Dragon Ball Z stop motion – MAXIMUM CELL / EPISODE 1

Dragon Ball Z stop motion – MAXIMUM CELL / EPISODE 1

This video is for DBZ fans, Think of it like a parody. It’s useless! I told you that will not work! Are you sleeping? That’s cheating, kakarotto! Yes sorry sorry… Look up there!!! What? Idiot! Hello. You!!! Fun’s over! You’re looking good. no matter how many you are, it’s not a problem for me! Shit! Don’t underestimate the saiyans. You will regret it! Super! Bastard! Well done Vegeta! I win. What’s the matter with you? So, That’s all? You’re you’re very weak! What? Foolish! I will give you more! This is… the super saiyan 3. Kakarotto… You’re toast! BURNING ATTACK What a gigantic energy! Kakarotto! His energy goes up! Huh! Cell? You’re a coward! MAFUBA What…? Mafuba? Impossible… IMPOSSIBLE! Father! I will kill you. Stupid saiyan monkey! I will kill you. I will kill you. You’re… you’re very weak! “Faggots” Well… I’ll go first. CELL! Father… Stop!!!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z stop motion – MAXIMUM CELL / EPISODE 1

  1. CobbTheDrummer says:

    It must be fun to still play with your toys!

  2. Vector GP says:

    Episode 2?

  3. Dario Gomez says:


  4. Vinícius Santos Gamer says:

  5. こんばんはサンタクロースだよ says:


  6. Splash Ex says:

    PPPFFFFFF…..tombé dessus par hasard…j'imagine même pas le nombre de photo !!!! Travail de titan, BRAVO à toi !!!

  7. alejandro cegarra garcía says:

    Alguien sabe 3l programa para editar

  8. ko r says:

    Episode 2?

  9. Marina Sierra says:

    Chapter 2 where is it??

  10. RURU.Benru says:

    Tu c trop bien faire les stop motion mec et en +, les effets d'électricité sont très bien fait

    Petite question, où est-ce que tu a acheté t figurines ?

  11. dariana Ramírez says:

    Puedes hacer el capitulo 2

  12. Jaruto says:

    trop classe xD

  13. Diana Bautista says:

    me gusta. sus vídeos 😉😆😎😜

  14. Abadia Rocha says:

    Por que o Goku não ganhou

  15. animações jurrassicas says:

    part 2 ???????

  16. Mariama Diallo says:

    fait la deuxième episode

  17. Natalia Souza says:


  18. MASSIVE HERTZ says:

    That was amazing!

  19. Carlos' vids says:

    This was amazing

  20. インヴィンシブル魔理沙 says:


  21. Charbon says:

    Rip y a toujours pas d'épisodes 2

  22. toolitforyou Boi says:

    🇩 🇦 🇦 🇦 🇦 🇦 🇳 🇬

  23. toolitforyou Boi says:

    𝙄'𝙢 𝙘𝙤𝙤𝙡 𝙮𝙖 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬

  24. Andrea Jackson says:


  25. Booger Belly says:

    PLEASE make part two

  26. Max Animations says:

    3:29 xD

  27. Master says:

    C’est super bien fais

  28. Slamalox Piece says:

    Want to learn how to speak broly?
    Allow me to explain the first part:
    Hello: Ka
    Bye: Rot
    How are you doing: Kao karot kaka
    And the rest is kinda easy!
    Now the thing is to speak broly it’s just variations of K.A.K.A.R.O.T
    Just arrange the letters and try come up with other words… Please comment them!

  29. キックボクシングボブ says:


  30. fofuras baby says:

    Muito foda,alguem do brasil ?

  31. Rodrigo Carrera says:

    Qué espectacular eres lo máximo

  32. Penguin Artifacts says:

    Hit the like button & subscribe

  33. Pedro Sanchez says:

    Muy buena produccion…👍👍😉

  34. Gabriel Suàrez says:

    espectacular!!! automáticamente me suscribo jaja

  35. Abysso says:

    7:08 when bae asks me what i want to do after our date

  36. Abysso says:

    10:21 when someone says dbz sucks

  37. Silver the hedgehog says:

    cell + broly = gohan needs ssjb

  38. Silver the hedgehog says:

    or ssjb2

  39. Marcelo Wellington Sousa says:

    Adoro videos assim rsrsrs demais

  40. Trebeh Santos says:

    Melhor que netflix.

  41. Slirun _ says:

    This is great , I hope Eps 2 come soon.

  42. Bardock_ BXS says:

    Toujours un plaisir de le revoir…. hâte de voir l'épisode 2, pour avoir la suite comme une série Netflix mdrrr

  43. Saanti Assitaoui says:

    C'est Quand que l'épisode 2 sort j'ai hate

  44. jotaro kujo says:

    Rip rexy😢

  45. Capo Animations says:

    Part 2 pls!!!
    This is one of the Bests DBZ stop motion!!!!
    Idea:make some stop motion like this but whit frieza!!!!!!

  46. Nicolas Araya says:

    ?cuando aras el episodio 2¿

  47. Alfredo Arzate says:

    Se mamaron…😃👍

  48. Quaquoum 2.0 says:

    Encore 1 stp

  49. Quaquoum 2.0 says:

    C trop bien

  50. ANIME & CO says:

    c'est quand que tu fais la partie 2

  51. rita flores says:

    Yo so sick make the next one bro

  52. Miguel Núñez S. says:

    Y que paso con el capítulo 2

  53. かわたく says:


  54. Johnny McLaren. says:

    Me encantó.

    Quiero ver más Dragon Ball Stop Motion's de tu parte.

    ¡Saludos desde Colombia!.

  55. Lucca Motta says:

    Quando vai ter a parte 2 ?

  56. Gokudios Palomares says:

    Oye cuando aras la 2 parte
    por que te quedo increible

  57. just_a_crow 1 says:

    2:14 whaaaaa 😂😂

  58. The Cosmic Identity 22 says:

    it was funny when cell was trolling with broly

  59. Rayyad Hasan says:

    When will part 2 come out

  60. Mdbz says:

    Y sort quand l ep 2

  61. Amanda Sinclair says:


  62. Shameek Taylor says:

    Make epidode 2😭😁😁😁

  63. TinyBudgetFilms says:

    Can i please have links for sound effects in this video???

  64. Ricardo Gonzalez says:


  65. Lindak says:

    May anyone Give me the voice pack of dragon ball z in Japanease With english Title

  66. Mélanie CJ et lilou Marié says:

    Commen tu fais pour aller vite dans tes video sans voir tes mains tu fait commen les stop motion

  67. Lilou dragonballsuper says:

    +abo j'adore tes vidéos 😄😄😄

  68. Les 5 Théorie says:

    Partie 2 ps je suis français

  69. Axel Rkna says:

    Ya sube el episodio 2

  70. Ashuj says:

    7.09 wtf 😂😂😂

  71. Miguel Ramos Sousa Lacerda says:


  72. Johny K says:

    This was awesome love the story & its comedic jus like the show 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  73. Johny K says:

    Like I'm waiting 4 the next episode real talk

  74. GR 『ᴍᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ』 says:

    Il est ou l épisode 2

  75. matheus Vieira da silva says:

    Esses desenho do dragon ball z muito legal

  76. WiN Gaming says:


  77. Pen says:

    7:17 goku troll mode

  78. Antonella Raimondo says:

    I m crazy box goku Yes😀😂😂😂😂

  79. K1NGGOD _ ft says:

    That sound at 1:40

  80. Lewis9 Mcilwaine says:

    I was literally planning for a stop motion animation series called Cell X 100. But this is much better than I would’ve done 👍😂

  81. HALO 1717 says:

    Like por piccolo

  82. luigi e lucca says:

    O céu já morreu para o Gohan

  83. Harthalys - Creative Studio says:


  84. Márcio Henrique says:

    vedita faisa da um carido

  85. D Rizzo says:

    Great idea! Very believable way of powering up Cell.👍

  86. Jbla Imrbot says:

    Tu gères mec! 20/20

  87. tio berserker says:

    Esse história dr passa após saga boo porque gohan ta adulto e goku ssj3

  88. goku ssjb says:

    7:30 that was funny ASF 💀😂🤣

  89. Ashawntae Austin says:

    I cant believe this beat counter 656

  90. ZeroMortal_SM says:


  91. Sean吳榮軒 says:


  92. Try Hard StopMotions says:

    Sub to me to watch my new series call Dragon Ball World Mission

  93. Major Animations says:

    6:18 trunks like f###

  94. Hugo Newguy says:

    Trop classe quand Trunks lance son épée sur Broly

  95. Spino Dino says:

    Vincent:Stop motion

    Also Vincent:Disrespects extinct animals.

  96. inky-ling says:

    juste parfait…

  97. Beatrice Grace says:

    maximum cell
    power level:999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

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