. walter clements says:


  88. Andrew Alexander says:

    I had the PAL version back in the day, and it felt stiff and delayed like you say. Surely the US version wasnt even worse?

  89. Sir Dalton J. Lunday The 2nd says:


  90. Ethan Larudee says:

    Wow that's really fucked

  91. Ethan Larudee says:

    I remember when i tried it on the arcade back in the eighties and i got so pissed when i couldn't do shit on it. I was like my money. Horrible shit.

  92. Pedro Belle says:

    It's been ten years, but these videos are still fun to watch

  93. real Darth Vader says:

    So this is the grandfather of The Walking Dead game

  94. Jason mason says:

    I recently started binge watching Avgn and i both love and hate the intro i cant help but sing along

  95. Alec Hinshaw says:

    A side scrolling dragons lair game on nes is such a great idea
    But no, they just gotta f*ck it up.

  96. The Real CroissantLord says:

    This episode is already 10 years old?

  97. ominous thoughts says:

    To whoever has actually beat this game. I salute you and your perseverance.

  98. toxic gamer says:

    Your cant rightfuly review this game since you didnt complete it!

  99. Scumbag M says:

    You duck down under the piss of course.

  100. Michael Bredeway says:

    This video is now a decade old.
    Let that sink in.

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