Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 – PREVIEW / TRAILER

Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 – PREVIEW / TRAILER

Hey, it’s me Goku! That Basil’s kick attacks are super strong! Even Buu is gettin’ pushed back! Buu, this isn’t just for fun! Show your real strength for the sake of this universe! Next, on Dragon Ball Super : Universe 9’s Basil The Kicker VS Universe 7’s Majin Buu!! Don’t miss it!

Randy Schultz

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16 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 – PREVIEW / TRAILER

  1. Carlos T Gonzalez says:

    When is this episode coming out btw nice trailer !

  2. Shawn says:

    Trop cool, on va avoir du Majin Buu Classic, comme Majin Buu Vs Vegeta, le retour va être choquant pour Basil

  3. Anthony Leaver says:

    I really hope each fight isn't a multiple episode fight, this tournament will take till June 2018 to finish if they do..

  4. Mira Basham says:

    so I was thinking.. what if the whole universe thing being erased is just a way to get all the fighters to give it there all and zen chan wont actually destroy them or at least will pretend??

  5. Theo_98 says:

    Why do I have the feeling buu will turn Basil into chocolate.

  6. Kaze The Wolf 🐺 says:

    wolf fang kick

  7. skyler hailey says:

    wouldnt be surprised if the series ends with both zenos erasing each other and nobody can destroy the universes afterwards

  8. Doyle Muhammad says:

    just goku sayikg buu its not a game show your real power shows buu isnt being serious.
    if he was mad… if he wanted hed be dead. none of that hes to fast bs
    one angry explosion and basils dead lol

  9. Yaboi Goku says:

    The fucking animantion yesasswsssqdgfyte65ryhuyfxy

  10. JojOo517 says:

    Universe 7 will win, and and ressurect all destroyes unvierses with super Db… ?

  11. Mira Basham says:

    what if somebody used the super Dragon balls to destroy zeno and become the new omni king… Could they even do that????

  12. Jamudi89 says:

    They improved the animation a LOT!!!

  13. Nick Ghianchan says:

    i was thinging the same thing

  14. CV Anims says:

    Eee! Can't wait! ^_^

  15. Tay J. Snyd says:

    we have to wait and entire week just to see this. I wish DBZ were daily episodes. the wait is killing me!

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