– [Mom] So you guys really
want to slime him too, huh? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Mom] Alright. – [Ollie] This slime looks so yucky. Daddy’s not going to like it. – [Mom] It has been so miserably hot, huh? ♪ Let’s live ♪ ♪ Live forever ♪ – [Both] Good morning! – Hey guys, good morning! What’s up Ollie, what’s on your head? – Crown. – Ooh a crown! Are you like the Prince
of YouTube right now? Is that what you’re doing? – No. – If you guys know where
this crown is from, hit that thumbs up button and let me know. But as for now, I just
keep it right up here. Just right here, next to
Harry Potter and my Snitch. – Love you to death! – I love you too, Ollie! What’s up guys? Welcome to Daily Bumps. If you guys are not a
part of our family yet, be sure to click that subscribe button and click that bell icon next to it. What are you doing dude? Keep your clothes on silly. Hey Geebo, how you doing today? – Doing just fine. – Cool. – [Dad] What is going on? Finny are you scootering in the house? – Yeah. – [Dad] Look at you on your scooter, you’re doing so good dude. – [Dad] Oh yeah? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay. Hi babe. – Hi. – [Dad] Hey Geebo, tell us a joke. Think he’s going to say something funny? – What’s the difference
between a guitar and a fish? – [Dad] I don’t know. – You can’t tune a fish. – [Dad] You can’t tune a fish. Get it, like a tuna fish? – Watch this! – [Dad] Okay. Whoa! Look at that cool new
trick Finn just learned. – [Mom] Amazing! Alright, ride off, let
me see you ride, go! Faster, faster, go. – [Dad] Blast off. (Finn yells) – They are so cute! Both boys actually just
got back from seeing Hotel Transylvania 3 with Mimi and Papa, so we kind of got a break this morning and they had so much fun, it was so cute. – [Mom] Did you have fun
at Hotel Transylvania? – Yeah! – [Dad] What was your
favorite part of the movie? – Poopy diaper. – [Dad] Oh really? – If he ever doesn’t know what to say, just says poopy diaper. – (screaming) – Help us! – We found an abandoned
safe over on our property a few weeks ago and we
did a drop test on it, by dropping a bowling ball onto
it from 20 feet in the air. Ready? – [Dad] Ready! – [Mom] This thing is heavy! Three, two, one! Oh my gosh! – [Dad] What? – [Mom] That’s right! – Mom, look at this crack. – [Mom] I know, wasn’t that so cool when we dropped stuff on it? So make sure you guys
go check out that video because it was so much fun and I got to drop all kinds of cool stuff
from like 20 feet in the air and it was really, really cool. So I have it linked up
here to check it out. But, something very specific
happened in that video. I had gotten two watermelons,
one to drop and one to eat. And Bryan tricked me and made
me believe that we had an extra one, so I actually ended
up smashing two watermelons. And I’m really upset about
it, we all wanted watermelon. Right boys? – Yeah! – [Mom] We all wanted
watermelon and daddy tricked us. What do you think of that Ollie? – That’s not very nice of daddy. – That’s right, it’s not
very nice, he tricked us. And you really wanted
watermelon that day huh? – Yeah, I want. – So we actually asked
for you guys’ suggestions in the comments of how
we should get him back, and a lot of you guys said to slime him. And the boys are big fans
of sliming him, right? – And look at this watermelon. – [Mom] Look at it,
that’s all my watermelon. He made me smash all of that. So you guys really want
to slime him too, huh? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Mom] Alright. Okay so the problem is, is
we’ve been doing a lot of slime pranks lately and we
have no more slime left. So, we have to make our own slime, right? So we went out and we bought
all kinds of ingredients to make our own slime. We got Jell-O lime, flour,
and water down there. And we are going to make our own slime. You think we can do it? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Mom] Okay let’s try. Okay so I’ve got all my ingredients here. I’ve got Cassie filming
for us, thank you Cassie. And we are going to go
ahead and make eewy, gooey, green slime so we can prank daddy. Are you excited? – Yeah. – Okay so, me and the boys
went out earlier today, and we bought everything we need. We bought this really
cool lime green Jell-O, and we’re going to need to
open up all these packs. – It has Hulk on it. – It does have Hulk and Hulk is green. So we gotta use all his green slime. (yells) – I want some of that. – Yeah, oh and it smells so good. Okay let’s go ahead and pour these in. So the recipe calls for
six total Jell-O packs, so we’re going to pour the
rest of these in right now. – Now that we got it open,
I’m going to pour it in. – [Mom] Good job! Finn you want to do yours? – Yeah, alright. – Woo, good job! Alright now we need nine
pounds of flour but we’re going to only do half of it first. Whoa! And now we’re dumping
in one gallon of water. Woo! – And we gotta mix it all up,
go ahead and start mixing. We gotta get it really, really whisked so there’s no lumps. Gotta get all the green
stuff from the bottom. – It’s slime! – Yeah it is! Gotta make sure all the lumps are out. Alright it’s almost slime, it still needs a little bit more stuff. It’s starting to get
really thick and gooey. It’s definitely green which is cool. – You should touch it. – Okay I’ll touch it. Ew, yeah its definitely like
a flour-y mixture right now. I’m hoping it’ll turn
into a little more slimey. Alright we just got to add a
little bit more of the flour and make sure that we don’t
thicken it up too much. And then we’ll add more water, okay? Alright, let’s add the rest of the water. – Ew, this slime looks so yucky, daddy’s not going to like it. – I know right, he’s
going to be mad at us. It isn’t even like regular slime. It’s got like flour and next
we gotta put the soap in. Alright, let’s dump the soap in now. It’s tear free so that when
it gets all over his face it won’t get in his eyes and make him cry. Oh geez, you dumped it! Alright let’s dump in the soap. Oh my gosh. – Ew! – I don’t know what the soap is for, but maybe it thickens it up, I’m not sure. Look at that, it’s definitely
turned into some slime. Look at it now. What do you think guys? Ew, we should totally slime
daddy with it now, huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think it’s ready. (upbeat music) Alright let’s get this divided into two pitchers, so each boy has one. I think it’s time to
prank, are you ready Finn? – Yeah! – Yeah, okay! – Holy carne asada you guys! It is like a Mexican restaurant
in our house right now. Cassie and Carlos came
over and made Mexican food. So we’ve got carne asada,
we’ve got some sort of salsa, tortillas, cheese and limes, fresh herbs, rice. Smells amazing in here, this is awesome. This is like our favorite thing to eat during summer time is carne asada. We make like burritos and tacos and stuff and it’s delicious. – Nummy! – [Dad] Nummy? You getting a little taco there for you? – [Mom] You want some? You gonna get one? – [Dad] He’s like, all of the meat! – [Mom] Oh wow. It’s a lot of meat in there. – You like my spider ring, guys? – [Dad] Yeah where’d you get that Ollie? – It’s from the new Transylvania. – [Dad] Yeah, you liked
that new movie, huh? – Yeah. – [Dad] Is that so cool,
what was your favorite part? – My favorite part is
about the little captain that goes on the ship. My favorite part is he gets
married to the little cactus. – Spoiler alert, sorry guys! Ollie hitting it with the
Hotel Transylvania 3 spoilers. Jim you went and saw
it, what did you think? Was it good? – I liked it. – Okay, the human turned into
a vampire at the end, right? It’s kind of like Twilight, right? The dad? No? Thank you Cassie and
Carlos for making us food. This looks so good, I’m
so excited to dig in. – That’s queso fresco. – [Dad] Queso Fresco? – Yeah, it’s really cool cheese. – Alright, everyone is in
the pool including daddy. Are you so excited? We’ve got our slime. Smash that thumbs up button if you’re excited to see us slime Bryan. Are you guys so excited,
it’s going to be so cool! Okay so Papa’s going to help us. I’m going to go out there
and I’m going to nonchalantly just you know, hang out with
Bryan, kind of vlog him. And we’re going to get him good. So excited! Okay let’s go. We just got done with
dinner and it was so good. It’s been so nice to have the family over. Now we’re getting in the pool. – Yay! – [Mom] Oh I’m so excited,
the water feels so nice. – It’s honestly so nice. – [Mom] How’s the water? – It’s awesome. – [Mom] Aw it’s so warm and nice. It has been so miserably hot, huh? – Yeah I know it’s been crazy
it was 115 degrees yesterday, it’s only going to get hotter. We’re going to be spending
so much time in this pool because, what are you doing? What the? – [Mom] Oh my gosh! Got you! – Is that slime? – [Mom] Yes, that’s for tricking me and smashing my watermelon. – What, I thought you knew. – No, I was specifically saving it. – I didn’t think it was that big of a deal you had to slime me. – [Mom] Got you! – There’s not even any
left to throw at them! – [Mom] They got you good!
– I’m so gross! It got in the pool! Look at all the green
slime that got in the pool. Is it going to be okay? – [Mom] I think it’ll be
fine, you guys get in! – Okay! – [Mom] Run Finn, run! – You wanna feel my slimy head! (screams) – [Mom] Oh my gosh! Good job boys! Oh my gosh they got him
so good, I’m so happy. – I’m sorry babe, I didn’t
mean to use your watermelon. – [Mom] Yeah right. – I just wanted to see how it’d look it was so cool getting smashed, huh? – Yeah! – [Mom] No we wanted that
watermelon, right Finn? He’s like, “I’m so confused.” He’s like, “Whose team am I on?” – I cannot believe I
just got slime pranked. This is the second time I’ve
been slime pranked, you guys. I was also slime pranked on
Kyle’s Toys and Game channel. If you guys want to watch that video, I’ll have it in my archives. I can’t believe you boys got
me, you’re so good at this. Alright you guys, back in my office. And the boys may have slimed me, but I think they made up for it guys. Because they just came into
my office and surprised me. I was actually playing some Fort Knight. Look at you guys are all
Harry Potter’d out aren’t you. Look at you, yes! They got a Harry Potter shirt on, They got Harry Potter pants on. Apparently they’re Gryffindors. Vote in the iCard poll above which Hogwarts household are you in? – Look at this! – Ollie which Hogwarts house are you? – Slytherin! – Slytherin, yes Ollie is a slytherin. Misty is a Hufflepuff. Finn is a Gryffindor and I am a Ravenclaw. Isn’t that funny, we’re
like a whole family divided. – Slytherin means snake. – [Dad] Yes, so they
had Harry Potter mugs, so the boys had to surprise me with tea. So we’ve got tea, and we’ve got biscotti and you guys are drinking hot cocoa. – Yeah! – [Dad] You’re drinking hot cocoa out of your Gryffindor mug? – So, when we went to Target
today to get all the stuff so we could slime you, they
also had like everything you could possibly
imagine in Harry Potter. So if you guys want a Harry Potter Paul, then I literally can’t, then look at this. Isn’t that so cute? – [Dad] So cute! And you got your Gryffindor booties on. – [Dad] Yeah. It’s so funny ’cause like yeah, my office is decked out with
Hogwarts Harry Potter stuff. We had so much fun today, you guys. You boys did so good sliming me, honestly. That was awesome, I
was not expecting that. – They carried it right
out there and took over. – [Dad] Yeah, good job guys! – We have two slimes, I
had one, Finn had one. – [Dad] Yeah, two, I don’t know. Has anyone done two before? – I don’t know. – [Dad] You guys took that prank to the next level didn’t you? Anyway, I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video. If you did be sure to smash
that thumbs up button. Thanks for watching guys,
we will see you manana. Hey Geebo, goodnight! (crickets chirping) (laughs) – I don’t know, I thought
maybe he would say. – Hey Geebo, can you say bye boop. – [Finn] Bye boop. – Here’s something I can do. (laughs) – [Dad] He just pulled a
rabbit out of his hat, okay! Thanks for watching guys,
we will see you manana! Who wants to do bye boop? – Me!
– Me! – [Dad] Alright just start doing it! Finn you wanna do it? Aw, Finn gets so sad when he
can’t do the bye boop, look it. Finn come here, let’s do the bye boop. Oh my gosh, this is so cute.
– Go do it, go do it. – Alright Finn, here’s my bye boop. – Oh he gave you his
bye boop, now you do it. – Alright now Finn, you get to do it! That was so adorable, oh my gosh. Alright Finn, thanks for
watching we’ll see you manana. Finn say bye! – I’ll just do it, bye! – No! – [Dad] Oh now he doesn’t want the boop, this boy is drama and it’s time for bed. Alright Ollie, you’re the pro. Will you do my bye boop for me, okay? – Bye, boop. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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