Do Pet Snakes Escape Easily?

Do Pet Snakes Escape Easily?

Today I’ve got a snake with me that a lot of you know, her name is shadow and She has the record for the most snake escapes out of all my animals So today I thought I would use her to talk about snake escapes The reason I thought this would make a good video is because snakes getting out of their enclosures and getting loose in the house or in the environment is Probably the biggest reason that people especially parents or landlords or whoever are not very comfortable having snakes in their home So whether it’s their kids or their client or whoever is not allowed to have them because they’re scared is going to end up loose Wherever. This is much less common that you might actually think although it is possible Just like how many things are possible in keeping animals But I think the reason this is thought to be probably the most concerning thing with keeping snakes is because any time a reptile makes the news like half the time it’s because the animal escaped and the other half is because the Animal killed someone. There’s, I mean, is there ever any positive news about reptiles? Email me some positive news articles about reptiles so that I feel better about us But they make good headlines because it’s very convincing to click on Whether- especially if you like have a fear of snakes or something You’re almost more inclined to fuel your own fear by finding negative things about it And so that means that this news very quickly spreads all over the place and it gets very popular So that means when your kid comes up and is like hey, I think I want a snake What’s the first thing you’re gonna think of? Of course just anything that you know about snakes. What’s that going to be? Probably the news articles that you saw scrolling through Facebook about some 18 foot snake that escaped Even on YouTube and other platforms in the reptile community people love to really milk the fact that snakes escaped You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about Brian (ss:wrek) When does he not do it, it’s like as most popular videos are all about snakes escaping That probably doesn’t really help right off the bat as a first impression when you’re coming into the reptile community That’s probably not very fun to see and it was like a year ago, maybe a little longer. One of the time shadow escaped I did a video on it Because she ended up getting gravid because she found a male rat snake under her house If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can go watch that video But originally I had the term escaped in the title And I realize that’s pretty bad to have because I’m just helping fuel that and really annoying Stereotype, I guess so I removed that from the title a while ago so that it hopefully doesn’t have such negative impact obviously Snakes do escape sometimes. How do they do it? And how do you avoid it? And is it really a problem that you actually have to worry about when keeping reptiles? so you should definitely worry about it because you want to be able to avoid it and Most of the time it can very easily be avoided but there are some reasons that they most frequently do get out So I’ve had a handful of my escapes myself. I’ve never had a permanent snake escape every snake that’s gotten out of their Enclosure the far majority were found within like 30 seconds if not They were found within like a day or so Very- not very far from where they originally were supposed to be and I don’t keep anything venomous So like just sticking your hand around the house trying to find a snake is not as big of a deal as if I were Keeping like Cobras or something. Speaking of which that’s also something you’ll see on the news a lot Like I specifically remember it was like a woman who’s Cobra got out So she just like stuck her hand under the dresser and what she got bit because she wasn’t thinking it through (ss:karma is a cobra) Let’s go ahead and move on to how snakes actually escaped their enclosures. So it is true that they love exploring They love finding little places and they love migrating to find even more places This means that they will take advantage of any hole that’s in their enclosure. So shadow is a pretty thin snake She’s a colubrid. They’re like, unlike pythons or Boas They are usually pretty slim and they can squeeze through very small things smaller than you would really expect You also have to keep in mind that there’s a lot of muscle in this animal. So They can push the lids off some what easily There are very easy ways to keep this from happening which I’ve got to in just a minute But first let’s talk about what they can actually fit through. So you see this you probably things like yeah She’s like say an inch in diameter. So anything bigger than an inch, she can’t fit through. Well her head foreshadow specifically is Probably a bit smaller than an inch and she will happily try and fit it through whatever once that fits through Well, she doesn’t want to go through my fingers but when she’s there she can really just squeeze her very flexible muscles and her bones are somewhat flexible like although they can’t like tie themselves in a knot they can bend a little bit so as She squishes. I don’t want to squish her but even applying just barely any pressure You can already see there’s a lot of squishy movement there So if she wants to get through something and she forces her way through she can really flatten down quite well Which means she can fit through things that are deceivingly small That you don’t think she’d be able to fit through. So that means when you’re setting up an enclosure Make sure that basically anything that’s not a screen if there’s like holes as for ventilation or whatever really double check and make sure they genuinely cannot fit through this another common example as to how snakes actually get out is When something is broken in the enclosure and you don’t realize it. One time there was a screen It was like a used enclosure someone gave us and it turns out the screen that was hooked on the top of the enclosure Had like a flap on the side Because the glue gave out or something and so the snake could just push up on the screen and it wasn’t opening like that wide but they could just slide right out of so it’s definitely good if you get anything used, especially enclosures to Really thoroughly check that and make sure that it is perfectly snake proof Once you make sure there are no holes or slots or whatever You have to make sure that everything is secure and cannot be pushed. Slightly more expensive enclosures often come with Latching lids where they just slide into place and you hear them lock once they’re all the way pushed you can even put a lock on many of them with a key or whatever or a Padlock if you wanted to to get like super careful, so no one steals your snake and snakes cannot (ss:that’s a good choice alex) one of the nice things about using locks is It reminds you that you’ve always put the top on Because one of the most common ways is you simply forget to put the lid back on the enclosure If you only have one or a couple enclosures, this is very rarely going to happen. Hopefully never probably never But in my case I have had those times where I have like 30 enclosures in the room I’m like doing stuff at 3 a.m Because I put it off and I need to clean and stuff. If I’m like really tired rushed through it I want to get it done and whoops I either didn’t slide a lid all the way or I didn’t put a lid back on Or I did not put Clips back on to a lid These reptile clips go on to lids that simply lay on top of an enclosure and don’t latch for example if you’re using an aquarium with just a lid that falls on top a snake can usually push that out if they can reach the Top. No, they can’t just like directly climb glass Like they can’t just stick to glass or something But they can usually find things that help support thumbing you to the top this means that you want to make sure that I live This lie on top either is clipped close with some latches. I’ll link some in the description you can get them on Amazon for like $4, or you can just put heavy stuff on top like a couple textbooks or Boxes or rocks or whatever, bricks as long as they’re heavy enough to where you can like Clearly not push the lid off then you should be good well as long as you have an undamaged enclosure with a lid that either latches or clips or just is weighted down and You don’t forget to put it back on There’s there’s really no risk. That’s pretty much the only way a snake is going to get out something I completely forgot to mention is the fact that I’ve left doors open multiple times, like especially this one I don’t know why and oftentimes if the snake doesn’t even move. They’re just content where they are I’ve done the same with ball pythons and stuff So just because you leave something open doesn’t mean they’re even gonna want to leave Because they might be perfectly fine where they are as you can see here. You have to remember that there’s thousands and thousands of snakes being kept all over the place and It’s very easy to pick out those few that do escape here and there And make news articles into them or videos and again, the most frequent escapes are when people have very large collections where it’s very easy to just like miss one thing as you’re going through because mistakes are going to happen no matter what you’re working on and When you have more animals There’s a higher chance that you’re just going to accidentally pass by a tub and forgot-forget to like Push it back in or forget to slide a lid on or whatever But it’s very easy to get into that habit again the best way I’ve found to remember to make sure to close everything is to use actual physical locks because that like click you’ll just Remember when that lock clicks on? I don’t know it’s just like a very nice physical way to actually get that muscle memory of remembering to put that lid back on and When a snake does get out They’re not gonna look for people to kill or eat They’re not gonna look to go like attack you in your sleep All they’re gonna want to do is hide and stay safe and maybe come across some food along the way In my snake escapes, I’ve had they are often in basically the same place a warm dark Comfortable place whether it’s like in your laundry or under another enclosure or wrapped up in a chair or around a pillow Something like that That’s like the best place to start out when looking if you do get a very unlucky and have an escape Remember not to panic just like take your time and very melodically search every inch of your home So is a snake escaping a valid concern? Definitely you should be concerned about anything that would negatively impact your animal or your experience with it but is it something that should stop you or prohibit you from getting a certain animal As you could tell my answer is no just be careful. Keep track of it. Even if you have another person in the house Feel free to just like let them double-check everything make sure it’s all good each time you’re done in there But most of the time it’s very easy To just get into the groove of always making sure the enclosure is closed and the animal is in there when you’re not supervising Also something I should mention is snakes can go quite a while being outside their enclosure Some people have had a snake escape and it’ll show up like an hour later Like that’s usually what happens with me, but people have kind of snakes escaped where they just like hang out I don’t know behind the fridge or something and it’ll be there for months and Like half a year later, they show up, they’re thinner, but they’re perfectly fine So it’s very impressive and that’s why you shouldn’t give up if you do have an escape you can be patient and be careful and be thorough with your searching but you might have heard like 24 hours after somebody is disappeared or after your dog is disappeared Your chance of finding them has gone from like a pretty decent chance to like no chance that’s very different with snakes and reptiles They can be gone forever and then just randomly show up someday perfectly fine Then it’s really not something that you need to have on your mind not something you need to anticipate Or worry about and something that could happen just like many of the other flukes that happen in any hobby or any pet keeping experience But it is something to keep in mind and I’m glad you watch this video to know more about it so that you are prepared and hopefully a bit relieved if you are concerned about that, but In the comments, let me know I think It’s something that would be good is people, like whenever something bad happens, you let it know But if you have not had a reptile escape, maybe mention that in the comment section, too So if you have feel free to but if you haven’t maybe mention that also so we can really see Here’s a poll, why not do a poll. Have you had a reptile escape? (ss:lots) Yep, okay. So there we go. That’s shadow. The master escape artist hopefully to be contained forever from now on But those things do happen, sometimes hopefully this video helped. Let me know what else you want to see videos on That’ll be it. I’m Alex and Thanks for watching (ss:ily shadow)

Randy Schultz

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  1. GoHerping says:

    I forgot to put a graphic on the monitor in the background, and it's annoying me.
    Anyway, join the mailing list for more updates!

  2. luis garcia says:

    He has thousands of snakes in his care, and the escape videos are like 5-6 the probability of snakes escaping with that many snakes to take care of increases mistakes happen especially when you have thousands of snakes to feed you get in a routine of opening feeding closing snd maybe this one time you didnt close it all the way snd the snake pushes out.

  3. Lavender West says:

    I left my snake enclosure open for like 30 minutes and my snake escaped and was just chilling under my bed. He was cold, so I put him under my jacket, but that was the only time he escaped in the whole year I’ve had him. My landlord put me on the first floor of my apartment specifically in case he got out though.

  4. Matthew Zeller says:

    6:15 that's just what they want you to think.

  5. Jacob Edward says:

    I know Shadow is a rat snake, is she almost exactly like the common black snake? My parents garage in Virginia has become an unofficial breeding site for wild black snakes, really cool to see 6-7 foot snakes roaming around.

    Anyway, this is such a basic question but I'm new here: are what we call black snakes really rat snakes? And then the corn snake a close cousin?

  6. Helga says:

    FYI- most screen lids are not meant to withstand weight from the top.
    So if you put weight on them, be sure to check the lid often for stress cracks, bending or glue, staples, or rivets warping, etc.

    This is why using brackets/clamps is a better option.

  7. Helga says:

    Positive Reptile News- I was presenting at Chicago Herpetological Society's Reptile Festival a couple of weekends ago where around 5k people attended. No one was bitten or eaten!

  8. Emzie Taylor says:

    Any update on shadows eggs.

  9. Vox Cruora says:

    I've only ever almost had an escapee snake when I forgot to slide the lid back on before taking care of a chore that I was focused on. Was off for a good five minutes before I walked by again and saw Raspberry's face just laying on the lip staring at me like "Da fuk yoo do with the weird impenetrable sky?"

    Even if he didn't technically get out it was still an "Oh shit!" moment.

  10. eventhorizon says:

    My columbian rainbow boa I kept in a large screen enclosure- it was the most affordable way for me, at the time, to give her a ton of places to explore and climb on, and I was able to give her a 10 gallon tank as a water bowl. Apparently however, a tear happened and one day I went in to take her out to chill with and she was gone.

    Oh my God- I had gotten her from a place I worked, they had gotten her with a busted eye and I absolutely loved her, nobody wanted her for years before I started, but of course before I bought her she got sold. I always had her out on me when I worked, she was my buddy, and my boss was like "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WANTED HER??? I WOULD HAVE HELD HER FOR YOU!"

    So my own fault.

    At least half a year later she was back, skin and bones, and absolutely biting everyone, except me. I was the only one who was able to handle her, even people walking past me she would lash out at, and this was a snake I had previously used to help people work on their fear of snakes due to being sweet… So my boss gave her to me… So I got her back to health, and that's the back story of her and myself.

    So needless to say when she was gone, I freaked the hell out- she's my buddy, my pal, and I searched high and low… but there were holes by my radiator and I thought she was gone forever.

    A couple of days later, my dog was barking in the kitchen, and she wouldn't stop, she kept running into the living room, looking at me, then running back to the kitchen to start barking again. I got up, went to the kitchen to figure out what her problem was, and boom, my Athena was sitting in the dog's water bowl, just chilling out-

  11. XxOngakuxX says:

    My brothers snake (which is mine now) escaped for 4 months. They found her rounding a corner. She was fine. She took a LONG drink when they put her back, but otherwise nothing happened.

  12. Kierra Kim says:

    My most expensive ball python (the GHI’s) enclosure was left open by accident and the door was open and she was gone for almost a year and one day she showed up at the front door. I could tell it was her because she had a distinctive burn mark from her past owner. She was very healthy too!

  13. allison9999 says:

    You should make a new series called “Beef with Brian” where you highlight all of the shitty things he does

  14. Kess Bristow says:

    I don't have the link for you but it happened in Dallas,TX back in the 80s, my grandfather was chief of police in a city just north of there and his whole unit got called for backup.
    The summary of the story is a man broke into another man's apartment and didn't know the guy let his boa free roam, the guy that broke in ended up calling the police on himself because he was terrified of the snake and thankfully nothing was stolen or damaged.

  15. Thalia Weil says:

    People go nuts when snakes are loose but what about agressive dogs? They typically do a lot more damage.. people bring up some lame excuses not to own them

  16. Colton Denis says:

    Why do you pick on people

  17. Colton Denis says:

    Is it because you are jealous

  18. Colton Denis says:

    And by people I mean Brian

  19. Brina Tortilla says:

    My ball python has escaped many times. I had moved to a rv and every time we had to move the rv, I had to bring the snake to the truck. The road trips were long and he found a way to get out. We searched the truck everywhere. 3 days later he was laying next to a cola bottle. Recently, he has been getting out more. I’m guessing because he has gotten bigger. I’ve found him in my closet twice. He once had a mesh top but that broke and I had to get him a metal one. The lady told me it would fit a 20 gallon but when I placed it, I noticed I could stick my finger in there. I tapped it as much as I could. There is a tiny tiny spot that is open on the corner (bc I ran out of tape) and he always gets out through there.

  20. Willow Dragon says:

    I don't have a reptile but my worm has never escaped. Neither have the succulents.

  21. thatone nerdgirl says:

    I’ve had a leopard gecko escape before 😂 she piled up all the substrate on top of one of one of her hides and just wiggled her way between the aquarium and the lid

  22. Epilepdick says:

    My mom's worst fear is if I get a ball python and it escaped that it would eat my cats or vice versa…good points for either but I would be more worried about my cats eating the snake because even though they can unhinged their jaw I'm pretty sure big fluffy things with claws would be on their menu…

  23. Jeremy Catches says:

    I lost my little milk snake the day I got him because I failed to weight the lid down. 🙁 Almost exactly a month later he showed up crawling out from under my car in my front yard. 🙂 He is happily living it up in his enclosure now. He now knows he will be well fed.

  24. Chibi san says:

    I watched this video last night and I woke up to my carpet python being lost….coincidence ? I think not

  25. Papyrus Playz says:

    My mom is cool with my snek but she hates the dead mice in the freezer so we have to put them in bin bags XD

  26. Trusty Milkshake says:

    Thoughts on baby iguana escapes?

  27. Jamie Rice says:

    I've had my snake for 4 years and she's never got out of anything….

  28. Z Ervin says:

    I forgot to lock the top of my ball pythons tank and he escaped twice in the middle of the night. Luckily my tanks are right next to my bed so I was just like “Benjamin go to sleep what is wrong with you” and locked it again 😂

  29. Morgan Umbrell says:

    My snake got out and climbed up my blinds…

  30. Zalander says:

    Just a warning about using weights to keep cages closed, I had a 15lb led brick holding my boas cage closed, and she still managed to push her way out, and she scratched her nose up in the process. Didn't have any trouble finding her, but I made sure to add some extra weight after that. I'd recommend having at least double the weight of your snake to keep a cage closed if you go about it that way.

  31. RRW says:

    Do Birds count as Reptiles? There are a lot of positive things about Birds.

  32. Perla Medrano says:

    Arent you scared of the cats getting to the snake first?

    Cause seeing how Oliver obliterates all the little light lizards I am scare of getting a gecko or snake and then one day just hear the big Crunch of death

  33. Jezebel von Tex says:

    Melodically search 🤣🤗 beautiful

  34. Laura R says:

    9:45 very melodically 🙂

  35. Donna Stillwell says:

    No escapes yet thank god I think I would freak

  36. Ivo Cizmic says:

    I’ve had a bearded dragon escape before

  37. Dani Theuerkauf says:

    No reptiles. But tawny my tarantula years ago was a master escape artist. Lol always found her.

  38. t tison says:

    with my snakes i found it easiest to put bricks and rocks on all of the corners of the lid

  39. yo Clark says:

    Poor Shadow, She sneaked out and got pregnant. Now she's on permanent restriction. A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do. Seriously though, my brother had a 10 foot boa and it escaped and got into the neighbor's yard. The neighbor shot it. Use locking devices to keep your reptiles safe. Love your vids.

  40. Angelica Munios says:

    My ball python whom I've only had for about 7 months has escaped 5 times but I've found him within an hour of realizing it. Twice in my sweatshirt on my desk, once behind the terrarium, once in the printer (idk how he even got in there), once underneath a shoe rack. He's perfectly fine and healthy as always, just gets out sometimes. I have clips on his enclosure now lol

  41. Chelsea Ditchfield says:

    I work in a reptile shop, since I've been here, 1 snake has escapes twice, a childrens python (spotted python/stimsons python) once for about an hour, once for 3 days….. I bought her, shes doing really well, hasnt escaped in my house yet, I adore her, shes just nosy and loves exploring, I'm not worried about her escaping

  42. Parsa Soltani says:

    Does a garter snake run away? I have one on the way and want to keep her in my backyard, letting her roam free and eat/do whatever she wants. Garters are good for my garden and I recently had one killed by an uninformed landscaper…will she try to escape/move away so long as my backyard is recognized by her as safe, full of food etc.

  43. caitolent says:

    My indoor cat breaks out twice a week…

  44. Alea says:

    I once let my Snails loos by accidant once and all the hell broke out in our office. Happy to have no snakes here. 😉

  45. TheNetherGoddess says:

    My young ball got loose about a week ago and I found her immediately because I have a small dorm room that’s completely sealed off and she was just hiding under my laundry

  46. Cody Thompson says:

    One time I accidentally left my cornsnake's enclosure open for like 2 hours and she didn't even leave lol

  47. Cyrilla Waterhouse says:

    “You know who I’m talking about..”
    Brian. He’s talking about Brian.
    “I’m talking about Brian😎”
    Loll laughed too hard

  48. Kayla Ehler says:

    When i was 8 my family had a snake named Larry. He was an exscape artist. On one occasion, he had been missing for acouple of days. I was playing in the living room when my grandmother called the house phone. She had just woke up from a nap when she found Larry in her bed curled up in a ball next to her. When i answered the phone she told me "get this damn snake out of my bed". I miss her and larry. Thanks for making this video that memory always cheers me up for some reason

  49. birdwithabrokenwing says:

    Does Brian actually have ANY videos that AREN’T over-dramatic with click-bait titles and thumbnails that only serve to fuel misinformation about reptiles? 🤔

  50. Ellis Berry says:

    My corn snake that’s been gone for over a year would say yes

  51. zedder82 says:

    My few month old corn snake Zypher escaped almost 6 months ago and I haven’t found him and I’ve lost hope already

  52. Bobbie Lee says:

    The only time my python ever got out was twice when I was away and I had the get dad to feed him and just left one latch open and didn’t notice and he just pushed through the top but both times he just went onto my bed and got under my blanket and went to sleep

  53. Megan Kahts says:

    Once had our californian king snake escape from his feeding bag. Ignored his meal and instead made her way down the corridor and into one of our shoes in the bottom of the closet in the bedroom, with the closet door closed, all in less than 12 hours. Luckily she poked her head out of the shoe when we opened the closet, else she could have stayed there forever without notice.

  54. Nico Sy says:

    There was the 2009 incident of a Burmese python in the house that escaped the terrarium and ate the parents’ 👶.

  55. Jester Na says:

    I had a speckled rat snake when I was 11, it escaped and I thought I’d lost it forever. 2 years later we were moving and I was cleaning out the shed and I found the snake inside of a bag full of dead leaves alive and well.

  56. Michelle Yang says:

    Positive news about reptiles: These news articles are more funny cute article about a reptile expo Firefighters saved 100+ reptiles from a fire

  57. eloqniious says:

    i fell asleep with my BP, Deirdre, on my chest. She was just chilling there. I woke up at 3 am and freaked out but she just went deeper into the blanket by my waist to keep warm

  58. plussizemommy2B says:

    Not a reptile … but I had a hermit crab escape once … for like a month then (he was very dry) but lived.

  59. Salle Joker says:

    My corn escaped from a new enclosure i bought (used) but i found him right beside his enclosure drinking water from the cats water bowl
    It's really no issue if you keep them in one closed room, they will most likely still be in that room

  60. Tiffanie_3 says:

    Not a snake but an energetic Leopard gecko. I left the lid open while I was feeding him and noticed that he would need more water soon so I went down stairs and got him a bottle of water. When I came back he had climbed to the top of his rope wall, and jumped on to the opposite sides wall, balancing on it looking for what to do next. In a time frame of less than 3 minutes.

  61. Justin carrington says:

    Intro song? 0:24

  62. Alisha Huff says:

    Hey you seem pretty smart so why talk crap about other people who are just trying to make it? I've watched a couple of your videos and and all of them you talk crap about Brian. It makes you look like a petty little know-it-all and I don't think that's what you're trying to accomplish right?

  63. Kir a says:

    Me:Mom!!!look!this snakes looks cute!!! Can i keep one???
    My mom:*Thinks about anakonda*
    -snakes that i wanted:



  64. Pace Justin says:

    YES! I have just 1 ball python, and I have ADHD, so fairly often I will set my snake in his cage and get distracted by something and forget to put the lid on. But my snake has never left his cage. I have left my enclosure open for 12+ hours and he hasn’t even moved. So although it isn’t a good thing to do, I don’t worry too much because in my room (where the cage is) there is no spot he could get out, meaning if he does escape he is still within my room.

  65. Elisa Grace says:

    I had a full blown panic attack thinking I lost the ball python, freaking out. Tears and everything. She was under her water dish.

  66. Mit o ohne h says:

    I want a snake but my parents don‘t want that because they think they were more dangerous than dogs and they would escap easy. PS: they snake i am Talking about is an Kornsnake

  67. Dream Retrograde says:

    What breed of snake is Shadow?

  68. No one Important says:

    literally any animal can escape from their enclosure…how? who knows but it can happen

    I remember when I was really young- like 6 or so-we had a painter turtle.

    we kept it in a tank with water- it's an aquatic species after all, it had a platform with UV to warm up on and I just remember it being a very nice tank

    Not so long after we got him, we were returning from a shopping trip and went to check on him just to realise he was not there…

    We checked over the tank but sure enough he was nowhere to be found…

    we were really confused- how could he get out and where could he be?

    well we got an answer to one of our question. I found him under a table which was about 3 meters away from where his tank was, tangled in some hair.

    He was ok after that and had a relatively happy and long life.

    After that we changed his name to "Hopík" – which means "bouncy ball" in my language.

    but one question still remains- how did he get out in the first place?

  69. Redella says:

    My beardie made an escape once when i left the room with her enclosure door open. My mom found her in the living room.
    It was an accident, and usually i don't have to worry about her getting far. Now i always make sure i close her door if she's active.

  70. David Pope says:

    Never had a reptile or an eccape

  71. Ryleigh clore says:

    My snake is currently in my oven

  72. Natt Golds says:

    Hey!, I love you! . K bye 👋🏽❣️

  73. MegaRoo says:

    9:45 "take your time and very melodically search every inch of your home". Are there specific songs or just a general melodic tone to your voice while looking? Does dancing help?
    Just kidding I love your videos!

  74. Gavin K. says:

    A janitor left the cage open to one of our class snakes, it was a baby milk, and a few weeks later we found it in the mouth of brad; a adult beardie

  75. L says:

    You heard it here folks, the snake beat the turtles in a snake escape contest

  76. Drummerx04 says:

    Oh man, I had so many snake searching experiences with my ball python. I actually got super good at tracking him down.
    When I was in college, I had him in a room that he couldn't escape from (legit no way he could squeeze under the door), so I would actually leave his cage open at night and he would actually crawl out and curl up in bed with me on his own, but he was very easy to track down when he didn't.
    This caused some issues when I stayed in other homes with more escape routes, but I've always found him pretty quick. The worst one was probably when he hid INSIDE the sofa.

    I recently got a baby boa, and something like 3 days after I got her, I let her sit in my lap while I played a game (something I would do with my ball regularly). Well, she decided to go exploring and she was so small and light that I didn't notice.
    I very quickly entered FULL PANIC MODE because this snake was freaking tiny and could have gotten into just about every worst case scenario location imaginable. I tore through my apartment while cursing myself for my stupidity for probably a half hour. I checked behind, under, and sometimes in my fridge, stove, laundry machines, shelves, clothing… but I couldn't find her.
    Just when I thinking I'm screwed and she's somehow found her way into the walls, I decide to pop open the side panel on my computer (the smaller section behind the motherboard)… and there she was! This was about 3 feet away from where I had been sitting with her initially, so she really didn't get far at all.
    It really pays to be meticulous in your search!

    Both snakes are doing great, and the little Boa is growing up so fast!

  77. Ms. Marton says:

    My corn snake escaped 🙊🙉🙈 she came home a day later. 💜

  78. Luke Bussel says:


  79. Selin Germann says:

    I've never had a reptile escape! I don't have any but I feel like thats still an acomplishment because Im terrible at everything!! 😀

  80. cheeze mama says:

    I've realized that goherping only hearts the funny comments…
    Read More

  81. Ashley W says:

    My ball python escaped was missing for a week before I found her in my canned food on my self

  82. Pizda .P says:

    Okay so a few weeks ago I said I hadn't had a snake escape, well today it happened. I caught him mid escape through a inch gap in his sliding glass doors,i thought he wouldn't be able to open it because I struggle to push the doors open with my hands, now I'm definitely gonna remember to put the lock on. I'm just glad my boy is safe ❤️

  83. Kelsea Moore says:

    My dad had a tattoo shop, where one of the artists had an enclosure along the side of one wall for a boa. She lived to escape sometimes and every time we found her in the heating vents. Well the tattoo shop was celebrating it's one year anniversary by going on a hunting trip for a weekend. We paid someone who had owned snakes and cared for them. We warned the person that she does occasionally like to sneak into the heater vent. Well one of the days in she escaped and I guess the person forgot or just didnt care because she died in the vent because she had been there for days. We wouldve forgave the person or whatever, but that person didnt tell us at all, and she reassured everyone that the snake was doing great, and that it was being checked on everyday. Came back to a dead snake. Will never go anywhere if I cant bring my animal with now. Wasnt even my snake but it just made me realize you cant trust anyone to watch your animals

  84. Marcy Byus says:

    I had Prince Charming, my new ball python escape his enclosure and was gone about a week before I found him. I was so happy when I heard a noise and it was him in my laundry room! We bought the clips that you showed in this episode and he didn’t get out after that. 🐍

  85. Daniel Dulu says:

    I've had dogs escape. A boxer coming at you is scarier than a snake slithering away from you of course all the boxer wants to do is say hello but people think they are pit bulls. Not the same nose.

  86. Ave Playz says:

    im getting a corn snake soon

  87. Kate Alexandria says:

    When I was a kid, we had emperor scorpions, and one morning, one was missing! We found her in about 10 min, but my sisters were freaking out, standing on chairs lol

  88. AviaBlamo says:

    I have a turtle that is on my drawer. I come home one day. I find the turtle missing. And find it on a pile of clothes on the floor…

    I still question myself to this day how she got out of her enclosure and didn't land upside down.

  89. Xtra Dead says:

    i forgot to close my corn snakes lid

    i looked in she wasn’t there
    i looked under my bed and then i checked the tunnels he had made
    he was in them
    i almost had a heart attack

  90. Lissi says:

    My red rat snake got out twice when I was a kid. Pretty sure we had nothing keeping the top latched so not surprised. We found him the first time about 1 month later in my underwear drawer which was upstairs and he lived downstairs. Then the 2nd time he got out it took 3-4 months. I found him in my toilet wedged into the ring where the water comes out. It scared me at the time because that toilet had one of those blue cleaners in it. His white underbelly was blue for 2 sheds! lol

  91. Willow Art says:

    There was this article in Australia about a hamster and a snake being best friends

  92. felpa99 _ says:

    My snake escaped overnight but I found him, in the bookshelf

  93. Naner Emerson says:

    I have three cats and one of them jumped on top of the screen lid that covers my corn snake’s tank and ended up detaching the screen from the lid. I found my corn snake in my closet curled up in a plastic drawer the next day😂 There was also a hole in the top of my king snake’s enclosure (again, from my cats) and I found him chilling on top of his tank once and under the couch next to the tank another time. Oh snakies.

  94. reptile babes says:

    I got my first snake in March, I accidentally left the lid off 😭💀 and we looked EVERYWHERE and still couldn't find him! Still to this day he's missing ): he was such a good danger noodle! But in a couple days I'm getting another snake! He's going to live in a tub (he's a ball python) it's very dry here barely any humidity! How do I keep him from pushing out of an tub?

  95. Blame-the-Game says:

    Zero escapes here but one time we thought we did but the snake had just buried itself under the substrate.

  96. PaulPaul says:

    I have a boom box on top of my 10 gallon

  97. Tima Piepgrass says:

    Could we have a poll that includes other animal escapes for comparison? I've had a gerbil escape, as well as some cats and some dogs. It can be expensive, and stressful. I'd rather look for a lost snake than a lost dog.

  98. aquadetray says:

    My snake was missing for 6 weeks. I found him in a different room the other day. I was soo happy to see him. I live in an apartment and was very worried he'd get into someone else's house and get killed by them.

  99. Aaron Burkeen says:

    I have 13 year old cornsnake. He has got loose once. And it really was not a big deal. I left the lid open one day while I doing something then left the room. And he just happened to be in curiosity mode. When I came back he was just behind the dresser his tank was on. Also having the appropriate tank size can also help prevent escape. When I first got my adult cornsnake he was in a 3 ft by 18 inch tank. What is commonly recommended for a cornsnake, but I disagree. I noticed he would be pushing against his lid alot and trying to get out especially at night. So I moved him to a 4 ft by 20 tank later. And since then he has hardly ever even tried to get out. So if your snake is trying to get out alot maybe it does not have enough room. And needs a bigger tank.

  100. Geo Vonnie says:

    I only have one Male leopard gecko and my niece had opened the sliding door not once but TWICE and it was only like 2 hours but he was just sitting on his hammock looking out the nonexistent window

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