Dragon Mania Legends – Sugar Rush Tutorial

Dragon Mania Legends – Sugar Rush Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sugar
Rush! In this brand-new take on the Great Dragon Race, the members of participating
clans complete various quests to earn Shakes they must then feed to the clan
dragon, allowing it to move forward on the racetrack. Clan members share the
same quests that are all listed on the left side of the screen under the “Quest
Board” title. To select the quest tap on its card to see the details on the right
side of the screen: the required action, how many times it needs to be performed,
the time limit, and the score value of the quest. Tap the start icon under the
quest details on the right side to start a quest. The Clan leader, Co-leaders and Officers
can reroll any quests for free on the quest board. Completing quests earns you
Shakes worth a score that was indicated in the quest description. To receive the
points for it and be able to start an other quest the Shake must simply be
selected and dragged to the clan dragon, just like how you would give food to
regular dragons. If the quest time limit has expired,
you must trash the expired quest to start a new one. To trash a quest tap the
red trash icon on the right side under the quest description. You can trash a
quest you’ve already started at any time but keep in mind that the trashed quest
won’t be refunded and you will lose that turn to contribute to your clan score.
“Available Quests” indicate how many quests you can complete during the
current Sugar Rush event. If the counter reaches zero you can’t start a new quest
unless you purchase an extra one with gems. You may purchase up to three extra
quests in a Sugar Rush. As quests have different difficulties it’s important to
take the one that you think can be completed in the given time limit.
Legendary quests are extremely challenging but offer a high score in
return. Another legendary quest won’t spawn if someone is actively doing a
legendary quest, or if a legendary quest is present on the Quest Board.
There are three different sources that reward participating trainers with
prizes. Progress or milestone rewards, the MVP reward and the leaderboard
rewards. All three depend on the league to which the participating clans belong.
Clans in higher leagues will receive better rewards but the requirements will
also be higher. Make sure to try out the brand new Sugar Rush and enjoy your time with your clan mates!

Randy Schultz

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