Dinosaurs for kids, Learn Names and Sounds | Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus

Dinosaurs for kids, Learn Names and Sounds | Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus

Hello Everyone! I’m Kiwan! Did you guys know that dinosaurs are still around? They are actually in disguise
as animals that look like them! Let’s go find out which dinosaurs are hiding! Let’s get started! Wow! This dinosaur has a really narrow snout! Looking at the crouched posture, This dinosaur could either be a biped or a quadruped! And the most interesting feature! Neural spines! They are so beautiful! Let’s color this dinosaur Mint! The neural spines are Pink! Light Green Glitter! Pink glitter over the Neural spines! Hello! What’s your name? Hello, I’m Spinosaurus! Hey Spinosaurus! What are you doing here? I thought all dinosaurs went extinct! Yeah, That’s what we made everyone believe! But actually we are still around! What? How?
I’ve never seen a dinosaur in my whole life! Well… Can you keep a secret? I’ll let you know as long as
you promise not to tell anyone! Okay! Whenever we’re around humans, we morph into an animal that look similar to us! Really? What about you? Here, let me show you! Hello, I’m crocodile! Oh… Hello Crocodile! No! Actually I’m Spinosaurus! Wow! That was amazing! What other dinosaurs are still around? Guess what dinosaur I am? This one has a very strong jaw, and some really large and sharp teeth! A gigantic tail with 2 big legs
to support it’s big body! But look how tiny those arms are! Let’s color its body Green! From its jaw to the stomach, Light Green! Green glitter! Light Green Glitter! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Call me T-Rex! Wow! It was you T-Rex! I had no idea! Hello everyone! Yes it’s me! I looked at chickens and realized that The way they walk is very similar to the way I walk! That’s why I chose to be a chicken! Hey Spinosaurus! Guess what dinosaur I am! I know who you are! You’re T-Rex! How did you know? I noticed the way you walked in here! Wow! You have wings instead of arms! Actually I’m hiding my arms underneath the wings! That is a clever one T-Rex! Hey! There is a giraffe with a very long neck! What dinosaur do you think it is? This dinosaur’s head is really high up! And its long neck reminds me of Apatosaurus! But do you remember how Apatosaurus’ front legs
were shorter than their rear legs? But this dinosaur’s front legs
are longer than its rear legs! That’s why it can stand up right like that! Let’s color this dinosaur Yellow! Gold glitter! Let’s sprinkle some Orange glitter on its back! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Brachiosaurus! Hello Brachiosaurus!
What was that animal you turned into? I’m a Giraffe! Giraffe is the only animal with a neck
long enough to look like mine! Well, that makes sense! What animal did you guys morph into? Look at yourself!
Your head is still a dinosaur! I saw one other animal on our way here!
Let’s go scare him! Wow, look at that horn! It has 2 more very pointy horns! And it has a frill on its neck! Giant body with big and flat feet! It has an Orange body! And Yellow Belly! And Silver horns and claws! Orange glitter over its body! Silver glitter on its horns! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Triceratops! Hey guys! Why did you scare me like that! Sorry Triceratops! What’s the name of the animal you turned into? I found the perfect animal that looks just like me! Look! I’m Rhinoceros! That makes sense! Look at your horns! They are just as scary as your own! What about you guys? What animal did you guys morph into? Hello, I’m Chicken! Hello! I’m Crocodile! Hello! I’m Giraffe! Hello! I’m Rhinoceros! Guess what! We are actually dinosaurs! Hey guys! Now you know! Dinosaurs are still around us! They are just in disguise! Next time you see one of these animals, Why don’t you say hello to them? They might say hello back! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! I’ll see you next time! Bye!

Randy Schultz

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