Dinosaurs are Drinking by the River – Dinosaur songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S1E5

Dinosaurs are Drinking by the River – Dinosaur songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S1E5

[trees rustling] [dinosaur roar] [other dinosaurs roar] [marching footsteps] [small roars] [dinosaur named as they arrive] Stegosaurus Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus Parasaurolophus Stegosaurus Brachiosaurus, he has a long neck Brachiosaurus Stegosaurus Brachiosaurus might be the biggest dinosaur Iguanodon Brachiosaurus Stegosaurus Parasaurolophus Brachiosaurus Stegosaurus Never Stopping Parasaurolophus [Guitar strumming quiet and then louder]
[Dinosaur names sung on top of each other]
[Slurping water] [Dinosaurs splashing in the water] Everybody’s drinking by the water No matter if you’re sons or daughters Dinosaurs are coming with some big thirst Drinking from the river’s what they do first Bend down your neck, drink it up Can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff When you’re feeling thirsty from the hot sun You wade right in the water and you drink some Crocodiles are watching while you’re drinking “I’m a gonna eat you,” is what they’re thinking Bend down your neck, drink it up Can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff Diplodocus is drinking from the river Pterodactyls are drinking by the water Dinosaurs are coming with some big thirst Drinking from the river’s what they do first

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dinosaurs are Drinking by the River – Dinosaur songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons S1E5

  1. Shiki Amabe says:

    this reminded me of the mockbuster "dinosaur adventure" (mostly known because of the YEE meme)

  2. Vivace Official says:

    can't even hear the song.. just background sounds

  3. Zara Mounjy says:


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  5. Titico Lim says:

    Olá crianças lindas, voces são a imagem perfeita do bem e beleza do mundo. Beijos.
    Hello beautiful children, you guys are the perfect image of good and beauty in the world. Kisses.

  6. Dhan Farindra says:


    Lm.n bgbnmlll

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  8. Ahad Bari says:


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    LP l Kuhn ñ vac CB VC CA USA vhjo
    plug q at GM m?!!


  9. Şerife Kaya says:

    5 y

  10. Oxalaia Quilombensis says:

    velociraptor are smaller have a turkey size and are feathered.

  11. Мульти Пульти Игры Онлайн says:

    Улетное видео! ОТЛИЧНО!!!!Great video,awesome!Really awesome thumbs up!!!!!

  12. ligia borjas says:

    yt tu jtkgj

  13. Kawaii Blue says:

    I like animation

  14. SนթeR jayla says:

    What is all about disliking is the best thing to do?!

  15. Дмитрий Нагнибеда says:


  16. L Waugh says:

    Do argentasarus

  17. L Waugh says:

    The longest dinosaur

  18. tudor toma says:

    cam multe emoti

  19. L Waugh says:

    At 0:34 I saw a dinosaur in the water

  20. Azar Torabi says:

    hello I love your videos

  21. Azar Torabi says:

    hmhmhmhm I know do one of a dinosaur if your happy and you know it

  22. Azar Torabi says:

    sorry not this

  23. Antonia e juju says:


  24. Irfan FunTv says:

    I like went the tough dance

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  29. Ashley Vlogs says:

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  30. Francisca Sandra says:


  31. Francisca Sandra says:


  32. Galvatron74 says:

    did you take some old songs and put them into 1 song?

  33. Annaliza Harbin says:


  34. mangel fan 3,000 fightzinger says:

    come on crocodiles just let hte dinosaurs drink the water

  35. Coffie Raptor Studios says:

    i always think of the isle when i see this one XD

  36. Hee Jae Cho says:


  37. ゥいのmonika says:

    Nice remixes of your older songs sounds awesome 😘😘

  38. Noob Master 69 says:

    dinosaurs have feathers

  39. Virginija Dukštienė says:


  40. Spongegar says:


  41. Jaswinder Kaur says:

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  42. kids amazing tv says:

    very interesting video)))great)))like!!!!!!!

  43. Mayor Microraptor says:

    The drunk brachiosaurus song

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    l l.

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    -_- ♡ √◎=)

  50. Yuyun Kusmaya says:

    bagus banget sama dinosaurus😀

  51. Beef Patterson says:

    This made me thirsty .-.

  52. Dylan Trinh says:

    some spicy delicious dinosaurs

  53. Ely Rivero says:


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  55. hjm deco says:


  56. Ανδρεας Γεωργαντας says:

    Good work
    My son loves the songs

  57. oreo the dog says:

    i love dinosaurs

  58. oreo the dog says:

    dinosaurs is best💖

  59. Britta Wegener-Thuengen says:

    BWTJJ und

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  67. JUST 4 Kids says:


  68. Auntie Wildfire says:

    Song 1:42
    Another song 2:07
    1 More time song 2:33

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  71. Cat-Man says:

    who new howdytoons had SUPER AWESOME vids… :]

  72. Eyeless Eagle says:

    Dinosaurs are now birds.

  73. Cleidiomarlidioaraujo Cleidiomar says:

    Oi sou Gustavo gosto d ir p a casa da vovó p ve os desenhos do dinossauros no celular dela thao

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    They putc

  81. Auntie Wildfire says:


  82. Auntie Wildfire says:

    1:42 starting

  83. Auntie Wildfire says:

    2:07 stegosaurs crocodile got a eat you,

  84. Auntie Wildfire says:

    2:33 Final,,,,,,

  85. puffball wolf gacha life bfb girl Lillian bien says:

    wotr is the pllas to drink ni the wotr it good thaks for is cool song

  86. Lu Mack says:


  87. Angelle Tatum says:


  88. Hazel Mclarney says:

    My 3kids all 3and under absolutely love the dinostory series, can't believe we only discovered these a few weeks ago! Fab! I love hearing my kids sing along or at least try to lol and I must admit I find myself singing along too! Much more better for my ears than the usual nursery rhymes my kids used to want to see. I really wish you would make more dinostory, very good, I bet these were so much fun to create as it certainly comes through and makes my children happy. Well done! Love u guys!

  89. Ty Cochran says:

    Now THIS is the stuff you should show small children! Not Jonny Jonny yes papa stuff.

  90. Герман Н says:

    So wonderful and cool

  91. Cindy Lorena CAICEDO LOPEZ says:


  92. Indra46lol says:

    this is so cool i will subscribe

  93. Edwin and Biak Sang says:

    That T. rex is different

  94. Animal Family says:

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  95. Sugiyanto Edi says:

    so This is Taking Place During The Earliest Part of The Early (You Know What im Talking about) Period?

  96. you're clapped fam says:

    Stegosaurus might be the biggest dinosaur

    Like if you heard

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