DJ Snake & Moksi – Pigalle (Official Audio)

DJ Snake & Moksi – Pigalle (Official Audio)

We are the , we are the , we are the fucking dancers Drop it!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “DJ Snake & Moksi – Pigalle (Official Audio)

  1. LYSH Eli says:

    This beat hits harder than my mom

  2. BombataBeats says:


  3. Maidas says:

    *DJ Snake (Just Put the Name)

    *Moksi (Where's their name in the title?)

  4. Mr Shapov says:

    Dj Snack

  5. King Kunta says:

    I can picture all the headbangers losing their shit to this

  6. Dudez says:

    that drop ??

  7. raghav pdinesh says:

    It said it is not available

  8. V-ROOT says:

    1:12 NTSC Color Bars sound :v

  9. Corne says:

    10% DJ Snake
    90% Moksi

  10. Koneser says:

    Mind Fucker

  11. Lucky says:

    beats drops harder than my will to live

  12. Francisco Ayala says:


  13. Heisenberg says:

    In spanish sound like "NO STOP"

  14. Isaac Shakesby says:

    I'mmmmm GAY

  15. Aron Huw Jones says:

    big up adalia rose's snapchat for this song

  16. DeLuxAlex 1712 says:

    Why cant this song play on iphone

  17. Jellow Erazo says:

    Tchami drop this in his set + a mashup of sikdope – snakes. <3

  18. Stephen Sanz says:

    Holy fuck. How'd i freakin missed this.

  19. Michał Górski says:


  20. Vladi x says:

    Jay Alvarrez's video on Instagram brought me here

  21. David Can. says:

    Jay Alvarrez

  22. あ あ says:

    Knife Party – 'Power Glove' ?

  23. tvoje máma says:

    Drop hits it harder than Nagasaki

  24. Peyo Artigala says:

    Insane track

  25. tw33dle_dee_ says:

    ima play dis when I'm playing gta 5

  26. tw33dle_dee_ says:

    how do I add a comment?

  27. Derek Ogle says:

    DJ Snake & Moksi = 12 Letters
    DJ Snake = 7 Letters
    Moksi = 5 Letters

    7/12 = 58%
    5/12 = 42%

    58% Dj Snake
    42% Moksi

  28. Bar TeX says:

    Drop breaking my bones

  29. FadedDesigns says:

    i bump my head like im autictic cause of this song

  30. Wiwut Kate-in says:

    Where are you bro

  31. jose samillan says:

    puta mrd asquerosa pura mrd

  32. Esmeralda Herrera Beltran says:

    +100 alv uwu

  33. z M A G G says:

    My parachute didn't save me from that drop

  34. Rushikesh Rokade says:

    drop is amazing bitch

  35. 222 333 says:


    10% air 20% water 40% sand 20% gas 8% dirt 1% moksi 1% DJ Snake

  36. Danny Petrov says:

    When dis dropped on the main stage at Ultra Europe…i literally started crying lol

  37. Alan Kerneis says:

    En concert elle est enorme !

  38. Bany Music says:

    UK Bassline drop o/ o/

  39. Nick Huijs says:


  40. Hugos says:

    this is the weirdest drop i ever heard in my fucking life

  41. M-High says:

    i love moksi so much

  42. POLYBiUS says:


  43. FlashSc0pe CF says:

    i like dicks

  44. pancakeofdead says:

    What is the name of this music style?

  45. thediegobk3 says:

    Aguante Creamfields vieja! 😀

  46. SLATT says:

    Everyone saying this song is 90% moksi

    (Now i know why this shit is so weird)

  47. Manuel Rodriguez says:


  48. Aaron Schiffert says:

    THIS BEAT!!!!!!!!

  49. OwenBaeckelandt says:

    This drop is hard Whooooo

  50. Xforbidden31 says:

    Every time i listen to this or any type of dubstep. I get supernatural powers and feel i coukd do anything and win. Makes me go crazy

  51. Siti Aishah says:

    my ears are bleeding. sickdrop lol…
    dj snake never fails

  52. 최민지 says:

    song from moksi / branding from snake 🙂

  53. Raymundo Sanchez Corona says:

    Que Genero es este . : )

  54. Stefans L says:

    At first thought it was DJ Fresh

  55. pixel gamer Luna says:

    what?? the song was made from mocks dj snake didn't do anything

  56. Mango Pago says:

    Bs 2018

  57. Ruben Sanchez says:

    the homie was blasting this on the way home shit is sick

  58. MudrasofEarth says:

    Jeah moskis drop kills it man!

  59. *REEF *_Yt says:


  60. Gaming guru says:

    Not good so much

  61. Patrick Henry says:

    I wank to this

  62. Dj Scorn says:

    my mashup

  63. Iyerikhon Lauron says:


  64. Jonas Vasquez says:

    Esto es pa empatillarse

  65. /DaisyQueen says:

    DJ snake=90%

  66. Röbōt says:

    like, you can feel the dj snake, but it defiantly is a moski song

  67. Joey Venal says:

    This reminds me of Alpha – Jauz

  68. skeo says:

    wait its 4:20 long 🙂

  69. Artrack 66 says:

    Nice song

  70. Krayzo says:


  71. arif baki says:

    yo man

  72. Rexou297Z says:

    Moksi – Pigalle .feat Dj Snake right ?

  73. prashant rathod says:

    Dj sneak world in best……. Wow

  74. XxvimvictorxX pro says:

    cuhtin chapes

  75. XxvimvictorxX pro says:

    cuhtin chapes

  76. XxvimvictorxX pro says:

    cuhtin chapes

  77. S2pidSwagGhoster says:

    I died beacause xkf this beat so goooooood?

  78. Deep Magiya says:

    I'm the biggest fan of DJ snake

  79. Kevin Sosa says:

    The lead up is better than the shitty drop. Is there one where there’s just the pre bass drop?

  80. Yessica Perez says:

    Deveria tener video oficial ,siempre va en los festivales. ??????

  81. Thallia Costard says:

    j adore dj snake

  82. caito92 says:

    Me recuerda al hijo del Chapo

  83. Thallia Costard says:

    Trop bien

  84. Felix peitz says:

    OMG DJ Snake is the best DJ. Welcome to the top 100 Playlist in Germany

  85. Fushoku says:

    2019 Anyone ?

  86. SATAN says:

    90% moksi baby 10% dj snake

  87. Cristian De Las Heras says:

    Me empalmo la ostia cojon duro ufff

  88. 不失百 says:

    All my friends don’t like it

    But I do

  89. Joanne Carlin says:

    Best drops harder than my fat ex falling over ?

  90. Benjardo xd says:

    Puta madre esta de huevos 😀

  91. Men Toz says:

    Dj snake=51%

  92. Walker734 says:

    Is it me or every time I hear this song I think of the PC/PSone game Revolt?

  93. stephie Bonami says:

    Salut Ça Va Dj Snake

  94. Vijay Krishnan says:

    Skrillex is hiding somewhere. XD

  95. Kliman HD says:


  96. Krayzo says:


  97. Soarse says:

    1:10 i came from barely alive – be mine

  98. Pedro Santos says:

    Knife Party – Power Glove

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