Does a Common Boa/Boa Constrictor/BCI make a good pet snake? (2019)

Does a Common Boa/Boa Constrictor/BCI make a good pet snake? (2019)

there’s no music in this video because I want you to pay attention hello everyone and welcome back for all you people that watch my videos without subscribing you’re terrible people and it’s about time you make that change and hit that subscribe button and click that ringer thing so that you can know though who tomo post a new video with Avery just said hi everyone now today I want to just talk to you guys about Boas a little bit so starting from babies you look at this little guy over here a little girl she’s so cute and I find that when you I’m mostly probably compared to ball pythons because people’s first pets are usually a corn snake the ball python or a boa and I keep mostly boas and when I compare them to ball pythons you see the way that this snake does not really seem afraid she’s just looking around and exploring and she’s not scared and this is one of the things that I like about boas right from the beginning they seem to have a lot more confidence her name’s Naomi and she’s hanging out here with my uncle David he’s visiting from the States is his first time holding a snake and as you can see she’s a couple months old three months old probably and she’s super sweet I can reach in and touch her and go near her and she’s not really scared she’s not aggressive or anything and I attribute this to basically from the time they’re born I take them and rinse there’s like embryonic sac off and play with them and hold them I usually set a timer for 15 minutes and hold the babies every few days 15 minutes each and that just tames them nicely so that they behave like Niomi does here out of the last batch at 17 there was only one aggressive one and if you just click the little box I’ll show you how to tame an aggressive baby right from its early stages and now introducing Sophie Sophie is the first albino boa that I bought about 6 years ago and I raised her from a baby and as you can see she’s quite calm as almost all of my Boas are I’d say every boa that I’ve raised will behave like this as it gets older so you can see she’s even calmer than the baby was so a big misconception that people have with Boas is that oh they get big and then they’re gonna bite you or they get scary or whatever but the truth is that the way that the snake behaves as a child will be the same way that it will behave as an adult if it’s not strikey and nasty or scared then it’s gonna grow into an adult that is not strike you’re scared either I spend a lot of time doing stuff like this where I play with their face and I pet them like that and I do that from the time they’re a baby till they get used to it so my belief is that if you can get them used to you rubbing their face then they’re gonna be fine with anything else so because I’ve spent so much time desensitizing them or like see at first I think it is desensitizing like you’re you’re making them not really react to it not really be afraid of it and over time I think they enjoy it and I could be wrong about that I could just be frustrating her right now but if that’s what I was doing she would show me she’d like shove off or like pushed me away or strike at mirrors thing but she’s relaxed she’s flicking her tongue she seems like she’s having a pretty good time the reason that boys will get a bit of a bad rap is mostly because they’re bit bigger than ball pythons so if you were to think about a big dog and a small dog let’s say a chihuahua and a German Shepherd if you were to get bit by a chihuahua it’s not gonna be that bad whereas if you got bit pretty bad by a German Shepherd it could do some damage you could really hurt you so a Chihuahua bite won’t end up into newspaper a German Shepherd bite will when it comes to snakes I think that’s why boas and ball pythons Boas will get a bit of a worse threat but to me it’s not really a boa or ball python it’s more that the owner if an owner of a back to the dog example if an owner of a German German Shepherd didn’t take care of their animal properly and neglected it and you know didn’t feed it eventually that animal would not be that happy with them and it might be more aggressive and biting now same thing with the Chihuahua but the consequences are not as high with the Chihuahua because it’s a little dog compared to a small one so in the same way with boas and ball pythons boas are a bit bigger and I was scared myself of Boas I thought if I got bit by one it’d be pretty bad when I did get bit by about a six foot boa did what he did is it made me a lot less afraid of them because their bites are not bad at all they really like I can’t even see a boa doing much damage now we’re talking about BCI Boas and they don’t usually get much bigger than eight feet lots of the time it’s around six to eight feet and all my Boas behave like this like I would have a hard time to get Sophie to bite and I wouldn’t want Sophia to bite me to me the more that I handle my animals and spend time with them and have them end up like this that to me is success I’m not here to come online and show you videos of snakes biting me or me scaring snakes or intimidating them if a snake does bite me and I get it on video it’s to show you like basically a snake that’s a little scared or a snake that’s a little defensive and yeah I post videos of snakes eating sometimes but some people want to know what it’s like for a snake to eat something and I’m not ever showing live feeding videos where animals are killing other animals just eating and if that’s entertaining to some of you why not quick sidenote snakes have a brill or oculis kale that covers their eye so they have vertical eyelids underneath that scale that open up when it’s dark and closed when it’s bright isn’t that cool another thing that I’d like to talk about is how wonderful snakes really are when it comes to having to feed and how much they cost really like snakes are villainized so much for all they kill creatures and they eat them but when you really think about it if you have a cat or a dog you’re feeding that cat or dog daily and they’re eating meat when you think about yourself most of us are eating meat and we’re eating a lot of meat now you compare that to one of these adult snakes and I’ll tell you almost all my adult snakes eat once every two to every three weeks so think about that for sustainability imagine like what other animal eats that little you compare them to us you compare them to cats and dogs and they win they don’t waste they don’t eat as much as we do or any of our other pets do so they’re actually like the most sustainable pet you could have to feed a snake like this like a boa will end up costing you about fifty to a hundred dollars a year to feed and what are they eating they’re eating rodents they’re eating in the wild things that would overrun and so they’re helping control rodent population and more good things about them like they are made out of keratin so everyone that thinks that snakes are slimy or goopy or whatever you’re wrong if you look at your nails and you touch your nails your snakes are basically made out of the same material as your nails so they’re very clean and when you touch them they’re not putting anything on you exactly the opposite is happening your oils are spreading on to the snake so weird the dirty one okay back to boas being wonderful pets so if you’re not a little child and you’re looking for your first snake personally I believe that Boas are the best first snake because lots of people will start off with the ball python I did myself but when you move up to boas you get a little bit more intelligence you get a little bit more confidence and there’s something really special about that is it’s really special to have a creature like this that so many people view as aggressive scary and to just see it behaves so sweet now on its little that’s it’s okay but when it gets like this size it just it makes me so happy and it’s just it feels more like you have a substantial pet now they’re not even close to as intelligent as dogs are they’re never really gonna love you but they do definitely like and dislike things I like to say they’re just not capable of complex emotions but they definitely do over time learn to like you or if they don’t like you they’ll they’ll make get known me a snake that hasn’t been handled much and has just been kept kind of like a display animal and just you fed it cleaned it and haven’t really spent much time interacting with it those snakes probably won’t behave like this and if you get bit by one of those sometimes like it really is your own fault for not putting that time in there’s people that say basically snakes just want to be left alone they don’t get anything from doing stuff like this but that’s absolute nonsense like and if you really feel that way to me you shouldn’t have a pet snake you shouldn’t you might as well just leave them in the wild and not have one because if all you’re gonna do is have it in a tank like a fish and to me any and the funny thing about that is they’ll look at it like oh I’m really respecting the animal and giving it what it needs okay so to me get a fish I think that one of the greatest things about snakes is that you can take them out and you can respectfully play with them into I take mine out to the park I let them explore and I’ll let lots of other people touch them too and help them get over their fears to me that’s a good thing for the Hobby and I’ll continue doing that anytime you get bit by any snake it’s always gonna be your fault a snake is never just gonna bite you because it’s not your fault you either scared it or the most common time that anyone gets bit is when they’re feeding it or after they fed it so it’s called stupid feeding errors because people have made dumb mistakes right now this behavior me petting it playing with it to me there’s zero risk in that and people can say oh you know it’s just a matter of time until it bites you or whatever and you know I’ve had two snake for six years I don’t think she’s ever bit me so I’m willing to risk that because even if she was to bite me it wouldn’t really do much it would barely even hurt this snake can’t kill me it can’t kill my daughter it can’t really even almost hurt anyone if you are afraid of this snake like you have more reason to be afraid of a household cat or dog anyways I was just hanging out today with Sophie and she was sitting here so lovely and I just figured I’d do a little video to hopefully teach you a little bit more about snakes but was and if you were wondering if you should get a bow for sure I’d say start off with the baby though it’s always better to buy a baby so that you can see its personality and know that it’s nice and if it’s not you can end up taming it and growing it into a lovely snake like Sophie here if you enjoyed this or learn something please hit that subscribe button share it with some people flick the bell and until next time have a good one so obscure ibed 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