Dragon’s Club: Overgrown Bromance | 용띠클럽 철부지 브로망스 : EP 4[SUB : KOR/ENG, 2018.1.2]

Dragon’s Club: Overgrown Bromance | 용띠클럽 철부지 브로망스 : EP 4[SUB : KOR/ENG, 2018.1.2]

(The true story of 20 years of friendship) (Dragon’s Club: Overgrown Bromance) (Episode 4: The sky blue sea) (The darkness came with indifference) (Making night at Gungchon more lonely) This location… It’s hard to find this place. When we saw this place on our first day, we said it was a great location. You can see it from anywhere. Remember how we said how great the location was? Everybody will be kept busy. We have to wait the tables. I wish we’d get a big group. – A big group? / – A big group? You think a big group would come? You expect a big group? Huh? What is it? – Is this for real? / – Those girls from before. What is it? – Is this for real? / – Those girls from before. Weren’t they the girls that were swimming? Is this for real? The girls from before. – Four of them, right? / – They’re in matching outfits. They were swimming earlier. – The door is closed here. / – This is the door. Weren’t they at the resort? Why are they dressed like that? They have makeup on too. – Can we come in? / – Sure, sure. You startled us. – Welcome! / – Welcome! Our first customers! – Come on in! / – Wow, we’re doing this. Come on in! Take a look at the menu. No, I’m sorry but… Please go put on some more clothes. They’re too… Did they come straight out of bed? This is the grand opening for us. Jang Hyuk has left the key at home despite it being the opening day today. So we couldn’t open the door. That door is too small for 4 people to fit through. It’s not like they’d come in side-by-side. Come in for now. Watch your step. The door sill is high. Careful. I wiped it down so it’s clean. – Gosh! / – Wow. Have a seat. Hello. Where are you all from? From Samcheok. You guys are from around here? – Yes. / – No, we all live in different places… – But we go to school in Samcheok. / – I see. Really? Hey, get to cooking. You’re the chef. I was just happy to talk to some customers. – Cook. / – But I want to talk when I meet people. What school are you guys from? Kangwon National University. KNU? Back in 1998 at KNU… Sorry about that. – Were you not born then? / – We were 3. – 3 years old? / – How old are you all? – We were born in 1995. / – I was born in 1994. We were in the class of 1995. – All of us. / – We’re the class of 2014. What major? Early childhood education. You all are angels! Wingless angels. You teach kids. Don’t you need practical training? We went through that. Come to my house. What’s their major? – What’s their major? / – Early childhood education. Thank you. – I love that major. / – If you come to my house… It would be great practical training. I have 3 very different kids. They’re all over the place. I should find something to do. Hyuk, sit over there. (Scoots) (A sculpture is headed towards me) (Glancing) He’s so handsome. He’s so handsome. (Hello, I’m your waiter, Jang Hyuk) (Your face is enough for us) (Right, hahaha) (Meanwhile) (Head chef Kyungin works the kitchen alone) (The girls ordered mussel soup) (Green onion roots, radish, and anchovy for broth) (He looks for something) (He seems a bit lost which is unusual) Mussels… (Mussels are missing) What are you doing? Are there dishes to wash? What are those? Mussels? Mussels. – I think I forgot the mussels. / – You forgot them? Then make something else. Why can’t I find the mussels? Can’t you make something else with this? Something else with seafood. – We have to put out something. / – Alright, alright. I’ll just make do with small octopus. Yeah, let’s do that. Keep in mind… It won’t be something you ordered. It’s food we can actually make now. – It’s an honor. / – Yes, it’s an honor. How long are you guys here visiting? Just overnight. – You came today? / – Yes. How did you come during the week? No classes. You came between classes? You guys must really like to party. Taking a trip right after noticing you had no class… – That’s not easy to do. / – They’re spirited. Yeah, they sure are. Is this pajama party that… – Girls do when they travel? / – Yes. So you know. We had one last night too. What is a pajama party? You just have fun in pajamas. And take photos. So are you supposed to go outdoors wearing pajamas too for a pajama party? Would you all like a drink? – Some beer? / – We have all kinds of alcohol. – After the food come out. / – We have rice wine. Just keep this in mind. The food might take a while. We’ll give you carrots as an appetizer. Do we have any? – Drink some beer. / – Of course. We haven’t served any food yet. – Is it beer or soju? / – Beer, soju or rice wine. Soju. You’d better not be sloppy drunks. It’s amazing to see celebrities cook. (All Jongkook usually does is eat) (But even he prepares a feast for the customers) Nice. – Now it’s like a business. / – Yeah. This is nice. – This is great. / – I can smell the food. – You’re all the same age? / – Yes. This is the first time all of us has traveled together as a group. We met when we were in our early 20s. Just like us. Right, around when we were your age. But life got so hectic. We never had time to travel like this. He’s done a lot of variety shows. So he talks too much. I’m sorry. I didn’t think he’d be talking from back there. – He’s so dreamy. / – Yes! – His face… / – Me? – Yes. / – Don’t I look better in person? – A lot better. / – It makes me so sad! Get to cooking. Geez, he’s so noisy. That’s where the host stands. Don’t serve them soju without any food. Hyuk, keep it in moderation. Since their glasses are empty… We have nothing here. Who’s supposed to get the carrots? Did he go to dig them up? Gosh… Taking so long for carrots. What is this? Carrots! – Carrots. / – Carrots and onions. Onions are good for you. I peeled and chopped them myself. This is what they do at fancy restaurants. Everything cooked… – On the order. / – Yes. We had nothing to do during the day. We noticed a coffee shop in the distance and just decided to go there. It was totally by chance. Then we noticed you four at the pool. We were hoping you all would come to our tent bar. It’s total darkness here at night. It’s true. The people… I bet it was scary walking here. – We had the camera flash on. / – Gosh… So you intended to come here? Or did you notice the lights and came? We were out walking and said, “What’s that?” This is perfect because… You four are only free today and yet you came here as our first customers on our grand opening. We’re the first customers? Wow… A bar opened by friends of 20 years. And you’re at the age when we all became friends. That’s amazing. It sure is nice to meet the teachers of my children. Kindergarten teachers must have it rough. – We can’t even… / – It’s true. – For real. / – I was shocked at the practical training. We all went to the training and this is our last semester. Where did you go for the training? Day care and kindergarten. So you really do that. Once our last semester started, some students had a change of heart. A change of heart? Before the practical training, they’d said, “A kindergarten teacher is the job for me.” Right, I totally get that. So we have a lot of concerns about that. Why? – It’s harder than you thought to teach kids? / – Yes. Will I be able to stick it out to the end? You haven’t even started yet. Why are you worried already? It’s scary to get started. Because you have to see it through until the end. I guess the practical training was really rough on you girls. It’s hard to watch kids. I think they came across a lot of difficulties. – 3-year-olds are wrong from 4-year-olds. / – True. And 5-year-olds are wrong from 6-year-olds. He keeps using the word “wrong” wrong. He keeps getting it wrong. 3-year-olds are different from 4-year-olds. He uses “wrong” instead of “different.” Out of the 5 professions I respect, one of them is the teacher. To teach someone is an amazing thing. – Especially… / – Infants. Kids that just started their lives. You decide what their future will be like. So I consider it a remarkable profession. I wish you’d take pride in that. And it’d be great to have a sense of duty. Alright, the food is coming up. (He didn’t bring the mussels) (But he used better ingredients) (To make today’s chef’s special, the seafood stew) Give it. I’ll serve it. This looks legit. – Thank you. / – Enjoy. Thank you for the food! – It’s really good. / – Is it? Main chef! They like it! Chef Hong of Jeju-do! They like it! Thank you. Don’t let that get cold. If it gets cold, we’ll reheat it. There’s sea cucumber too. I think my dad would love this. These are chicken gizzards after bowel movement. That’s unique. That’s what we call this. Have healthy bowel movements. Thank you. This looks good. – It looks so… / – Thank you for the food. – Made by Jongkook. / – So it’s not too salty… I’ve never seen Jongkook cook something. – Thank you for the food. / – Sure. To tell you about myself… From the cast of “Running Man,” I’m probably the second best at cooking. Then why did you tell us you can’t cook? – It’s perfect. / – Perfectly seasoned. Not bad, right? It’s not too salty, is it? Salt is bad for your health. What are you doing? I was curious. It’s good. It’s really good. This is good enough to sell. Hey, is it raining now? – Is it raining? / – Yeah. It’s drizzling a bit. Really? (Another welcome guest) (All these small coincidences) (Make our hearts as calm as the rain) (Hongcha’s Soup on a rainy day) Tent bars are great on rainy days. It’s coming down now. Wow, this is a lot. We’d better close the doors. – We should pull these down, right? / – Yeah. (They start putting down the tarps) It’s the cops! It’s the cops! – Are you girls minors? / – Are you minors? This is bad. What’s happening? (A moment later) (The wind goes away) This is like a dream. This will be a nice memory. This really will be a nice memory. I hope this becomes a happy memory. This will be a happy memory for us. It’s nice to meet you all. Nice to meet you. No need to turn away and drink! You’re the customers. Yeah, the customer is king. – We’re… / – This is delicious. Not that old. How many years apart are we? – You guys are 23? / – Yes. 19 years apart. You all look so young. Because of our profession… (The night gets deeper) Looks like the rain stopped. I guess so. ♪ I guess so ♪ Ask Jongkook to sing. I find this so much fun. (Let me warm my voice up) (The most excited) Did you turn it up a key? Should I do this? (“It’s Fortunate” by Lee Juck) (♪ That I could make food to share with you ♪) (We ate that food) (♪ After meeting you ♪) (♪ I could hold your sore hand ♪) He has no girl to hold his hand. This is like a live music bar. They don’t have tent bars like this. (♪ It’s fortunate ♪) (♪ For this beautiful world placing you here ♪) (♪ I’m thankful ♪) (For Jongkook the big eater) (Kyungmin makes spicy chicken stew) (♪ Even under a wet roof ♪) (♪ I’m not getting tossed there by myself ♪) (♪ Tiring daily life ♪) (♪ And hard survival ♪) (♪ It’s not all meaningless ♪) (♪ It’s all because of you, who are amazing ♪) (♪ Have stayed by my side ♪) (The moth is also getting into it) (Jongkook’s rendition of “It’s Fortunate”) (Thunderous applause) – The key was a bit low. / – Kim Jongkook! – Kim Jongkook! / – It was a bit low. (I can’t believe this guy) We should’ve raised it more than one key. I haven’t heard him sing in a while. That was nice. – So therapeutic. / – As I was listening to him sing… Old memories came flooding back. – It was… / – With the rain and all. This is nice. – You have an amazing voice. / – Thank you. – It’s appealing. / – It’s amazing. Appealing… Such a dated term. So if you’re about to graduate… You’ll be apart from each other soon. You won’t be working at the same place, right? No, we’ll all be apart. Try to have a lot of fun together. They’ll have many more good times after this. Even if you don’t get to see each other often, you’ll stay in each other’s hearts so you’ll keep meeting up. Go home safely and I hope you have a fun trip. We have to take these back, right? This is so good. – I’ll make more at home. / – Yeah. Stop eating and let’s have a toast. He really looks like he’s enjoying the food. Can we end the night with a song from Kyungmin? Kyungmin, you can wrap up the night. – We’ll have a toast first. / – Yeah. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Kyungmin, pick a song. (What song did Kyungmin pick?) I’m sorry because this is a really old song. It’s a song for when you miss your friends. (“To My Friend” by Cho Yongpil) (♪ My dream sleeps in the sky ♪) (♪ My memories pass by with the clouds ♪) (♪ My friend, where have you gone to? ♪) (♪ My friend that I miss ♪) (♪ Every time we think of the past ♪) (♪ We look for our lost friendship ♪) (♪ My friend, will we see each other in our dreams? ♪) (♪ I quietly close my eyes ♪) Get in the shot. All of you. Can we all fit? – We will. / – Make sure you see yourself. This is tough. 1, 2, 3. One more. This was delicious. This is all there’s left? That’s fine. I guess we do take-out here too. Lucky day for you guys. If you weren’t leaving tomorrow, we’d love to have you tomorrow night. It sure would be nice if we got the same customers the next day. Careful! What will we do about this mess? Put them away. Let’s make the most of the left over containers. (Take the dirty dishes and food waste back home) (Hongcha’s Soup ends their first night of business) Good work. You all worked hard. Look at him carry what he’s going to eat. I really liked it when you guys sang. As long as you all liked it… It made me feel good that the girls enjoyed it. They were an excuse. I wanted to hear you sing. I thought so, which is why I sang. Even though we’re all celebrities… I sang for the girls but I also sang because Kyungin wanted me to. I haven’t heard you sing live in a while. Live… Did you leave the lights on? It was nice. It made me so happy. I love you, man. We have to find the key when we get in. It’ll be in there. – Somewhere. / – Where did it go? This is bad. I hope it’s here. (Where did it go?) (He can’t find the key anywhere) (He keeps looking but he can’t find the key) (Is it in the pants I wore yesterday?) Oh, here it is. – You found it? / – I found it. It was in my pants. (At least he found it) Taehyun, in case I forget… Look. – There? / – Over there. I found it. – You found it? / – Yeah. It was in my pants. Nice job. So we’ll leave tomorrow at 9:30. We’ll wake up at 8:30. Tomorrow’s going to be fun. I’m excited. It’s fun to try something new. I’m with Taehyun and all my friends. We’re taking a trip near Yangyang. Wow, that sounds nice. So we were thinking of surfing at Yangyang and then we thought of you. – Well… I’d love to go. / – Okay. – Come to Jukdo Beach. / – Okay! Thanks. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow, Joon. Bye. What if it rains when we’re surfing? – It won’t rain tomorrow. / – Not tomorrow. – It’ll be clear tomorrow. / – It’s just today. (Clean) (The lighthouses seem brighter tonight) (They’re more tired today as they served customers) (It’s the 3rd morning in Gungchon) (What’s for breakfast?) Guys, it’s 8:45. If we’re leaving at 9:30… – We should start getting ready. / – What time is it? – 8:45. / – We should get up then. That way we’ll be out by 9:30. (Squirming) (Huh? Where’s Hyuk?) (He woke up the earliest) (Goes straight to the rooftop as usual) (Starts exercising with his back towards the sun) (His face is still bloated) (But he continues exercising) (The heavy breathing of a real man) (The arms and legs are just there to support) (Breathless) (He had another intense work-out today) (Checking the rice) Should we make instant noodles and eat that with rice? Sounds good. Get up and start getting ready. (Kyungmin manages to get up) (Kyungin starts to cook something) I’ll make the instant noodles. (Water level is the key in making instant noodles) (Hacking the Spam up with a spoon) (The kimchi stir-fry is finished) (Beside it, the noodles are nearly done too) (The delicious smell gets Jongkook up) Come eat. This should be good. Taehyun, come eat. This kimchi stir-fry is great! (They eat breakfast on the floor again) – This is good. / – Right? It’s hot. – Is that yesterday’s rice? / – Yeah. It looks good. – There were some left? / – Yeah. (Blowing) (Nom) I don’t need any other side dish. Just kimchi stir-fry. (Slurp) (A totally satisfying breakfast) That was great! What a breakfast… Very filling. (They’ll go to Jukdo Beach in Yangyang today) (Today, they’ll learn to surf from Joon Park) (Jukdo Beach in Yangyang) (The Dragon’s Club will hit the sky blue water soon) (He hurries to get ready) (Jongkook’s muscles are good for getting ready too) (Thorough) Let’s get it! (They put on sunscreen and go out for some fun) It’s just a hassle to go. It’ll be fun when we’re there. Okay! I’m excited! I’m so excited! For sure. There’s a basketball hoop? – Yeah. / – Don’t ask to play basketball. Can you play basketball? Oh, come on… I grew up reading “Slam Dunk.” You have to be tall for basketball. – You can play guard. / – Be Ryuta. – It’s Ryota! / – Who’s Ryuta? Who’s Ryuta? Wrap him up? – Gosh… / – I got it confused with Hyun Jooyup. How did you mix that up? He said Ryuta… They play different positions. – It’s a comic book versus reality. / – Yeah. How could you mix that up? And the personalities of Ryota and Hyun Jooyup… They’re totally different. I got mixed up. It was a long time ago. How could you mix that up? The day just started and you’re already like this. My image will change once this show airs. They should air a special of just your mix-ups. (So much footage to work with for Hyuk’s mistakes) Come to think of it… You’ve surfed before, right? Once. It’s hard to paddle. You know those flippers for your hands? – Know what I mean? / – Yeah. They have webbed gloves. – They do. / – You know? – Wouldn’t they make things a lot easier? / – I bet. – Right? / – Yeah. – But they don’t look cool. / – Right. When you go surfing… – It’s important to look cool. / – Of course. It’s a sport where you have to look cool. Isn’t it better to be comfortable? – Comfortable and… / – And practical. (Hyuk has a comment about the swimming gloves) Wear them if nobody’s looking. Take them off if someone’s nearby. – Wear them when you’re out far? / – Yeah. You have to ride well to look cool. You could be dressed in all the coolest gear but if you can’t ride… You have to ride well to look cool. You could be dressed in all the coolest gear but if you can’t ride… You have to ride well to look cool. But if you can’t ride… We have to learn before we go into the water. Before we start. Take the exit at South Samcheok. Not at thumbs up? Thumbs up? Jukdo… It’s my first time going there. Isn’t there an island called Jukdo? Yeah and… The Japanese call Dokdo, Takeshima. But doesn’t that mean Jukdo? – Yeah. / – Right? They should be beaten with wooden swords. Beat them within an inch of their lives. They call Dokdo, Takeshima so they need a beating. (They keep making puns about Jukdo) (Started with worrying about east most Dokdo) (The road to Yangyang was filled with worries) (And a lot of rambling) I want to watch “I Can Speak.” That’s tomorrow. (First day at Gungchon) What are you looking for? A theater for Thursday. Where’s a theater near here? It’s probably downtown. – Will the movie show that day? / – It will. I hear the movie’s really sad. Let’s have a cry. Is there a reason we’re watching that movie tomorrow? – It comes out tomorrow. / – Comes out tomorrow. Hyuk, you wake up and work out. – It’s part of your cycle. / – Yeah. For me, if I was home on Thursday… And “I Can Speak” comes out, I’d have gone to see it so that’s why. Do you go watch early morning movies? It’s been forever since I’ve done that. This will be a nice memory. Early morning shows are good because… Suchan goes to school at 7:30 and all my kids are gone by 9:30. That’s when nobody’s around. I have time to do stuff then. – At that time… / – The time for housewives. – He’s Housewife Cha. / – Like having brunch… So you use that time. I figure you’d sleep at that time since you’re tired. So do people come to early morning movies? – In Seoul? / – Not a lot of people. Early morning movies are $1 cheaper. Oh, yeah? Now, the rate depends on the time and your seat. I once went to an early morning movie and it was just me there. I felt really bad. They wouldn’t show the movie if I wasn’t there. Not true. They’ll always play by the schedule. Don’t be sorry. – They’ll always play the movie? / – Of course. – Even without an audience? / – They have to. Really? – Back when it was a projector… / – That’s the past. – Back in the day. / – They really show the movie? – Of course they do. / – Isn’t that a waste? – A waste? / – Why show the movie? It sounds wasteful. They can’t not show it. – I should make a suggestion. / – Because… Some customers don’t show up right on time. Since they might come later? – Like in the middle of the movie? / – Yeah. Oh… I guess that sounds right. But that still sounds like a huge waste of electricity. When you watch a movie alone, I thought it would be like renting the entire theater. But it’s actually scary. There are a lot of theaters. I think movies for theaters will start to fade away. 10 to 15 years later, even video games will be wrong. You mean different. – Beyond our imagination… / – They’ll be different. They’ll be different. He’s not going to fix that habit over this trip. Different. Wrong. I’m sorry about that. What if I say “different” when it should be “wrong?” That’s the mistake that most Koreans make. – Yeah. / – “Different” and “wrong.” “To point” and “to teach.” We’re not supposed to talk like that? The public will watch this. We should speak properly. Remember how awkward it was when they started calling primary school, elementary school? But now primary school sounds more awkward. – We’re from the primary school era. / – Yeah. We had military drills in high school. Kids these days laugh at that term. (High school military drills) (Became mandated in high schools in 1969) (Boys learned bayonet fighting and marching drills) (Girls learned marching drills and first aid) (The program was shut down in 1997) (These uniforms brought joy and sorrow to boys) I wore the high school military uniform a lot. If you knew the teacher would beat you, you’d wear your military uniform underneath. I don’t know why I even wore that underneath… – If I think about it now. / – You’d still get caught. They can’t hit you in school these days. They can’t do that now. They don’t hit you at all these days? You’d get in big trouble. Not even parents hit their kids now. They don’t hit kids at all in school now? Not even a slap on the palms? A ruler to the palms could really get you in trouble. What are you talking about? – They don’t hit you at all? / – Yeah. If they stood you up at the chalkboard and hit you with a broom on the butt like they used to… You could get arrested, fool. In our days, they did beat us emotionally. That happened a lot too. But now they take teachers for fools. There needs to be corporal punishment. We used to call it the day of beating… When our report cards came out. Yeah. Right, right. I got in trouble. That slap, slap, slap! I bet my butt was really strong back then. Strangely, even after a beating, I still never thought I did anything wrong. Sometimes I didn’t deserve it. When I was in high school, I got beaten every day. Later on, it doesn’t even hurt. Your pride won’t allow it. Showing your pain. – For real. / – So you tried to act cool. It’s not to the teacher, more to the classmates… – Since the classmates are watching. / – Yeah. So if you take it like a wimp, or dodge or show you’re in pain… It makes you look bad. So when taking a beating… Even if it’s 10 strikes. Slap, slap, slap. – If you just take them all, you look real cool. / – Yes. It impresses them. If you act like it hurts, the teacher takes it easy. You have to endure it even if it hurts like crazy! (Kyungin in the movie, “Our Twisted Hero”) (All those eyes on me) (If I act hurt, I’ll lose respect) It’s funny that you have to act like it doesn’t hurt during a beating. It’s ridiculous. It actually feels better to kneel and rub your thighs at few time. That makes it a bit easier. Hold yourself up straight. (This was a common occurrence back in the day?) Hold yourself up straight! “Teacher, hold on…” “Hold on…” “Teacher, I’m about to die here!” “My back! You hit my back!” “My legs… I can’t feel my legs…” (They can laugh about it now) Some kids made a fuss after taking just one hit. But the teachers were thinking of our futures. It’s true. It’s out of love. Like a Moon Pie. Because you didn’t know back then. You think you know everything at that age. You’re so cocky and you think you’re all that. But when you look back, you really regret it. Yeah. Why didn’t I know back then? (They’re headed to Yangyang to go surfing) (The last tollgate before Yangyang) That’s how it was. Back then… – The hottest singer was K2. / – Yeah. What was that song… “Because I Love You?” – Come on… / – That’s Yu Jaeha. What is it? ♪ So beautiful it’s sad ♪ “So Beautiful It’s Sad.” Not that one. – “Between Love and Friendship?” / – No. – ♪ The glass castle ♪ / – Just hold on. “The More I Love.” – That’s Boohwal. / – Boohwal… Isn’t that K2’s? Thank you. Roo’ra came out later than you guys, right? – Roo’ra came out before me. / – Really? I was in the last episode of “K-pop Top 10” in 1997. – I’m in the group photo too. / – You are? Yeah. Back then… “K-pop Top 10” of 2nd week of February. It’s Hong Kyungmin. (Hong Kyungmin) (He looks so young in his early 20s) This song went down 3 places. 7th is Eco’s “Happy Me.” 6th is Yangpa’s “I Want to Know.” 4th is SES’s “I’m Your Girl.” 3rd after going up 4 places, Kim Gunmo. Lee Hyunwoo’s “Day After Breaking Up” is going for the golden cup. Also shooting for 1st is Turbo’s “December” and they’ll face off today. (“Day After Breaking Up” was a huge hit then) (Turbo was also a candidate for the 1st place) The 1st place winner is… With 1,742 votes! Lee Hyunwoo! (The show was cancelled due to the IMF crisis) He wins the golden cup! Thank you, Turbo. Back in our day… Lee Sooman was a host. When H.O.T’s first album came out, he passed out their CDs to promote them. For me, I address Lee Sooman as a senior singer. But everyone else calls him President Lee now. I think I just addressed him as an older brother. I guess everyone calls him differently. I guess we’re almost there. – We’re here. / – We’re here now. This is nice. – Now this is the place. / – It’s nice. Really nice. Look how pretty it looks. – Now this is it. / – Let’s check it out. That’s it? We’re here. (The Dragon’s Club is in Yangyang!) – Good work, Jongkook. / – No sweat. A lot of them are surfing. (The sea is more blue than the clear sky) (The mecca for surfers) (A man that conquers the waves) This is great. I love it here. It’s so nice. This is perfect. Should we get some coffee? Where? I saw a coffee shop over there. Let’s get some coffee. We can’t do anything before Joon gets here. Let’s get some coffee. – Over there. / – Yeah, some coffee. It looks so nice. The East Sea is the best. They have seawalls here, it’s not too deep and there are waves. This place is perfect for surfing. That’s how it is in Guam. Don’t we put on our wetsuits here? Where are those guys going? Why are they going that way? Why are you going over there? – Do we know the way? / – Hey! Guys! Oh, we’re getting coffee first. – Coffee? / – Over there. Go, go, go. How did you forget that we’re on our way to get coffee? – I thought… / – This is nuts. I didn’t hear that. – I was wondering where they were going. / – Yeah. 3 iced Americano, 1 iced latte and one hot latte please. Isn’t this cool? What’s that? Iced Americano. – For surfers… / – This is how it’s served? People might think this is beer. This is how it’s served? – They do here. / – It’s for the surfers. Since we’re surfers today. We’re surfers. (These guys know how to enjoy their coffee) – It’s good. / – It’s bitter. (Disbelief) Add some syrup. Go add some syrup. This is so cool! Just like a surfer. I said before. – It’s a cool sport. / – Your high tone is back. I guess the beach excites you. Looks like Joon. Isn’t that Joon? – It’s Joon. / – Joon. Joon! (Joon Park suddenly shows up) Dang it! Cameras! So this is a shoot! No, Joon. Joon. Don’t worry about the cameras. Just have fun. It’s not like a TV show. They’re just shooting us. Anyway, I really have to pee, man. – Wow! Long time no see. / – For real. Let me go pee. Stay right there. (A moment later) I didn’t get any sleep last night! We called you up so suddenly. Joon, I should learn how to surf from you. It’s my first time. I’m not lying here. – I just slept 30 minutes on the way here. / – Really? – We didn’t sleep much either. / – Was it your baby? My baby kept me up. I didn’t get much sleep but honestly… It’s a really bad day for me today. I can’t surf today. I brought a shortboard. – But it’s perfect for you guys. / – Really? Perfect for learning how to surf. You can start riding waves from the start. This is a very good day for you guys. – Perfect weather. / – Yeah. Not for me though! I drove for 3 hours and there are no waves. Let’s get suited up for now. We’ll change into wetsuits. Hello. Women’s sizes will fit me. – Cut it in half for him. / – I’ll take the smallest size. You still haven’t grown. I’m finished growing. Now you’re shrinking. This would be better. How much do you weigh? 78kg. This will be tight. It’s good if it’s tight. No water will get in. And the suit will expand in the water. (Jongkook gets his wetsuit on) Do I have to zip up? I’ll zip this up for you. Raise your arms. Okay. Hey… (Something is off) This is… I think you’re wearing this inside-out. – It’s inside-out. / – Really? That’s your wetsuit? I was trying to zip him up… I was wondering why it was on the inside. I thought this was part of the design. It looks nice and tidy. Mine is from 1993. Why aren’t you getting changed? He’s finding my size. – Is it on right? / – Yeah. You have the look of a surfer. – He does. / – You have that look. With his broad shoulders… He looks cool. (His broad back is showing) (Now let’s get suited up like real surfers) Raise your arms. That’s it. This is how it goes. Something felt off before. (He finishes his coffee for surfers) (Looking like a true surfer) All of you will stand on your boards today. (They all get suited up one by one) – Now it feels like a trip. / – This should be fun. (Please just go surfing) (The guys are ready to go surfing!) – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! How you like me now? I’m in the mix! I want to get better and ride a shortboard. Yeah, it seems easier to carry. I want a shortboard. – If you can ride today, let’s go to Bali. / – I’d like that. – It’s so tiring to carry this. / – That sounds great. Personally, I like this culture. – This feeling. / – Yeah. The beach… – Yeah. / – Tanning… Everyone, gather this way. (Today’s surfing instructor, Kim Jeonggyu) Sit on the ground. (They sit) Please keep this in mind. The water is a lot shallower than you’d think. Don’t jump off on your ankles. You’re not allowed to do that. The water is really shallow. Protect your face when you come out of the water. Since the board could hit you. You could get hit by your own board or get hit by someone else’s board. The board should always face the sea or the land. Even me. I tried to get my board wet just now and I got hit. – It’s swollen now. / – Really? We’re not strong enough. I don’t know if the cameras caught that. My sunglasses got knocked back! So I was wondering if they caught that. Fortunately, they didn’t film that. It’s swollen here now. (Even the helicam got it) (Sorry, all our cameras caught that) We can’t control it. Continue, please. You want your board pointing in the direction the wave is going. If you’re on your stomachs here… You lift up your upper body as high as possible. Your shoulders should face up. Even when you’re paddling, keep your shoulders still. This pose. And keep this in your head. Pretend there’s a hedgehog here. – And you can’t touch it. / – Or it’ll hurt. Get what I’m saying? Pretend it’s a bomb that’ll explode if you press down. It’ll explode! It could explode. That’s right! Got it. This is hard for the teacher too. Now increase your speed. Paddle. The wave is pushing you now. Then I’ll give you the sign to go up. Up! Stand up. And you’ll ride the wave like that. Face forward. Do not look down. Keep yourself… Standing is the hardest part. But once you stand… You get what I’m saying? As soon as you stand, you face forward. You know what I’m saying? Then you’re cruising. Motion! The wave. (The guys start getting warmed up) (He gets the guys dancing on the surf board) I think you guys will do well. Everything is gradually coming together. Bam! You get what I’m saying? (All preparations are complete) (These 5 men’s very first surfing) (The Dragon’s Club’s surfing debut) (It starts now) (Jongkook takes the lead) (Even carrying the boards with them is difficult) This is really shallow. (As the surfing newbies struggle) (Joon) (He’s looking for some good waves to surf on) (Jongkook is the first one ready) (Really nervous) (Huh?) (Gasping for breath) (Up!) (A strong current) (Will he stand up?) (Wow) Wow, in one try. Slowly. (Will Kyungin stand too?) (We didn’t think so) Don’t look down. You’ll fall in if you look down. (Too bad) (Kyungmin gives it a shot and fails) (Taehyun too) (He remembers his safety training) (As the surfing newbies struggle) Standing is the hardest. (Hyuk remembers) (Joon’s teaching) (I’ll show you, guys) (How I’m different) (Very different) (Hyuk) (Even the reliable Hyuk falls off) (They were excited to try something new) (They keep falling off their boards) (It’s not easy to learn something new at 40) It’s too deep for me. What a shame, I had to ride that wave. (But) Go, go, go, go! (Joon has been surfing for half his life) Too bad. (They have the support of an expert surfer, Joon) (While they’re surfing) Find your balance, lift your shoulders and paddle. Paddle. Lightly, precisely. Up! Go, go, go, go, go! (This is the longest any of the guys have stood) (Amazing) Wow! (I’m jealous) (Kyungmin stands up too) (I did it) (Pretty satisfied) Hey! That’s his best one so far. Yo! (I want to stand up too) That was a good wave too. Precisely, lightly, like a butterfly… Up. (Even Jongkook with a body like an armor) (And Kyungin, who knows how to enjoy) (Success) (Now only Hyuk has to stand) Don’t worry about my board and just ride. (Poor Hyuk) (Titanic?) (I guess I can’t do it) (The Hong brothers watch quietly) Let’s just get this once. (Here comes a good wave!) (Let me get it this time) (I want to show how cool I am) You’re doing great! (It took him a while but it was perfect) (This is how Jang Hyuk surfs) (His surfing makes everyone give him the thumbs up) This is fun. (Surfing is so much fun) (Even better with friends of 20 years) (Our first time surfing) (Another nice memory for us) (A sunny afternoon in Yangyang) (On their way to Thai restaurant for lunch) It’s not really a walking distance. This place reminds me of old Korea. – Yeah. / – Right? When I visited Korea back in the day… What was it called? I’d go buy sesame oil. – I’d carry sesame oil. / – Sesame oil? – They used to make fresh sesame oil. / – Sesame oil. Right. It’s here. – Hello. / – Kokun kap! – Kokun kap. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. I don’t know much about Thai food. Just order a bunch of stuff. – Pad thai and other stuff. / – Get anything. Just bring us whatever. Bring us the most authentic Thai dishes here. We’ll leave it to you. So how was it for you guys? This vibe really suits me. – The vibe. / – The vibe of this neighborhood. The vibe here and… – Stuff like that. / – It’s Cali-style? Yeah, like California. These two… You had good balance and so did you… – But you need to loosen up. / – Yeah. Even back during his auditions as a rookie, they’d tell him to loosen up when acting. He’d always be like… He’d be like this back at our dorms. I’d be like, “Hyuk, what are you doing?” “I’m practicing.” I never did that! No way. Know what’s funny? When he went to take photos… I came back from somewhere. Hyuk, Yoon Kyesang, Son Hoyoung and Danny Ahn were talking seriously. I was like, “What are you talking about?” “Just hold on.” So I listened. “When getting photographed…” You remember this? “When getting photographed… Even when you’re tying your shoes…” To show them why you’re tying your shoelace. You have to do it with feeling. The other god guys… Hoyoung was like 18 years old then. “Oh, really?” He disciplined the kid? You should know the meaning behind tying a shoe. Yet he’d fail all his auditions! – Then… / – Gosh, this is hilarious. It was so funny. Before he had an audition… We kept all our clothes in the basement. All our clothes were mixed up. So before an audition… “Joon, I’m going to get dressed.” He’d come up wearing mismatching colors. Like brown with red… “How do I look?” We’d say no good. He kept changing. He was always late for auditions. He did that every time. Then when he went in a t-shirt and jeans… He got that role in “Model.” Besides that, I did “Zzang” with Kyungin. – That’s true. / – “Zzang.” “Zzang!” – “Zzang.” / – Yeah. And then… Back when god first started, it was just us two. Yeah, it was just us two. This is Thai crab curry. Interesting. What’s this? Do you scoop this on the rice? – It’s curry? / – Curry. Shall we have a taste? – Let’s all take a spoonful. / – A spoonful. This is delicious. This is good. (Yum!) The owner here… Wow, this is delicious. I don’t think this is enough rice, ma’am. – Yes, I’ll bring more. / – Okay. Wow, this stuff is great. Here’s pad thai. Squeeze some lemon juice on it. This is tom yum goong. (It’s more fun since they’re eating together) After surfing… After playing in the water… It’s nice to have something to eat. (After they fill up on lunch with Joon) We didn’t get to eat much back in the day. You guys know. We were so small back then. We’d eat properly for a week and then starve for 3 weeks. We’d barely get to eat for 3 weeks. One of the guys at the agency… Took us out for barbecue… So we could eat well at least once a month. We’d pig out. We’d be looking for Hyuk… – He’d be in the bathroom. / – You did that too. He’d be throwing up! “Why are you throwing up?” “So that I can eat more.” Really? I wasn’t the only one to do that. We all did. It’s ignorant but that’s how much we missed putting food in our mouths to fill our bellies. There was a guy named Heong too. Heong does this. – He’s a DJ? / – He’s Vietnamese-American. He always said the same thing in Korean. “I’m hungry. Feed me.” He spoke no other Korean. He’s the one that came up with shrimp congee. We came back from somewhere. We had no food. Yet he was eating something that was really good. “What are you eating?” We asked him. “Shrimp congee, man!” We asked, “Where did you get that?” He smashed up shrimp chips into dust, added water, heated it in the microwave… – And ate it once it got bloated. / – Oh, my God. So we tried it too. It was freaking delicious. We just added some soy sauce. It’s funnier that you actually tried it too. He had it with soy sauce. My favorite thing was this. On a lazy day with weather like this… We’d always be cleaning. I asked, “Joon, you got something?” He had $100 then. – $100. From Kim Suna… / – Wow, $100…. – She was with us. / – To be in god. So the three of us went to an amusement park. That $100 then… He didn’t know 100 U.S. dollars then. He came up from Busan. – Back then… / – I didn’t know how much it was. He thought $100 USD was 1 million Korean won. He asked, “How much is this?” I was 20 years old then. But we bought all-day passes with that. We had a great time. We bought one hot dog and split it. I bought instant noodles for Kyesang. You should edit this out. I took Kyesang out for noodles. The guys were supposed to go practice. I told him to come and I took him to the sauna. He said he couldn’t eat the noodles. When everyone else was… He’s a loyal guy. He refused the food. “How could I eat this when none of the other guys get to eat?” I said, “Eat it, fool.” “Hyuk, I really can’t.” I bet he still probably ate a ton. Two bowls… This is how I convinced him. “If Joon passes out, you have to carry him.” Chopsticks like these at our dorm… Disposable chopsticks after eating instant noodles… We’d be sucking the remaining flavor off them. Know what they taste like after 30 minutes of that? Like bamboo. – Gosh… / – You had an important audition then. Before that audition… He came back from somewhere and he had scratches on his chin and nose. – Why? / – So the guy… – Don’t tell them. / – The CEO said… “Did you get in a fight?” He asked what happened. It’s from diving into the bathtub at the sauna… It wasn’t the bathtub at the sauna. It wasn’t from that. – Not the bathtub at the sauna. / – The cold bath. No, no. Not that. There’s a volleyball net. – That was later. / – That’s when I had the audition. From that… They were playing soccer and… – Bonk! / – Bonk! The ball came and… “I got it! I got it!” He ran face-first into the goal post… I was looking at the ball. – That’s why we like him. / – True. It was 3 steps in front of me… It makes him likable. Since he’s a klutz. This doesn’t happen to most people. It’s charming! Getting so serious about tying his shoes. Stuff like that happens to Hyuk all the time. Putting on pain-relief patches without taking the plastic off. That’s enough already. I’m a father of three now. – He didn’t take the plastic off! / – Right. “Hey, is this a new kind of patch? I don’t feel anything at all.” After sticking them on. After feeling no effect for a while, he checked and the plastic wrap was still on it. I’m here now because of experiences like that. How would I know that from the beginning? Taking the plastic off… Most of the popular groups back then didn’t go through all that. Only god… You guys went through that dated 1980s style… Starving artists… – Not being able to eat. / – That’s not 1980s style. That’s Korean War style. Only god! That’s why god stays in my head more than any other group. Yeah, that’s probably why. (Hyuk has been friends with god for 20 years) (They were together when they struggled) (Their bond became stronger) Back then, as you know, there was the IMF crisis. Our CEO was broke. He figured if he didn’t pay our electricity bills or feed us that we’d all run away somewhere. But we were still there 3 months later. All of us were 30kg lighter though. We waited. He felt bad and amazed so he let us put an album out. I weighed 98kg when I first got to Korea but I dropped to 67kg there. You played an unmixed version of “To My Mother.” “To My Mother” is an amazing song. The unmixed version might be better. Before “To My Mother” was released… He played it for me and I cried at home. I cried in my car. That wasn’t the original music video for the song. That’s not the music video. (Hyuk acted in the “To My Mother” music video) (It wasn’t like this at first?) When I heard I’d be doing the music video… I thought a director would come… – You know? / – Yeah, he filmed us. He told me to shadowbox. To just keep going until the end. With my sleeves like this… He said to express my rage for the world through shadowboxing. So I kept at it. That’s when I didn’t even learn boxing yet. And that’s why I started boxing. So I went at it for like 3 minutes. Expressing rage and despair… I went at it. He finished filming. So for the entire music video… Besides the scenes with Joon and god… It just showed me shadowboxing. – But… / – That sounds funny. Shadowboxing through the entire video… We were… I was just… Featured once at the end. I’m not even in the beginning. You have to wait. Then they totally changed the concept. A place called Uno Film… – Back in the day… / – Uno Film. Yeah, it was them. – They shot the video. / – They did film production. Different location and people… – But it’s a talk show again. / – Shaved ice anyone? – Shaved ice? / – Wow! Let’s get shaved ice! – Shaved ice! / – So I guess we’ll continue there. Yeah, we’ll go get shaved ice. For part 2. Good-bye! Thank goodness it’s nice out. Great weather today. I love this lifestyle. I love this beachside lifestyle. It suits me well. It feels stuffy when you’re in Seoul sometimes. This place is great. Look at those trees. – They’re all palm trees in California. / – Yeah. But I find it so pretty that Korea has pine trees by the beach. What’s up, brother! We want some shaved ice! 3 bowls of shaved ice. Look at this… (Jongkook wants to take a selfie) (He wants to remember this day with Joon) It’s so pretty… All of it. Relaxing like this… Last year before I had my child, I was obsessed with this place. I’d go… – Yeah, you always invited me. / – Yeah, all the time. This place… If you come here… You feel at peace. (Under the warm sun) (They enjoy a relaxed afternoon) (Spacing out) Gosh… This is… This… This ice… This is made from shaved coconut water. – Here it is. / – There it is. Hold on. Hold on. My bad. This is kind of embarrassing… This is great, right? It’s perfect. Got it! (A bowl of shaved ice after surfing) (I had to cautiously take this shot in front of the guys) Mix it up and eat it. This stuff is… (Joon takes a big bite) (Kyungin takes a bite too) That’s good. Right? – It’s legit? / – It’s legit. This is delicious. This stuff… The feeling… Is different. See that? Even Joon just said “different.” – He learned well. / – Joon speaks more properly. He learned proper Korean. What? Koreans… Get “different” and “wrong” mixed up. Really? Yes. You said “different.” He doesn’t even notice when he says it. Just stop it. It’s “wrong” versus “different.” – Yeah, that’s right. / – Yeah. How many days are you guys shooting this? A week. A week? Really? Today is day 3. Where are you all going tomorrow? We don’t have anything to do. Just… We’re always thinking of what to do next. We make the plans. Go there. There’s somewhere nice? Right here. If you go up where we went surfing, there’s a temple on the mountain. I’m not Buddhist… – But it looks nice up there. / – It’s nice. Back in the day, we’d go to temples because we were starving and they’d serve free noodles on Buddha’s birthday so we went then. – When preparing for god? / – Yeah, back then. Behind our old dorm in Ilsan, there’s a mountain with a temple. On Buddha’s birthday… They’d put up big banners. So we went up. – And go to church on Easter to get eggs? / – Yeah! And noodles. The guys and I would wait in line. When it was our turn, they’d give us buckwheat noodles. We’d eat that and go back down. Their old stories are too sad to listen to. (Sigh…) I should’ve been nicer to you guys when we were active together. Yeah, you ate well back then. When I saw your outfits, all your clothes were sewed together right. We’d use a stapler on our outfits. But think about it. Those are all memories now. What color were your balloons? I told my fans not to do that. – Really? / – Yes. I didn’t have that many fans… Mine were brown. Ours were green for Turbo. Right. Among all those balloons… – Green is good for the eyes. / – I didn’t want… My fans to compete with all the other fans. So I told them not to bring balloons but they did for this one performance. So on stage I said, “Why did you bring those when I said not to?” My fans got upset during the performance… Of course they’d get upset. They cried as they popped the balloons and left. – They did it for you. / – Why did you do that? – You didn’t understand their love for you. / – No. I hated that it was a competition between fans. Yeah, it was like that back then. Back then… Is it still like that now? Like… If a competing group or artist comes on… The fans would silently give them death stares. Oh! On our first KMTV appearance, we stood on stage and… We were really nervous… 1TYM’s fans wore towels on their heads. They covered their faces with them when we came on. So that was… ♪ We did it ♪ Who am I rapping for? ♪ We did it without my father around ♪ It was so hard. That was our first performance there. And that’s why I messed up! I was like this. It’s supposed to go… ♪ We named the restaurant ♪ ♪ We held a ceremony ♪ ♪ Customers wouldn’t leave even late into the night ♪ But instead I went… ♪ We named the restaurant ♪ ♪ We held a ceremony ♪ ♪ Customers wouldn’t leave ♪ Afterwards… As I walked back to my place I thought, “I’m screwed.” “I’m screwed.” (So we found the clip) (A replay for those who missed it) (The mic is so far) JYP called as soon as we got in our van. “Hey! What was that?” ♪ We named the restaurant ♪ ♪ We held a ceremony ♪ ♪ Customers wouldn’t leave ♪ Yeah! Come on. I think you’ll all do well! (Thanks to Joon, the Dragon’s Club) (Laughed all day) (And received a ton of positive energy) I didn’t do much for you guys… – No, Joon. / – But it was fun and it’s been so long. I haven’t seen some of you in a while. I got to get some air. Hurry and go before it gets dark. I think I’ll go in the water one more time. Maybe to pee or something. – Hurry and get going. / – We’re going. – Bye, Joon. / – Bye. – It was fun today. / – See you again, Joon. That was nice. It’ll be a nice memory. I think it’s been around 15 to 16 years since I had fun in the sea. I’ve been near the sea a lot. I’d dip my feet in when my kids play in the water. But it’s been so long since I had fun for myself. I felt like I was a kid again. – Trying to succeed? / – Yeah. It’s not the surfing that was important. – It’s having fun like a kid. / – Yeah. Whatever happens on these next few days… This will be therapeutic. (Their therapeutic trip will continue next episode) (We’re not afraid because we’re together) (To celebrate our 20 years of friendship in Jeju-do) (2016, Sonyeong from Daejeon) Chicken feet. 20 years. (The guy next door is getting married) You haven’t been to a tent bar for 20 years? – Don’t become like me. That’s bad. / – We won’t! Don’t worry. That’s it. Let’s find ingredients for curry. Hello. You startled me. (Everyone freezes) – I came on a trip. / – You’re on a trip? By yourself? (Dragon’s Club: Overgrown Bromance) (“You In Me” by KARD)

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