Diving for Big Bullfrogs, Catching Pet Amphibians & Reptiles, Nature, Herping, Funny Animals 4K.

Diving for Big Bullfrogs, Catching Pet Amphibians & Reptiles, Nature, Herping, Funny Animals 4K.

Guy: look at that thing just looking at me Frog: Chirp Hahaha lol its getting kind of deep and cold and smelly I should have brought my mask hopefully I
don’t step on anything Woah woah woah woah Kid: are you touching the bottom yet? Guy: I Think im on the bottom its cold ahh its cold Smells a little funny too (Heavy breathing and big inhale) Kid: This is really cold (Loud bubbles) Ok froggies come here come froggies Lol haha Ha ha Guy: Bingo Girl: Oohhhhh is he a bull frog? I dont know what he is Kid: He’s not a bullfrog tho hes to flat oop Guy: AAHHHhhhh( Heavy exhale) I’m trying
not to drink this wonderful pond water here but at least now we know where Aquafina comes from I got him hes huge It’s a fish Caught cat fish hahahahahaha Kid: What? Guy: That’s not even what I was goin for ook Mr whoawhoa whoa ok I better put him back Ok Ok well Kid: You just caught a catfish Guy: I was just kidding about the huge That wasn’t even the right species ok im going down again got tricked (Deep breath) Oowww Little bastard lol HaHa ha he Kid: hahahaa lol What? Guy: He pinched me now I’m bleeding Ok that was a crawdad apparently Ha hehe he Kid: Theres a froggie Guy: Everything down here is attacking me lol Kid: I caught a frog Guy: What? Kid: He walked right by me HAHAAHAH Guy: Oowww he hit me in the face I got another frog I don’t know what this one is Woah Oh wow he’s big Kid: He’s Really big Guy: He’s another giant frog Another one Aliright lets aa Hello Mr Frog Girl: He’s huge Kid: Oh a flies attacking me Guy: He’s a good size critter Alright buddy Yeah there is Kid: OH GOD HE’S ON MY OTHER SHOE Guy: What the heck is that Hold him Kid: SOMETHING something is under my butt!!! AAAHHHHH ( like a girl) LOL Guy: OK OK You got butt frogs I hope butt frogs aren’t contagious lol Nothing worse than butt frogs lol Woahha HEY HEY EY hey ey hey GET BACK HERE!!!! Hey hey no no Kid: Ok Well Hahaha We were trying to find Collared Lizards and as usual we always find everything were not looking for So um well a I mean that’s kind of a lie we did find some Collared Lizards but they were really really small They look more like Collared Crickets with tails But we… What is this? Frog wars Kid: He’s petting you Guy: Oh how bout this guy pet you Pet you too aa but we a We found this nice little spot it kinda smells a little funny Boys hold em over the water so we don’t drop them and hurt them Put em all togethor Come closer Kid: Haha a frog family haha ha Girl: Haa Guy: Alright Girl: Super cute! Guy: Alright let’s put em in see what they do They just all gonna sink?

Randy Schultz

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