Don’t you see!|DRAGON BALL GT [Covered by Studio aLf]

Like when one writes a letter to a friend In spite that it would be nice if words flow out to me I want some time to know each other a little more That the only one who won’t betray you is your family Is too lonely a thing Love is asking to be loved I know I’ll be happy if I stop believing but Don’t you see!
Even if I ask and pray for miracles and memories, I worry a little Don’t you see! Even if I have a habit of pretending
to be aware of something I’m afraid to be hurt Though it’s only been five minutes of silence since I waited in the taxi stand,
I feel like it’s been an eternity Wasting my time and making me weary
An unexpected event that the love turned pale Don’t you see!
I’m glad it ended up with a little fight They don’t want to lose, so I was relieved Don’t you see! Rather than turn my eyes to another I want to look just at you Don’t you see!
I’ll never worry, tonight I’ll lay me down, tonight You know, I do it for you Don’t you see! Scents of the town we were born If we walk down together the sunset street Don’t you see!
No matter how much the people in this world hurry Please still hold me

Randy Schultz

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