Dragon Ball Super (Alternate Ending)

Dragon Ball Super (Alternate Ending)

Let’s do this! Hey, give me your body! No, no, that’s all I need, Kiss on my lips to shut it up! Don’t touch me! Hey, hey, I don’t understand, Anything about me, Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow BAD COMMUNICATION!!! Then, they formed a band, which is now known as dB’z.

Randy Schultz

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62 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super (Alternate Ending)

  1. G-wen says:

    The way it should have ended

  2. The Ant Gamer says:

    Dude that's some really nice fan art right there. Teach me your secerets good sir 😅

  3. Bárbara González says:


  4. FinalNero says:


  5. Tlaloc says:

    Didn’t see that coming lmao

  6. Lemon Moon says:

    Is this a reference I don't get

  7. machomuu says:

    So which one's Isaac and which one's Balmung?

  8. Blazingle says:

    We need more of these! you're a legend for this

  9. Naxilus says:

    Well, that was unexpected xD but cool

  10. AngelusKnight says:

    I don't know what just happened, but gotta hit that replay a couple of more times.

  11. Wolf Shinobi says:

    WHAT?! 😂😂😂😂

  12. Astronomer_X says:


  13. Ser Gwayne Corbray says:

    It’s fucking almost 2am and I have to be up at 5am. This is the moment I realized go the fuck to bed

  14. William Falls says:

    Still a better story than for Jiren.

  15. Lord Primus says:

    Was those subs actually what they said because that sounded random as hell 😂

  16. VII III says:

    MasakoX gave a good reason to watch this.

  17. SpideyMob says:

    Awesome Job Bro i love this!

  18. Another Gamer says:


  19. Shulk, the Smiley Boi says:

    God damn it, Gintoki…

    Seriously though, I was NOT expecting a Gintama reference from something Masako recommended. Good stuff, you killed me with the DB'z.

  20. Toribot says:

    What is this?

  21. Nexus Mania says:

    Guys, please relax… if you don't get the joke, the reference or you think this is not funny, is not necessary to hate me for doing this animation or start disliking the video. Seriously, I respect you don't get it or that you don't like it, so please respect the effort; it's just a goof. Highlights to the ones who spotted the Gintama audio Thou! 😁

  22. Augus Omen says:

    Hearing a masculine Japanese voice coming from Goku almost floored me. I wasn't prepared. Nice reference bro

  23. CASTIE MASTER70 says:


  24. Cobalt Films studios says:


  25. Taco Mcdoom says:

    I don't get it but you get a like for naming the band dB'z.

  26. lightsinx says:

    Gintama is a good drug

  27. L.A. Garcia says:


  28. Nick T says:

    All their voices are deeper lol

  29. God of none says:

    Here I was actually expecting something. Anyway, when is their album dropping?


    NANI?????(man these is nc,and funny)

  31. Wilfred Cthulu says:

    Why wasn't 17 on bass or drums?

  32. ImadeOriginal says:

    What did I just… ok 😐

  33. ArcadetheHedgehog says:

    I was hoping this would be a different ending to the Tournament with Goku and Raditz teaming up to eliminate Jiren

  34. Nicholas Nardone says:


  35. JJ R says:

    Holy crap! If you can do this in one day, I’m looking forward to what a week can give. Great job!

  36. David Romero says:

    C mamo, esta chido, jajaja

  37. Maurilio Bocanegra says:

    Lol that was cool

  38. Om Kulkarni says:

    Lol wtf did I just watch……..lmao😂😂😂

  39. HailedSpace25 says:

    That deep voice on Goku fits well in my opinion

  40. Kyle Langdon says:


  41. DagrrMouse says:

    I know it’s a joke, but I would totally watch an anime of Goku, Freiza, Jerin, and 17 forming a band and playing rock concerts.


  42. FrozenWarden says:

    This is gold

  43. Shin Majin Noob says:

    What did I just watch lol

  44. Federico Casali says:

    This is fucking amazing, oh god ahahaah

  45. TheGintama86 says:

    Im done😂😂😂 (ik the reference )

  46. Black Phoenix says:

    I don't get it…

  47. Blue Flare says:

    THE BS

  48. Edgar Caro says:


  49. M.I.D says:

    Me after watching:


  50. Brad Hackler says:


  51. Ninjathumbs says:

    I don't get the reference, but I also want this to be the cannon ending for super

  52. Yazan Hamdan says:

    Pretty funny actually

  53. klisterlim 55 says:

    At least this ain't tracing.

  54. Kuro Neko says:

    I need the entire album

  55. The Really Negative Person in the comments says:

    Bad communication deez nutz

  56. Milotote 1 says:

    Wtf did I just saw?

  57. Firefox amv says:

    What the fuck was that

  58. Eminem Vevo says:

    Dafaq i just watched….

  59. Nexus Mania says:

    sigh Hope the practice came to motion so I won't trace ever again. This is still fun but kind of embarrassing to look at xD

  60. Shahriya Ahmod says:

    Damn am I glad I came after seeing one of your comments on marks videos and to think I’d find a gintama reference 😂😂😂

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