Dragon Age – Gag Reel – TableTop ep. 19

Dragon Age – Gag Reel – TableTop ep. 19

WIL WHEATON: Hello, internet. Let’s address the elephant
in the room. I just got out of bed and have
not really had a chance to put myself together. But I wanted you to know that
there is a gag reel this week for “Dragon Age RPG,”
and it is hilarious. We shot close to six hours of
gameplay footage and had to edit it down to about
an hour total, split over two episodes. And most of what you’re going
to see in this is just how much fun we were having in
scenes that just had to be cut out for time. Finally before I leave, I want
to show you something. This is my daily “Star Trek,”
“Doctor Who” crossover. Until next time, play
more games. For the rest of my childhood– [MUMBLE] I’m having a stroke. I’ve asked my friends Chris
Hardwick, Kevin Sussman, some other friends, and Joey
Jojo Junior Shabbadoo. No, I got it, I just– I had a fart in my mouth. To play [BLEEP] balls. I’m the champion of [BLEEP] balls. Congratulations, where’s
my [BLEEP] balls trophy? Get card board me
and the [BLEEP] balls trophy. I want that right now. Mama’s got a sparkle. We’re playing “Dragon
Age.” That sucked. No, no, it sucked, and
not in the good way. Sorry, I kinda crushed
my nuts– my nuts, my balls, my man bits. -That dick and ball game? WIL WHEATON: Turns out I’m
playing dick and balls. This is an example of a classic
pen and [MUMBLE] that lets players explore the
world of Ferelden from– I touched it. I touched it. We can cut to it. I touched it. But that’s– I can, we can. This is a classic pen
and paper [BLEEP] that lets players explore
and hold off the blight. That’s not right. We are gray wardens, exploring
the world, exploring the world, exploring the
world. “Tabletop.” We get to do something really
cool, called a stunt. The stunt points we
get are [BLEEP] your mom. So deal with it. If we roll doubles– really, Wil? Really? That lets players explore
the land of– I rolled doubles everybody. What the [BLEEP]? CHRIS HARDWICK: Fonzor
does not panic. He’s cool. WIL WHEATON: Cut to Fonzie. [SCREAMS] CHRIS HARDWICK: Jesus Christ,
what the [BLEEP] is happening? I didn’t [BLEEP] know it was going belch
out of the Earth. WIL WHEATON: I thought
Darkspawn was just a cover name. I didn’t know that’s what
it actually was. CHRIS HARDWICK: I thought
it was just a– WIL WHEATON: A guy
with a mask. CHRIS HARDWICK: A sadistic
motorcycle gang. I didn’t know that it was– WIL WHEATON: Actual demons. CHRIS HARDWICK: Jesus Christ. What did I just get
myself into? WIL WHEATON: This is bad,
man, this really bad. CHRIS PRAMAS: Very good. WIL WHEATON: So Gorick unrolls
his pack, and he brushes out his beard– 99 strokes on his beard. CHRIS PRAMAS: I was going
to ask how many times. WIL WHEATON: Yep, 99 strokes
on his beard. CHRIS PRAMAS: If you were
getting a hint of something else that you have never
nose smell victory? And also, what does
it smell like? And does it smell like napalm? WIL WHEATON: Oh, so since we’re
in “Dragon Age,” we are all covered in blood
now, right. CHRIS PRAMAS: Oh,
are you kidding? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I mean,
just soaked through, everywhere. KEVIN SUSSMAN: It smells. It reeks. SAM WITWER: He’s like, guys,
you have no idea how this smells, just saying. WIL WHEATON: Are there any
copies of “Playdwarf” at the general store? I’m just sort, what
I’m doing is– CHRIS HARDWICK: The centerfold
is just a regular-sized page. [LAUGHTER] CHRIS PRAMAS: Yes, there’s a
special “Bearded Dwarf Women– Myth or Reality?” WIL WHEATON: OK, so when they’re
not looking, I just sort of put them in my bag, and
I’m all, this will serve Gorick well when Gorick
makes camp. CHRIS HARDWICK: Look at
thine lower beard. [LAUGHTER] WIL WHEATON: A rogue comet
passes between the Earth and the Moon. CHRIS PRAMAS: All right,
I miss you. WIL WHEATON: [SCREAMING] CHRIS HARDWICK: [SQUAWKING] WIL WHEATON: Lords of light. Somebody fly me in just
some tiny little piece of food thing. I forgot to eat when
we did OTFs. CHRIS HARDWICK: [LAUGH] CHRIS PRAMAS: That is literally
what you asked for. KEVIN SUSSMAN: There you go. WIL WHEATON: Just think
about that. Think about it long and
hard, internet.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dragon Age – Gag Reel – TableTop ep. 19

  1. ST3ALER63 says:


  2. azntaegrl says:

    Agreed! I'd be really interested to watch all 6 hours. 😀

  3. LazyJones says:

    The internet thinks about it long and hard, Will.


  4. Laurence Whiting says:

    I would totally spend a day watching the 6 hours. Please. Even if you you upload it do a 3rd party source, or have a download link for VLC. SOMETHING. PLEASE. :c

  5. BRIAN TOUCH says:

    Yeap im for 6 hours also be fun to see this and after all this is the net we can watch it as we want so come on lets see the six hours. Hell send me the file and upload it myself via OVH server

  6. Katsa G says:

    When is episode 2 coming out??? … or is already out and I'm just late to the party…

  7. Katsa G says:

    Oh, never mind, I found it. Wow, epic fail, lol.

  8. Flaming Freedom says:

    The vampire dood was really quiet. -D

  9. HessicaSammich says:

    I'd watch it!

  10. Arcterion says:

    50.000+ people beg to differ.

  11. Arcterion says:

    Holy shit, you saw a well-known sci-fi actor in a TV series about geeks?!

    But seriously though, he's been on there several times.

  12. killerclarinet says:

    These gag reels need less Wil fucking up his lines, and more hilarious antics from the actual gameplay shots.

  13. Travis Gordon says:

    What is the make and model of the table you guys use; I want one.

  14. Pia Lotta Kpunkt says:

    I know what the elf has never smell before! 😉 Love this Episode!

  15. vidarDJ16starkill says:

    I hope at one point they will release uncut versions of all the eps. I would LOVE to watch 6 hours of smelling RPG. 🙂

  16. brainiac0077x says:

    When did you start wearing the gold uniform?

  17. Undertaker010 says:

    UP LOAD IT ALL!!!!

  18. Sean Reynolds says:

    PUT THE 6 HOURS UP Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  19. Kelann08 says:

    A few really funny flubs are fine. I thought "fuck balls" was funny. Then cut to the ones with the group. Over half was just Wil screwing up.

  20. magado1 says:

    for the love of the maker, please upload all six hours, i mean you seem to forget, people are watching you play table top games, how many people that have a life manage to stumble themselves into that.

  21. YuriHabadakas says:

    Disagree. You may not find it funny, but I do. Don't presume to speak for everyone.

    Keep posting gag reels please!

  22. Darduel says:

    i dont know what you are talking about , these are preety funny , i allways love gag reels

  23. jakisz says:

    Am curious, did they not think that we would not want to see the 6 hours of footage of this tabletop episode, when Will said, "we had over 6 hours of footage to edit out." I mean really. Did they seriously not see that coming?

  24. torgny hylén says:

    It's quite simple. I comment so that the producers of the show can hear one person's opinion and decide for themselves if they want to do anything about it. I comment in case there are others who may agree… or disagree. It's fine that I'm in the minority. That's cool. A thumbs down sans comment, is perhaps too ambiguous… Basically I comment because I care about the show. I've watched every single episode, Gag reels included. Just something I honestly felt and shared.

  25. Stark Serenity says:

    I fucking love Wil Wheaton.

  26. Rayosi says:


  27. Efreeti says:

    YOU don't think they're funny. I do. Besides, there's not going to be another episode this week. You want LESS content? People need to stop whining.

  28. Efreeti says:

    I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh this wholeheartedly.

  29. jojoshabado11 says:

    HE SAID MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ryutsuke says:

    Yes! Please give us the full six hours!

  31. 3.AF-6.AF GML says:

    just heard that season 2 is coming and i cant wait to see it! I am really glad for this YT channel as i encountered many interesting people i didnt recently knew AND it actually made me play cart-board games again! (munchkin and dixit) Just please keep doing what you are and I'm pretty much sure no one is going to be unhappy! (btw you made it even to czech republic)

  32. Andrew Collins says:

    I mean fair enough, uploading six hours onto youtube would be….difficult to say the least. But surely they could upload it to another site for us to download…either that or run a series of an RPG. They've got twelve episodes in that six hour one and people would watch it, two episodes is not enough

  33. TopGunSGA says:

    Love the Star Trek dressing gown

  34. maninredhelm says:

    I think they all have some funny content in them, but I agree with you that watching Will stumble through his intros has gotten stale, and that usually makes up the majority of the gag reel content. I think they should cut that down portion to half of what it typically is, even if there isn't funny game-playing content to replace it with. I usually watch these with one eye on the remaining video time, waiting patiently for intro outtakes to end and the game outtakes to start.

  35. ArionStarcraft says:


  36. Angelblade717 says:

    Wil's voice when he talked about the rogue comet reminded me of the Powerpuff Girls narrator 😀

  37. Wordnerd23 says:

    Joey Joe Joe! Come back!

  38. Ted Harrold says:

    We demand more smells!

  39. Lisa Hafskjær says:

    I think its funny when he fucks up his lines!

  40. GermanNightmare1976 says:

    That. coat. is. SO. much. made. of. awesome!

    Tip my hat to you, sir!

  41. Off-The-Cuff Gaming says:

    I am sure I am not alone when I suggest that putting up a more complete version of the RP session would be very enjoyable viewing.

    I understand that there are natural edits that need to be made in the process of making a video of this type and that a full session would not be to everyone's taste (or stamina) but I think there would be a number of people who would enjoy it a great deal.

  42. Kirby Uber says:

    ok, that fonzor bit? "i thought they were just a really sarcastic motorcycle gang!" "this is bad man, this is really bad!" has had me giggling to myself like i'm mad for days.

  43. Scattered Moon Shards says:

    I'd so love to see entire 6 hours of footage…

  44. Melissa Hash says:

    I enjoy the Tabletop gag reels, because it proves that Wil Wheaton can flub his lines & flub them well!

  45. TheBeauty says:

    star trek, doctor who, whil wheaten….gamer girl gasm

  46. dtvidman2005 says:

    Thundarr the Barbarian references for the WIN!

  47. irishrose328 says:

    Love the gag reels. Thank you!

  48. Donald Paterson says:

    You may not find it funny, but there's a large amount of people who do enjoy such things.

  49. John Angelle says:

    Funny is subjective, broski

  50. Cured The Addiction says:

    dude lol the robe….before your sex trophies (aka kids) i bet you and your wife like to watch the old episodes you were in 🙂

  51. Bryan Stewart says:

    Ahh I love the gag reels!!!

  52. Matthew Longo says:

    I would watch all 6 hours of this

  53. jaxommm says:

    Why do they have gag reels for this? The entire show is a gag reel!

  54. Omerta says:

    My thoughts exactly. These gag reels are hilarious and I love watching them.

  55. Stefano Novella says:

    Geek and sundry, please tell me if anyone there had the lovely chance to make a Star Wars-related pun at Witwer, please.

  56. Nathan Hubbard says:

    This was good, but it would be even better if more than 2 minutes of the video was gameplay footage. Out of the five hours that got cut, only 2 minutes of it was worth putting in a gag reel, and less funny than Wil being bleeped? I find that difficult to believe.

  57. CuteFairyCreature says:

    I just love Wil Wheaton more and more.

  58. Michael J Winslow says:

    Thundar the Barbarian

  59. Edenn G says:

    A world of make up? Think you mean rogue….

  60. Edenn G says:

    We definitely do need more from this.

  61. Edenn G says:

    Kids existed before he met his wife… she had them with her first husband.

  62. theStonerKid69 says:

    I'd agree with you…if your comment gets up voted more times then his does.

  63. David Lastname says:

    Some people like things you don't like! Surprise!

  64. torgny hylén says:

    Some people don't like things you do like! Surprise! 😛

  65. Thunderbug says:

    i wanna get famous just so i can be on this show and play board games with awesome people.

  66. syruin says:

    Another gag reel where wheadon finds himself funny. Does he just make the cuts because of some insatiable love for himself? I stopped watching these because of this. Felicia you are awesome but must we be subjected to this. It gets old. He isn't that funny.

  67. beluschie says:


    (If you don't understand that reference, GO WATCH DOCTOR WHO, It's amazing!)

  68. Grakho says:

    I really hope you upload the full version of this episode.

  69. olivejuceforever says:

    I have to say, i love your profile picture. thats the only reason im commenting lol

  70. Alexizonf1re says:

    Haha, since this is dragon age, we are all literally covered in blood, yep, that's DA:O all right

  71. Dan Gish says:

    damn looks like he's in jail, well the brig. hehe

  72. Christian Ternbom says:

    Thank you Wil for lightning up my day with your video. Thanks to the Dragon age RPG video you filmed on Table Top I thinking of trying the game out with a couple of friends.
    btw loved your work as reader in "Ready player one"

  73. DXDCgamer says:

    … i really wanna play this game…

  74. Code Erebus says:

    and there is a large amount of people who dont

  75. MrMayday7777 says:

    Did anyone mention 'that's what she said'?

  76. Bloxshroom says:

    well dont watch it then XD jeez its not that hard ;P

  77. Code Erebus says:

    I think you also need to reread the comment and this gag reel and many others because it easily explains why you actually need to watch the gag reel.

  78. Easyflux says:

    his constant smirk unables me to enjoy the fuckups..

  79. Robert Torres says:


  80. John Spacey says:

    Wait, it took them 6 hours to accomplish what was edited into 1 hour?

  81. AsceHawk says:

    upload the uncut version :p

  82. Robin Batchelor says:

    We want the entire uncut session!!!

  83. Dirk van Roosmalen says:

    Love the robe! And and uncut version would be nice as well.

  84. mahousel says:

    I do believe thats the wrong color robe for you lol. Love this show its totally awesome.

  85. 50Calabyte says:

    Not if he was somehow in the TOS era.

  86. thewildone says:

    Oh god, I forgot how funny it was that he had the 'smelling' feat.

  87. Rick H says:


  88. lightsabersed says:

    Can we get more Chris Hardwick on TableTop? He and Wil are just so funny together!

  89. ThePandemic101 says:

    Unsubscribe right now.

  90. The4thKind says:

    i have seen you before O_o

  91. TheOriginalElkstone says:

    Extended edition?

  92. Corsair Joshua says:

    The Chris Hardwick/Wil Wheaton bromance is strong

  93. OksanaSean 2002 says:

    I can't believe Wil & Chris know the theme and intro to Thundar the Barbarian. That was awesome!!

  94. Mutusandu says:

    Can you PLEASE put out an extended cut of the Dragon Age!?

  95. RiesenMumpitz says:

    I had to look it 2 or 3 times.. but in the end I figured it out, what Chris said at 3:22 😀
    It's pu..y XD
    I laughed so hard
    Rofl greetings from germany

  96. tomitstube says:

    i didn't know nerds had such filthy mouths, i'm starting to feel like i fit it.   these shows are very entertaining and great for networking internet talent.

  97. Michael Saumure says:


  98. RUdigitized says:

    that robe

  99. kevi1813 says:

    I don't get the reference at 4:12

  100. Mr. Super Nintendo Chalmers says:

    1:08 Joey Joe-Joe!!

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