Dragon/Masotan noms (DPHAM E01)

Dragon/Masotan noms (DPHAM E01)

Pretty calm today. It usually throws a fit. I can’t… The dragon approached her! Is she finally the one? That’s amazing, Amakasu-san! – Amakasu-san?!
– Get the emetic! Stat! All you want to do is fly freely in the sky, but you’re restrained and holding yourself back too. You have amazing power, but you’re fighting your natural urges to avoid harming us. (Cut off) Sorry, guess I wasn’t making much sense.
I’ll have it adjusted quick. Hang tight. His eyes are so clear. What a tender expression… E E.T… *cute dragon noise* My skin is starting to sting… Ah, so this is where I meet my end. I sincerely apologize to all of the people I’ve hurt for being dead serious and no-fun-allowed all the time. Mom, Dad, thank you for providing me with the best education I could have asked for… Please forgive me for the pain I’ll cause by passing first and for all the money you wasted raising me. Ah, my beloved Goro!
If only I could see you one last time… Whenever I pet you, you’d always purr… Wait, are you happy to be flying? – From Mom:
I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. You can always decide to give up, but do your best for now! Flight Leader Kakiyasu, I’m so sorry about the mess I’ve made. Though I’m still rather attached to my life, it appears that I’ll die before being able to properly apologize. That doesn’t matter right now! You should have the HePiRe equipped. Start by pressing the switch on the back of your head. Th-this one? Next, touch the PT-V2 module visible on your visor and set it to active. Um…PT, PT… Do you remember the landing procedure? I-I do. I believe I’m supposed to rhythmically poke the abdomen with my toes… C-Cancel! To me how to cancel! Third Class Amakasu? Third class Amakasu! I-I’m terribly sorry! But hey, we’re lucky she had that. Third Class Amakasu, it seems you use a flip phone. The dragon subsists on minor metals… M-Minor metals? Most people have switched to smartphones these days. But flip phones have always been his favourite. So the only reason she was chosen was because of her stupid flip phone! You know…I don’t think that’s the only reason.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dragon/Masotan noms (DPHAM E01)

  1. DrachenFyr Media Archive says:

    And straight into my top 3 favourite vore clips this goes. Holy hell.

    I've added English subtitles, be sure to turn them on if you need to!

    Massive thanks to FeedFancier for sending me a link to the full episode, I wouldn't have had this video out as soon as I have without them 😉

    I'm sure from the clip you can see it's heavily implied that this show will have more vore in future episodes ~

  2. Tone Cruz says:

    Go commit get digested

  3. Angel R says:

    What…..WHAT THE FUK

  4. herinlle pinto says:

    Queasco. Vaca. De. Undrago. Lliu

  5. Spear says:

    Why this dragon looks so cute XD

  6. Vjlink Developovich says:

    I think it would be better, if they made a jet instead using dragon.

  7. ENDER SLIME says:

    The dragon is definitely a transformer

  8. many warcrimes were commited says:

    I love a show about transformers dragon vore! My favorite! (Okay but in all seriousness watch this show it is so cool)

  9. Bibsquid 707 says:

    Wait, do dragons have WiFi in them? Maybe I should get eaten by a dragon when my family’s WiFi isn’t working.

  10. UnsaltedReconPlane says:


  11. 發田浩嗣 says:




  13. Frasier Gallacher says:

    Clip at the end spoopy

  14. 헬로JUN says:


  15. Xxgalaxy_wolfXx gacha life says:

    Well I think the dragon tummy is fat

  16. Sketch Creator says:

    What is this name?? DPHAM

  17. احمد الشريف غاسان says:


  18. Rain Rider says:

    Good, I don't have to watch this

  19. 大島愛 says:


  20. Tone Cruz says:

    Slav.tv is better

  21. Tiger Paws says:

    Wut name of anime

  22. meow im a dog says:

    this is my favorite anime thanks for thel like

  23. Greg Matt says:

    whoever came up with this clearly has a fetish

  24. Mikoyみこい says:

    i regret knowing vore

  25. gamerx112 says:

    dragon vore anime…..
    fucken……. please dont be a hollywood 2.0 where they run out of ideas.

  26. Youbilly says:

    Me: sees this…..WTF
    Weebs: makes sence to me

  27. MARMAJE69 says:

    When the dragon transformed…. i knew this anime is for me

  28. Mase says:

    I am just waitin' for season 2 I need to know what will happen next after when they all reunite and say good bye to the other d-pi.

  29. о.м. says:

    Нехера непонятно, но очень интересно!

  30. Skyler Marie says:

    Wtf is this?

  31. Southern Railway says:

    Who needs bleach

  32. N0V0XISIOUS says:

    Child : is having a near-death experience

    Security personel :
    * does literally nothing and default dances *

    anime logic

  33. 大室悠仁 says:


  34. Ges J. says:

    This anime is suprisingly good…

  35. Greninja And Politoed says:


  36. Nopanich Koolsakulnirun says:

    Dragon turn into a jet engine

  37. Sophia Metcalf says:


  38. Simon Wu says:

    Bones kinda get too ambitious with the story but I still love this anime to bits
    Bought the goodsmile figure too can't wait

  39. Garlic Bread The Eevee says:

    Name of the anime?

  40. Jaana Sipponen says:

    Hm… stunid girl

  41. Mr. Enderman says:

    1:48 the part that gets scary

  42. Loaded_Ghost says:

    Vore Intensifies

  43. person person says:

    what the fuck japan

  44. Erick Langarica says:

    The lion king

  45. Revolver Lagarto says:

    Wtf is this shit

  46. TheCartoonBoy94 /TCB94 says:

    why the thumbnail i can see looks like vor-

  47. Milena Bratic says:

    Nani this is such a nice video,I LIKE IT SOOOM MUCH,IT IS WITH A DRAGON.

  48. Caeden9000tv 9012 says:


  49. Frangamer781 Juegos says:


  50. My son My love says:


  51. Random Plane man says:


  52. Nikanor SeaDragon. V. ST. P. says:

    i've had dreams like this, oi think its spiritualty,

  53. Yousef Omar says:

    How to watch this series for free

  54. Lina Mikalaitienė says:

    this is horor

  55. DELSIN y man? says:

    I don't know if I should be blessed or cursed

  56. Luis Villa says:

    Are those the freaking Mothra fairy twins singing in the laptop

  57. Hey You says:

    so, like…..

    …..it’s basically vore


  58. Genoa Bro Баллонов says:

    Продолжай снимать

  59. Drake bot 2000 says:

    I'm made of metal


  60. Awesome KC says:

    Young girl: Get's eaten by a dragon

    Dragon: It was time for thomas to be a fighter jet

    Yes, I don't enjoy vore, but anything that just makes no sense about vore, I make it into a meme

  61. princess khatam says:

    I like jets more than dragons,

  62. Joyce Aileen says:


  63. websfg astd says:


  64. Kasavan Govender says:

    Hmmm, can anyone help me out here. I'm all for creative thinking and anime. Yet, this seems little….to much for Japanese anime standards.

  65. BroadTeamFaba says:

    Stay classy youtube algorithm…
    Seriously though, this was in my recommends.

  66. Ly Tran says:

    Came and Thoght gonna be hentai
    Left with something even better

  67. vibe check authorities 69 says:

    Imma stitch my eyelids shut

  68. Levi Lewis says:

    Entirely made for people who like vore.

  69. catty cat queen says:

    I am happy this explains everything

  70. Scp 173 i guess says:

    Inspection: d I s g u s t a n g

  71. Gang Weed Gaymer says:

    Hot vore, post more please!

  72. Raja777 Channel says:

    What name this anime?

  73. Noah Lindeen says:

    A bit weird when you have no idea what the characters are saying.

  74. Artur Lima says:

    Se eu fosse o Dragão eu também faria isso

  75. Guese 143 says:

    Hi I know hisone and masotan because I saw the anime

  76. Lying Punk troll says:

    That dragon has a good ramjet costume

  77. Cyclonus The warrior says:

    First, headmasters, than target masters, after that brain masters, and now this

  78. Super Dragon loard says:

    Wait what’s this anime called someone please tell me

  79. BLACK TORRES says:

    Wháts name

  80. ユナイトパラディン says:


  81. Anish says:

    ❌ Is new video ko dekhe aur sach ko jane

  82. Lovedove Aj says:

    1:35 Thumbnail

  83. InklingBoy 273 says:

    This is why people got rid of flip phones

  84. Hamad almari File_name_5 says:


  85. Lord_ Xonaz says:

    Wait hold up. Warner Bros had a hand in making this?

  86. XxKittycatXxx42 says:

    What your food sees before you eat it

  87. furry_skateboarding says:

    Vore… vore everware uwu

  88. きりょう says:


  89. Blue Lick says:

    I’m impressed she is getting reception from there

  90. Tundra woob says:

    Two nukes were not enough

  91. Isuckatnames60 says:

    2:57 most disappointing scene in the entire series

  92. Casino Royal Team says:

    This series is voar

  93. Bruce Almighty says:

    2:59. Секси жопа

  94. 黄鸿杰 says:


  95. Мультфильмы says:


  96. Jakeyboi380 Animations says:

    Everybody gangsta til somebody pilots a dragon-jet from its stomach.

  97. Th!nk Høw says:

    “I only watch it for the plot”

  98. Canmeon McMillan says:

    I watch the whole episode

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