Do Pet Snakes Ever Attack Their Owner? | Pet Snakes

Do Pet Snakes Ever Attack Their Owner? | Pet Snakes

The question is, is can our pet snakes attack
us? And the simple answer is yes. One of the most common reasons a pet snake
will attack you is when you get a new snake they are a little bit nervous and if they’re
not used to you when you reach in, they can attack you. Remember that they are solitary creatures
and they need to relax for a few days to understand where they are, get comfortable with their
environment. Be confident in the way you pick them up. Never pick them up in the front third of their
body, always in the back, and they’ll be much more confident with you, but they can attack
that way. The second most common reason a snake will
attack you if you will, is in feeding. Remember that our pet snakes sense their food,
heat and odor and if you are handling the food, and then you reach in with your hand
the snake will perceive heat and the odor of bait and you can get bitten. That probably is the most common reason that
the snake will attack you. For a snake to be aggressive to attack us,
our pet snakes are much more shy, and are more likely to move away from you, and find
a hiding spot than aggressively attack you.

Randy Schultz

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24 thoughts on “Do Pet Snakes Ever Attack Their Owner? | Pet Snakes

  1. Bradley Harris says:


  2. brandon smith says:

    thanks for the reminder

  3. michaelwindsurfer54 says:

    i might get a pet snake one day

  4. Hallowed Boy says:


  5. Teodoras Kripas says:

    evil people buy poor snakes 🙁

  6. Case Buscho says:


  7. Case Buscho says:


  8. snyc42 says:

    he talks to you like your mentally sick. srsly

  9. TinoKruger says:

    you sick !

  10. I eat abortions says:

    I like my pet pythons. My bigger one is very friendly but did try to eat my finger once, but it was my fault because I was holding a rat during that time.

  11. Morganna says:

    What? Why?

  12. Justwantahover says:


  13. eric smith says:

    Good advice. May b getting one in the coming days. Not sure yet lol

  14. Warm Suga NP says:

    thank you i just got my albino python and he been struck me a couple times. and has had his neck in a s mode.

  15. Mushasherps says:

    Mine has never

  16. Jigglypuff says:

    Mine sometimes attack me

  17. Kye Talks says:

    So basically it's the same as most animals. Attack only as a last resort when afraid – or by accident.

  18. Andrew therag says:

    Well duh yes, my baby ball python bit me but they dont attack for no reason

  19. NYC_All_Stars says:

    3 years never bitten

  20. Agro Games says:

    What snake was he holding?

  21. phillip percell says:

    pet snakes attack there owners when u piss them off

  22. Daniel Dcosta says:

    Ty for the advice… I live in India how can I buy a pet snake for me

  23. zahra alshammary says:

    Lol never trust a snake!

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