Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku Black & Zamasu Special Quotes

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku Black & Zamasu Special Quotes

TURLES: Kakarot? Hmm… no, I guess not. Say, how about joining up with me? BLACK: Seriously? What a barbaric way to address a God, Saiyan. It seems humanity must be erased after all. There’s no other choice. BLACK: Don’t worry. Soon I’ll send you to the same place I sent the girl. Heh heh heh heh… TRUNKS: You– you killed them all! BLACK: Is this all that’s left? The pathetic last vestige of a proud warrior race? Sucks to be you. TRUNKS: I… TRUNKS: Everyone… GOKU: Wow, you really look just like me. I hear you’re pretty strong. How about you show me what you’ve got! BLACK: Of course. It would be an honor. I’ve been wanting to fight you with this body, too. BLACK: Nothing can rival this body. BARDOCK: What did you do to my kid?! Answer wrong, and you’ll suffer! SSR BLACK: Saiyan barbarian. I’ll destroy you right now! SSR BLACK: Hmhmhmhm… My will. My beauty. My very being, towers above all! SSR BLACK: Love and laughter, not always. GOKU: You’re.. kind of a creep. SSB VEGETA: I have some news for you. The thing that will send you to your grave… is Super Saiyan Blue! SSR BLACK: Learn when to quit. You’re a warm-up. No, you’re actually more of an appetizer.. or something smaller than an appetizer. SSR BLACK: One of the reasons I have decided to.. *exterminate* humanity is you, Trunks. How does that feel? Sting a bit? TRUNKS: Black, I will destroy you! SSR BLACK: Death is a mercy to fools like you. ZAMASU: Trunks! You are a sinner! It is you who has condemned Earth to its demise! TRUNKS: I only… wanted to save everyone! SSB GOKU: I’m the one you’re fighting here! ZAMASU: Don’t you dare give orders to a God, mortal! ZAMASU: It seems the only match for me is myself. SSR BLACK: Let us make this battle of true spectacle. ZAMASU: My ideal world draws one step closer.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku Black & Zamasu Special Quotes

  1. Janemba8000 says:

    Updated version of this video is here

  2. bob robin says:

    "English Dub Goku Black can perhaps be described as the perfect union between an Edgelord and the essence of Early 2000's dank memes. English Dub Goku Black then, can perhaps serve as a reminder to never let one's inner edginess reach too far, lest you be overrun with what can only be described as "cancer"."

    – The Study of Goku Black

  3. Rayos Sitran says:

    Japanese woices are wway better😧

  4. Ascended Casual says:

    I wanted to see broly and goku black

  5. Chase Rivera says:

    Zamasu sounds like rafe from uncharted4

  6. Byron Box says:

    Is it me or does anyone else kind hate Zamasus and Goku Blacks english dub voices

  7. Masku - Senpai says:

    Johnny voices Turles now?

  8. Medium Rhombus says:

    Glad I can finally stop listening to that obnoxious Japanese voice.

  9. Jose Gamer99 says:

    zamas sounds like a preppy

  10. NumbZkull says:

    I wished Sean used the voice he used on Rosé form with black's regular state aswell. that low growling just doesn't suit black imo.

  11. ICantThinkOfAName says:

    2:23 best part

  12. Angel Flores says:

    I feel like Zamasu's voice better suits fused zamasu than himself

  13. J. A. C. says:

    Goku Black’s voice is fucking terrible! It’s too dark

  14. J. A. C. says:

    I don’t know what to say about Zamasu’s voice. He sounds like a dark Whis

  15. Alex Dai says:

    Is anyone else confused why goku black goes british why he turns rosè

  16. TheBlank says:

    the dub voice of goku black and zamasu sucks so bad in my opinion

  17. Lil Tay Vert says:

    See what Trunks said, he said Black. I told you he refers as Black. Not Goku Black you dumbasses

  18. DerpyNemesis says:

    Ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a yes I'm now rose

  19. Von D says:

    Okay, SSJ Rose Goku’s voice is pretty much bang on.

  20. Andy Gibbons says:

    Do they realize that captain ginyu already had that voice?

  21. BluFlacko says:

    Why do black and rose sound different

  22. PotatoVend GachaTuber says:

    Like this comment If You Hate Broly


  23. The prime Master03 says:

    I actually thought turtles was black Goku until you know they relived

  24. seofelite says:

    LOL is that seriously Goku Black's voice? Yeah, fuck this dub.

  25. Skreet Fresh says:

    bardock doe

  26. Kalani-Zero/Kalia says:

    Zamasu ending quote battle sounds like a deep narrator

  27. Bryo72 GG says:

    Who's the girl?

  28. PrismStar77 says:

    Goku black SOMEHOW becomes British when transformed

  29. TigirlakaLaserwolf6 says:

    You're… kind of a creep.

  30. Whakapapa says:

    Black sounds like bat man


  31. krishna Luthra says:

    Itne ghandi game banai hai aa thu

  32. Kamkoolin247 says:

    All I heard was Batman 😕😕

  33. ICantThinkOfAName says:


  34. Mr.SilentProtagonist says:

    Zamasu is a terrible villain. I hope that he gets retconned to oblivion.

  35. Underpants Saness says:

    Goku black is an enemy but awsome when he goes super shiny rose

  36. Cooper KND says:

    Bardock best father he cares alot about goku and raditz.

  37. Vibes TM says:

    So how does base goku have a interaction with rosè black but not ssb Goku

  38. LeoValdez5650 says:

    Goku Black needs to lay off the cigs.

  39. Dylanic Edge says:

    "My ideal world draws one step closer" by killing a fucking Saibaman.

  40. Synyster Goose says:

    I think the voice for rose should be for both

  41. Goku Black says:

    No you're more like an appetizer no smaller than an appetizer

  42. ZIOZIO says:

    Wow the fighterZ voice doesn’t sound better than xenoverse one

  43. The Rift says:

    Best of Goku Black:

    "Sucks to be you."

  44. pikachured69 says:

    These voices want to make me vomit

  45. Photo Negative Mickey says:


  46. cancerous troll says:

    We need Goku black asmr

  47. vargen1414 says:

    0:35 – 0:43 that burn

  48. Viper Hareous says:

    The background music is awesome

  49. The Intense Guy says:

    When you realize Zamasu's voice actor is the same guy who played King Piccolo in Dragon Ball Evolution.

  50. Software Otakuneering says:

    Zamasu sounds like the guy from the big-green dub. No joke.

  51. YourAverageMachine101 says:

    I like bardock reaction

  52. Roroni says:


  53. Uptownewe7112 says:

    I sorta wish was this was ssj4 Goku voice

  54. KIRA Animations says:

    So is zamasu the shinnok of db super,cuz he looks,sounds and feels like shinnok

  55. Some random person says:

    holy shit the voices… they're so bad

  56. Master of Highground says:

    The Japanese voice from black is better

  57. bu ron says:

    yes blackgoku

  58. TheBlues32 says:

    My GOD, Zamasu's voice is horrid.

  59. Mutation Korno says:

    Lmao that second one sounded dirty.

  60. Yoni Getachew says:

    Why'd They Have To Change Goku Blacks Original Voice

  61. Bluff Master says:

    I love the Eng Dub voices for these characters.

  62. Lori Curtis says:

    turles thinks goku black join and he was not kakorot

  63. QQuann Thompson says:

    Dark voice in base
    British voice in ssr

  64. Lewis Murphy says:

    Bardock : what did you do to my kid
    Goku black :didn't this kid's body kill your other son
    Bardock: who?

  65. Black says:

    Sucks to be you

  66. porsche moore says:

    Goku black's voice makes me cringe lol

  67. Bryan Mercado says:

    Hey Sean can u clear your throat before recording

  68. Daniel Gamble says:

    1:36 goku your kinda a CREEP

  69. Francisca Ice Mage says:

    Turles vs black

  70. Darryl Roberts says:

    Justice cannot lose

  71. Davis the legendary Ranger! says:

    Ukergai waga yaiba!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Lord Goku Black says:

    My rose form voice is divine and clear

  73. • Mr_William94 says:

    Cool les sous-titre français 😉

  74. Daniel Vasconcelos says:

    Rose voice is ok … the regular one .. not so much

  75. Alone says:

    I like Zamasu voice when he’s yelling

  76. JamesNoir says:

    Goku black likey

  77. mazafakabitch 111 says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

  78. Francisca Ice Mage says:

    Rose Goku Black: Saiyan Barbarian, I'll destroy you right now!

  79. YamiAnubisZX says:

    Hahaha Goku black voice sounds like MGS4 Solid Snake, I'm old gruff voice, while rose voice is close to his anime self.

    Zamasu voice sounds likes he's new to voice acting, there was delay in some of those lines.

    Hahaha I know this was recorded way before they started on the actual anime arc which has same voices but better at it but the voice director or whoever really made them sound bad and I'm betting it was the voice director cause Goku's voice does a better job than that in the anime, shame on Bandai

  80. Conn K says:

    I can't stop thinking how Goku Black sounds like he has Throat Cancer! I didn't know being evil automatically gave you a voice that sounds like a mix of live action Batman and gargling gravel.

  81. jermaine sexy vegeta says:

    Hi it me goku black jermaine palmer rose

  82. Felix Chuah says:

    SHUT UP ZAMASU, it was you and Black are the real sinnest for cause Future Earth in cause chaos and destruction, not Trunks

  83. Jumbo Baggins/JelloGO says:

    1:11 Well look who became a actual parent!

  84. Casa de Frank says:

    Oh my Kami Dende!

  85. Nicbez says:

    Tu es français ?

  86. 8-bit says:

    Oh god, Goku Black in XV2 sounds like Dark Elves from Morrowind "Why walk when you can ride?".

  87. Sandwich Games says:

    1:20 he sounds like beerus when he will destroy

  88. Jusiah Aquino says:

    Goku Black sounds nothing like how he sounds in Super

  89. I got you says:

    You should call this video zamasu special quotes because goku black is zamasu

  90. Ip Boy the Historian says:

    Base form Goku Black, he sounds very edgey.

  91. CH RV says:

    there is one god and is Allah I invite you all to Islam the only true religion

  92. Pablo Ugalde says:

    0:13 tf does that have to do with the situation?

  93. Jones says:

    2:32 Trunks: I only wanted to save everyone.

    Goku Black: SUCKS TO BE YOU

  94. The Grand Governor says:

    This is his voice? I'd prefer it if it were like the Japanese version somewhat sounding like goku but different

  95. mazafakabitch 111 says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    You're pathetic!
    Sucks to be you!

  96. Jayce Allen says:

    I like how fast fused zamasu says that.

  97. Arhab Nadeem says:

    2:57 my ideal world draws one step closer. Uhh you beat a saibaman how is your ideal world close.

  98. Maggiee says:

    Too bad bardock cant stand a chance against goku black.. otherwise it would have been awesome

  99. John Stark says:

    suprised and annoyed Future Gohan doesn't have anything for Goku Black

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