DIY – ❤️ CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS ❤️ – Idea making a turtle pots planter at home

DIY – ❤️ CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS ❤️ – Idea making a turtle pots planter at home

DIY – ❤️ CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS ❤️ – Idea making a turtle pots planter at home

Randy Schultz

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89 thoughts on “DIY – ❤️ CEMENT CRAFT IDEAS ❤️ – Idea making a turtle pots planter at home

  1. Ramona Beatriz Baez says:

    Excelentee!!! Que bellas manos,sos una genia👏👏👏👏

  2. evelyn lopez says:

    Is do cute i LOVE IT.GREAT WORK

  3. Neha Singh says:

    Waaoooo very nice

  4. Ivyana Caraballo says:

    Bella gracias

  5. Alcioneedimilsom Guimaraes Alves says:

    Amei parabéns ficou muito legal

  6. Laurie P says:

    Excellent! Also, my Uncle Tommy thought it was excellent as well, and he doesn't give praise out too freely. lol. This creation is beautiful; thank you for sharing it! 🙂

  7. الطائر الجريح says:

    Do you add to the cement and water anything else?

  8. Vera Lucia says:

    Muito lindo parabéns!

  9. M.A.S says:

    Excellent !!!I love You 😘

  10. Josiene santos moreria Josiene S Moreira says:

    😍😍 muito lindo

  11. Maria Arrieta says:

    Hola te saludo desde Argentina Tucumán …me parece o solo una de las partes de la tortuga con lo cual terminaste tu hermosa obra ..

  12. Ileana Fente Ramirez says:

    Gracias por todas las cosas lindas que nos enseñan

  13. Valdineia Santana says:


  14. Светлана Гончарова says:

    Прекрасная черепаха!Вы большой молодец!

  15. Melahat Kavak says:

    Wooow excellent you always doing good art with cement amazing you very intelligent man very clever

  16. Liliana Rodriguez says:

    Me escantooooo para hacer una enormisima para mi jardin.

  17. lightz2k12 says:

    Legal amigo parabéns Deus abençoe

  18. Lucia Regina Pinto Brum Freitas says:

    Que lindo seu trabalho! Parabéns.

  19. Mas Eko says:

    very nice pic 👍👍👍

  20. Leila Fattobene says:

    Linda 🐢👏👏👏👍🇧🇷

  21. Angelica Morales says:

    Ésto si es arte. 😉😊

  22. Nancy Olivera says:


  23. Kiran Bobade says:


  24. Cris Araujo says:


  25. Sweety Rose says:

    Very nice pic

  26. Babies Channel says:

    colorful life

  27. Cynthia Yeje - Ramsaroop says:

    I loved the fact that you made this but how did you remove the sand from the inside of the turtle base once it was dry?

  28. Lilia Juarez Jacome says:

    Está bellísimo.

  29. Aurineia Pereira says:


  30. peregrinaciones says:

    muy bien

  31. Shemoy Spencer says:


  32. Nancy Olivera says:


  33. Valdineia Santana says:


  34. yolanda S. says:

    You skip very important steps in your videos always 🙁

  35. Sdam Sdam says:


  36. Luzia Felipe Felipe says:


  37. moon man says:

    Wow…very nicely done…keep the videos coming.

  38. Галя Макс says:

    Завжди щось нове,молодець!!!Привіт із Укоаїни.

  39. Anna M says:


  40. ADRIANA radovinich says:

    Guauuuuuuu 👌👌👌👌

  41. Astrid DS Arango Muñeton says:

    Congrats 👏

  42. زياد احمد says:


  43. Lilian Araujo says:


  44. Dianne Naworensky says:

    Love this Turtle !!! ✌🏻❤

  45. Analilia Salvador says:

    Maravillosa gracias

  46. coreena russell says:

    You got talent.God Bless You and Thank You for sharing.MeMe

  47. Aureliane Wette says:

    Lindo…trabalho maravilhoso

  48. Susana Beatriz Scaglione says:

    excellent work!!!

  49. Elena Celeste says:

    Why don't they tell the audience what type of materials to use?

  50. Amy Thayer says:

    Is packed sand the base, yes? Such a beautiful and honorable design.

  51. 9th_Child says:

    Not too many are going to take on this project, too much work, complicated…but good job!

  52. vera bragantim says:

    Lindo Parabens 😀

  53. Gorduiz Tita says:

    So amazing!

  54. Kayla Beatty0731 says:

    Was amazing up until painted paint ruined it

  55. Cristina Santos says:

    Que bonito. Incrível que tem quem da joinha negativo, só pode ser inveja ou concorrência. Parabéns! 🇧🇷

  56. Paty Rico says:

    Que hermoso trabajo

  57. Julian Castaneda-Calixto says:


  58. Jomaria Henrique says:

    Amei a tartaruga… PRBNS!

  59. ZIta Cancino says:

    Me gustó tu trabajo, Felicidades x tu creatividad 🐢🐢🐢🐢👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  60. Theresa theresa says:

    Amazing piece of art ..well done

  61. Mohammad Adnan says:


  62. Everyday Sharing says:

    wow nice good excellent creative

  63. Галина Анисимова says:


  64. veronica alamos yañez says:

    Demasiado lindos y se pasan al crear cosas tan hermosas y fáciles

  65. Francisco Bastos says:

    Muito bom mesmo!!!👍

  66. Diana Paola Sandoval Gomez says:

    Hermosas esas obras felicito a estos grandes maestros del arte

  67. Nataly Valdez Giron says:

    Muy bonitooo.

  68. Maria do Carmo Grizotto says:

    Seus trabalhos são maravilhosos!!! Show!!!

  69. Sheela Hooseinally says:

    Very beautiful, but a? Mark as to how was the space made for the plants, I think U missed showing it. Very curious 🤔

  70. أم يحي says:


  71. Maria Aparecida says:

    Ficou muito bonito👏👍

  72. Marilene de Oliveira Mari says:

    Ficou linda!!!

  73. Edith Malarín Rodríguez says:

    Hola, q le echas a la caparazon como relleno, es arena y cemento secos o solo es cemento seco

  74. Edith Malarín Rodríguez says:

    Si rellenaste el caparazon por q se ve espacio dentro de la flor, le sacaste un poco del relleno? No muestras eso, esta bonita la tortuga.hazmelo saber ok? Gracias

  75. lightz2k12 says:

    Chou adorei parabéns Deus a bençoe

  76. Alexsander aguiar Aguiar says:

    Ficou um luxo!

  77. CRAFT IDEAS says:

    Amazing work! 🏆

  78. Eugênia Santos says:

    belo trabalho.

  79. Елена Кочешкова says:


  80. Ângela Aires says:

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho.. Ficou linda!😘

  81. Eradio Arias says:

    Wao… espectacular, excelente trabajo, desde Panamá…👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  82. Doris Siverio says:

    Wuow bellísimas imagen friend

  83. Niraja P says:

    What is the ratio of sand, cement and water you are using? How did you make marks on the back ?

  84. Vale Green says:

    Bellissima un saluto Dall'Italia

  85. HdhdkvdjdbHsbdbjsbs Hshdjshhjsjsgh says:

    Thank you so much!💛🙏

  86. marina sola says:

    Genial me hace falta, debo practicar GRACIAS

  87. Светлана Молькова says:

    Супер! Мастеру браво!

  88. Worawit Mankong says:


  89. Worawit Mankong says:


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