DRAGONHEART Official Trailer (2017) Battle for the Heartfire Dragons Movie HD

DRAGONHEART Official Trailer (2017) Battle for the Heartfire Dragons Movie HD

I challenge your leader to personal combat (shouts of encouragement) Shields up! Have we got the side of a barn? Maybe they could hit that (laughs) Woah woah Steady No! Wait! It’s My sister Hello brother Shall we talk? Shall I address you as… Megan, let’s keep it simple. And you otherwise Drago Wise (chuckles) I expected you to have the same opinion of dragons as your brother does. Come on. Let’s go for a walk Peter How’s your sister? Which way? Okay (cheers) You’re welcome They always forget you need four to take me down. Sheriff! (frustrated grunting) You see the dragon shape in the stars? Draco The eternal resting ground for dragons who are worthy. You’re worried that you won’t gain a place Your grandfathers surveyed the Kingdom from the air Let me give you a ride, it’s faster. We can use the time to better understand the bond between us I’ll take my chances on the ground, thanks. When you were born you inherited a gift. A dragon hearts power. The gift is mine now. We have to save this throne Together Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire on Blu-Ray June 13th

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “DRAGONHEART Official Trailer (2017) Battle for the Heartfire Dragons Movie HD

  1. Sinvidet says:

    where can i watch the full movie?

  2. Gabriel Athero says:

    Did anyone watch the movie?
    Does the dragon die at the end?

  3. Slamdoxicalz says:

    The trailer starts at 4:27

  4. Crystal sanchez says:

    ok what i want to know is WHY they made another Dragonheart film since the first one was so damn forgettable?

  5. Stitch o7 says:

    No thanks. I'll pass up on this one.

  6. Yagami Light says:

    Is that rupert grint.?

  7. ManuelPabloArnao says:

    This is not a trailer

  8. Monica Flinn says:

    Nobody can top the old draco

  9. king spartann says:

    why do films try to satisfy feminists..no woman was ever on the battle ground..like ever! period

  10. ellie lee says:

    wth did I just watch?!?!?😑

  11. Amit Solanki says:


  12. DabL says:

    This a rework of the 1996 dragon hearth movie?

  13. orveka says:

    It remains me of german epic story called nibelungen .:)

  14. SagnolTheGangster says:


  15. eis que says:

    Horrible animation

  16. OwlDoesEverything BannerSamer says:


  17. OwlDoesEverything BannerSamer says:


  18. wessam ehab says:


  19. oakes says:

    how's this a trailer? It's literally a piece of the film.

  20. Harry Randrianaina says:

    1:31, hello my brother, do u no de wae?

  21. ZakuroWolfAlpha SilverWolf says:

    Duuuuuude! This is amazing!!!!

  22. Icy Fleckz says:

    What the heck is this sh*t??

  23. Akylex says:

    Big shitty remake

  24. FluFflE WaRrioR44 says:

    Dont they dare make a remake of the original… the original was beautiful and already a masterpiece. Just because the CGI will (eventually) look better, it wont make the movie better. Why do we need a remake of EVERYTHING?!

  25. Schattenblut 1 says:

    That's not a trailer

  26. Midnight Dragonfire says:

    You people in the comment section are so close minded. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You all may not have even seen the movie yet. Have I seen it? Not yet, but I read some reviews for it, and it got some decent reviews. And even over 80% of people who have seen it enjoyed it. I’m SICK of all these comments saying “This looks boring! Wah!!!” or “This movie is going to suck!” HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE!? Gosh people these days.

  27. Maya V says:

    Как фильм называется?

  28. Knight Shadow says:

    A true f**ing sequel, it's about d** time!

  29. opsatr says:

    What is this? D:

    Oh, no…
    I'm going to go watch the original to get this thing out of my head… D:

  30. Chocolerry POP says:

    This looks pretty good the plot needs works but it's pretty good

  31. Wondering Spirit says:

    Kinda like Merlin but Merlin is still better

  32. Fonix Xx says:

    I think this was a cool movie but the original is better

  33. VoyageOne1 says:

    Years too late and trying way too hard to be Game Of Thrones

  34. Briteny Brown says:

    I hate that movie. The girl caused the dragon to die in the end.

  35. Jojie Alipan says:

    where we can download this movie?

  36. Igor Wojtyna says:

    Why does the dragon look like a ps2 character in 2017

  37. Jackson Prime says:

    This. Is. Not. A. Trailer

  38. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    Better than 2nd and 3rd. Still quite inferior compared to the immortal 1st!

  39. MAINE says:

    This is not a trailer, this is a stupid sh*t spoiler of the whole movie 😑

  40. Apotheosis says:

    Who the ever loving fuck is to blame for this atrocity.

    For Draco’s sake is there not a single classic movie that is safe from terrible reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels?

  41. Juhaku Gaming says:

    Comen Inggris Semua Gak Indo??🤣

  42. David McAninch says:

    Worst. Movie. Ever.

  43. Andres Leon says:

    so their dad fucked a dragon

  44. monster SIDVID says:

    Im watching this movie right now in the night at 3:30…. and this is the WORST EXPERIENCE I could have…. this girl in the movie should have been killed by the villagers, right from the beginning… she's so irritating… The pace of the movie is too fast.

  45. monster SIDVID says:

    That prince doesn't even look strong

  46. monster SIDVID says:

    The so called English kingdom and the Viking band… in total, consists of 15-20 guys. Wooooowwww. That's even a smaller number than a classroom

  47. monster SIDVID says:

    The so called English kingdom and the Viking band… in total, consists of 15-20 guys. Wooooowwww. That's even a smaller number than a classroom

  48. Joe says:

    Brought to you by Commodore 64, and proudly filmed by potato technologies!!

  49. High Marshal Helbrecht says:

    How do you get involved in a abomination like this after a masterpiece like Logan

  50. Hearts4TV says:

    Watch the 1996 Dragon Heart, it's so good

  51. Lucas Harris says:

    Draco looks cool…too bad this movie sucked.

  52. John_Wayne_412 says:

    Officially fail…

  53. Freddy Pedraza says:

    This movie is an embarrassment for the original

  54. Adam Jarosz says:

    This looks so bad compared to the 1996 classic. I won't watch this, sorry.

  55. Amel!aArts says:

    How come I've never seen this? But I'm glad i didn't because it looks horrible and i don't want this remake to spoil my favorite movie.

  56. Dino Channel12 says:

    The worst trailer i ve ever seen

  57. Aaron Kneisley says:

    Doesn't anyone know that soccer's curse and battle for heart fire are prequels drago is I believe draco father

  58. Potato Nerd says:

    I watched the movie and it was alright, but this trailer succs.

  59. Teuila Petaia says:

    After having once watched DragonHeart with Sean Connery voicing the dragon, it’s difficult to hear any dragon voice without being disappointed that it’s not Sean Connery lol

  60. Knight2 Knight says:

    Amazing film thank u all involved in creating magical memories in what was felt here 🔥🔥🔥🐲🏰

  61. Motokitty1 says:

    Sean connery will forever be draggo in dragon heart, this is just painful and confusing to watch.

  62. Zuzanna Heller says:

    In polish the first movie is called "Ostatni smok", which means "The last dragon".
    I really want to know what faces did translators have when they heard that there will be sequels lmao

  63. EL TYRANO LOCO says:

    No entiendo porque tardaron tantos años en sacar una pelicula asi, bueno en mi humilde opinion la primera es la unica pelicula buena de toda la saga esta que sacaron despues.

  64. Md Kasim says:

    Hindi movie daal re bhai please

  65. benji0815 says:

    Low budget, shitty CGI.

  66. Animal_Lover100 says:

    This looks like a bud light commercial

  67. Npc# 70954321789 says:

    This looks like a pile of dragon shit.

  68. happy Pee says:


  69. Lyrical M World says:

    I thought I saw the trailer of Chronicles of Narnia 4

  70. Maru A-Bad says:

    I still love the original

  71. beni says:

    So you ton spoil like 10 things

  72. Facundo Sebastián Tisera says:

    Esto hace ver a mí libro muy bien jajaja! Se parece con lo del dragón, pero con una historia trágica

  73. Marshallmations says:

    Hold it, this isn't Minecraft.

  74. Steve Samuals says:

    Is this part of game of thrones or something? I don't remember hearing about this movie last year.

  75. Jax Figliola says:

    We Stand Thirty Fee- Oh Wait Wrong One

  76. Elite Scout says:

    game of thrones is the new standard for dragons. Why do they even attempt putting that garbage cgi on the screen?????

  77. Elite Scout says:

    the original dragonheart looked way better LOL

  78. Favour Eriabie says:

    I don't or is it just me HV watch good movies too Much that when I see scrappy acting, it so obvious that acting there is no.life

  79. Luciano Guerra says:

    Sean Connery's voice, I'll watch it even if the script suck it will be fun to hear him. His English accent makes you believe everything will be ok in the end.

  80. Ryan B says:

    The movie industry has hit some kind of ceiling. There are some good Indie films here and there and also some great series, but overall it appears that you won't be going to a theatre anytime soon to see something people will be loving 20 years down the road. It's hard to believe with all the talent out there that this is the best film has to offer. They even botched Game of Thrones.

  81. Kamen Raider says:

    Sinya gua buriq pa film nya ea..??😂

  82. Leon Miller says:

    The main protagonist of this trailer is neither that older child from "Malcolm in the middle" or that dad from "yours, mines and ours" so I'm thoroughly disappointed

  83. Roxy Gyo says:

    Even my popcorn got bored.

  84. Blonde Ambition says:

    Personally loved this movie

  85. Tina Walz says:

    Is that meant as a hoax? I hardly can´t believe that this movie really exists?! What a waste of money… Looks like "Hey guys, I got a great idea – let´s make a cheap movie with Dragons – story doesn´t matter, people will pay for it and watch in anyway!"

  86. Betonoszlop says:

    Pretty interesting, but not available in my country.

  87. Infinite Dragonious says:

    Captainsparklez one is better

  88. darklord 65 says:

    Stop the hate k I like it and if you don't get a life

  89. Alexandra says:

    This looks like someone made it for a schoolproject. The story has potential, but looking at this "trailer" I think they messed up hard.

  90. Terena Rosa says:

    Damn, this dragon looks like Donkey from Shrek. Why is it so hard to find a good dragon movie or show?

  91. Charlene Cork says:

    Ya the original dragon heart was WAY better!!!! Why make somthing similar? Come up with better ideas the public is getting bored of remakes!!!

  92. sasha patterson says:

    People saying it looks awful I don’t think it looks that bad😀

  93. harshit abh bisht says:

    Dragon got a goat face

  94. Tech News for Tech Noobs says:

    Can we please stop making more Dragonheart movies? The first was only good because of the chemistry that Quaid and Connery brought to the film. After that…blah.

  95. Juana Jhaneth says:

    No entiendo porque no se puede ver la pelicula completa dragonherat4

  96. Nejc Plesko says:


  97. tuschman168 says:

    Didn't even know this existed. I knew there was a sequel but after watching like 10 minutes of that I just accepted that any sequel of Dragonheart can be safely ignored.

    And now you're telling me they made not one but two prequels as well?! …Oh well… I can't say they killed the franchise for me because, as I said, to me there was only ever the first movie.

  98. Night Haste says:

    This dragon heart is weird

  99. _ Forsaken _ says:

    Why so many idiot-retards complaining about a good movie? People just can't see good franchises.. Also why do people care that it's not completely the same story from dragonheart 1? It looks better it is better and people are idiots

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