DINOSAURS!  Animal Planet Figurine Bucket – Toys R Us  🐹

DINOSAURS! Animal Planet Figurine Bucket – Toys R Us 🐹

Today we’re going to take a look at this at
this Dinosaur Collection
from Animal Planet – it is 13 pieces – I see all kinds of dinosaurs in there. This was
gotten from Toys R Us so let’s go ahead and open it up.
There are little palm trees, looks like T-Rex to me, Bronosaurus, and these guys I don’t
really know my dinosaurs – looks like a velocorapter, stegasaurus
and then some little rocks first just just look at these little trees
here and move the leaves around- it comes with 2 of those to make a little decorative
scene. Let’s take a look at all the dinosaurs now.
I’m pretty sure this guy is the T-Rex – he’s got little arms and a big huge mouth
he looks like the T-Re from King’s Dominion Dinosaurs Alive! doesn’t he? He is ferocious.
This guy has little horns on his head – if anybody knows you are welcome to comment below
– I don’t know my dinosaurs very well. This guy looks like a Bronasaurus to me.
This guy has really long legs – his tail is shorter
He also has the hump on his head there – they both look like herbavores – eat plants – they
have big long necks so they can eat all those plants – Then we got what looks like a stegasaurus
– he’s got all those nice little plates here – all over his back – spikes down his tail
Another herbivore here And this guy to me looks like a velocorapter
his arms are much longer than the t-rex and big claws because they can actually grab things
withe them He has ferocious teeth – he’s a predator
He’s pretty cool looking – armor on his back – it’s actually to protect him from these
carnivores. He’s pretty cool looking. We’ve got the little rock decoration if the
want to climb on the rocks – make a little dinosaur scene here
take a closer look at the container – it’s actually kind of funny that they show that
guy on the box and he doesn’t come in the set – I was a little disappointed – I was
hoping one of these guys was going to come with it – I think he’s a triceratops. It shows
here an example – if you set it out – you can make a dinosaur village, a dinosaur town.
These guys are looking for something to eat. Uh-oh stegasaurus, you better watch out
It’s a cute little set The t-rex is coming! AAAHHH!
I like the t-rex I think I like the herbavores better – I
like the purple one
Why don’t you guys tell us what your favorite dinosaur is?
Please tell us in the comment section below. This is the Animal Planet dinosaur collection
– we’re going to have a lot of fun playing with these guys – Thanks for watching!

Randy Schultz

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